Recent letter to Ann Landers

Dear Ann Landers:

This letter, my first ever to an advice columnist, was sparked by your column about the geologist's wife who asked, "Are all geologists the very embodiment of all the virtues and qualities that are universally admired in humankind? Have they alone, of all the professions, achieved a state of grace far beyond that ever speculated by history's most hopeful philosophers and theologians?" The answer is ABSOLUTELY! My father is a geologist. My three brothers and four uncles are geologists. Geologists are a different breed. They are wise, often strikingly handsome, kind to small children and animals, sensitive to the subtleties of everything around them, and when it comes to relationships, well, Mom, my three sisters-in-law, and my four aunts seemed always to have a serene, deeply satisfied look of complete contentment. If only I could have hitched up with one too. Signed, A Jealous and Bitterly Resentful Wife of an Engineer


Ann Landers replies:

Dear Jealous:

I've been swamped with letters from the lucky wives, daughters, husbands, mothers, and sisters of geologists. They've given me a real education, and made me feel a little jealous, too.


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Portland: Geologists ARE different. And I say "Vive la difference!" I thought maybe I was the luckiest woman ever to have been born, but I have found that other geologists' wives have similar experiences. My geologist husband has more sensitivity and consideration than 10 "normal" men, selflessly making life safe, loving and meaningful for others. I am so lucky to have this man in my life!

Denver: Ann, the best piece of advice you could pass along to your readers is this: if you can't be one yourself, do whatever it takes to associate with as many geologists as you can. My life has been rich, so meaningful, since I divorced the egghead engineer I was married to for 12 years. If I weren't so ecstatic nearly all my waking hours, I would be in despair over all that wasted time. But in retrospect, I would have traded fifty years with "Mr. Pocket-Protector" for just a few weeks of the blissful existence I have with my big lovable rockhound. He has shown me all the richness that life holds. I spend hours just basking in the warmth of his vast knowledge of life, the universe, and everything. He has so much beauty and understanding. And he's always ready to share that gift. He's able to explain the most incredibly complex concepts in a way that helps you understand, and makes you feel just plain good all over. And how can anyone be so perfect, yet so warm and sensitive to the needs of others? Think of the world we would have if everyone were a geologist!

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