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Geology & Earth Science Instructor: Arthur Reed, P.G.



Happy Fossil Friday!


Friday November 6, 2020

Instructor: Arthur Reed, P.G.



Eupatagus Rostratus Zitteli

Sea Urchin from the Oligocene epoch


This is a fossil of Eupatagus rostratus zitteli - a spatangoid heart sea urchin found in Cape Farewell, northern tip of the New Zealandís south island.

This specimen is 27.3 - 25.2 million years old from the Oligocene epoch and in life it would have looked similar to modern-day sea urchins. The small round pits you see on the surface are where its spines attached. These are usually broken off and lost before fossilization, so complete fossil Spatangoids are quite rare.



Example of how Eupatagus rostratus zitteli may have looked alive


Cape Farewell New Zealand, near location above fossil was found.



Video of a modern-day sea urchin similar to how the above fossil would have looked when alive.



Video of searching for sea urchin fossils on a Florida shore near Ocala Florida, in the Ocala Limestone Formation













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