ARC Geol301: Physical Geology Lab

 Fall 2019, MW 7:20pm-8:50pm


 Instructor: Arthur Reed, P.G.



 Reference Materials for Geology Lab:    

·       See GOOGLE EARTH HOMEWORK instructions here

·       See MOON OBSERVATION instructions here

·       Links to Geology 301 pre-lab videos

·       Density differences drive most Earth processes…see a LIST OF COMMON DENSITIES

·       Links to Earth Exploration Short Video Series (by Dr. Christian Shorey)

·       Links to Quiz study guides, Lab keys and Quiz keys (available when needed)

·       Links to 3D images of unlabeled rocks for labs (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic), for quizzes, and unlabeled minerals for labs and quizzes

·       Labs supplemental reference materials from publisher for text 11e:

ü  Lab 5, Igneous Rock Analysis Flow Chart 1, Igneous Rock Analysis Flow Chart 2, Bowen’s Reaction Series

ü  Lab 6, Sedimentary Rock Analysis Flow Chart, Depositional Environments, Grain Size and Rounding, Sedimentary Rock Compositional Classification Chart

ü  Lab 7, Metamorphic Rock Analysis Flow Chart, Contact Metamorphism Illustration, Slate Cleavage/Foliation Discussion