Geology 300: Physical Geology

 Summer 2019, MW 6:00pm-9:10pm


 Instructor: Arthur Reed, P.G.



 Reference Materials for Geology Lecture: 


·       See GOOGLE EARTH HOMEWORK instructions here (link updated soon)

·       See MOON OBSERVATION HOMEWORK instructions here (link updated soon)

·       Density differences drive most Earth processes…see a LIST OF COMMON DENSITIES

·       Igneous rock classification help

·       Metamorphic rock classification help

·       Sedimentary rock classification help

·       Common rock forming minerals

·       Link to quiz/exam answer keys  (link updated as needed)

·       Links to Earth Exploration Short Video Series

(by Dr. Christian Shorey)

·       Links to GeoScience Series’ of Instructional Videos

 (by Dr. David McConnell and Dr. Jennifer Dixon)

·       Links to lecture videos (other instructors)