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Geology & Earth Science Instructor: Arthur Reed, P.G.


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Description automatically generatedHappy Fossil Friday!      

Friday October 2, 2020

  Instructor: Arthur Reed, P.G.


Petrified Trees on Wave-cut Platform

OTAGO - Curio Bay the Catlins, New Zealand
A famous Jurassic fossil forest is exposed on the beach.


The fossil forest is lying on a wave-cut platform which has been eroded into sandstones that were laid down by a river or flood. The logs and tree stumps on top of the sandstone were once growing in a swampy area on the river flats. It is thought that they were buried by ancient volcanic mudflows that flooded over the area from a nearby volcano. The fossil plant species (ferns, cycads and conifers) show that the climate at the time was semi-tropical. This was before the arrival of flowering plants.


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