Geology 300: Physical Geology

Geology 301: Physical Geology Lab

Geology 305: Earth Science

Geology 306: Earth Science lab

Instructor: Arthur Reed, P.G.




3D Images for use in Geology and Earth Science Classes


The following supplemental 3D images are not a required part of any assignment:

·     Common Minerals in 3D

·     Common Igneous Rocks in 3D

·     Common Sedimentary Rocks in 3D

·     Common Metamorphic Rocks in 3D




Earthquakes - 2010 & 2011 - Animation by Loïc Norgeot on Sketchfab

The animated version of the Earthquake map for the years 2010 and 2011.


The animation spans on the whole two years: a frame represents 6 days, and at 0.5x speed (the default value), one second is therefore equivalent to three months of data.


Although the main seismic zones are more easily visible on the static version of the visualization, the animation clearly helps to identify the earthquakes of February 2010 in Chile and March 2011 in Japan, which appear as bright “flashes”.


Their respective aftershocks - spanning on a few weeks/months - are also visible and clearly showcase the relaxing of mechanical constraints in the subduction zones.


Colored by magnitude (blue=low to red=high).




Folds south of Bude, Cornwall by e.RocK on Sketchfab