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Geology 301: Physical Geology Lab

Summer 2018, TTh 6:00pm-9:10pm


Instructor: Arthur Reed



Reference Materials for Geology Lab:

       See GOOGLE EARTH HOMEWORK instructions here

       See MOON OBSERVATION instructions here

       Links to Geology 301 pre-lab videos

       Density differences drive most Earth processessee a LIST OF COMMON DENSITIES

       Links to Earth Exploration Short Video Series

(by Dr. Christian Shorey)

       Links to Lab and Quiz keys (available only when needed for an upcoming quiz)



       Labs supplemental reference materials from publisher for text 11e:

  Lab 5, Igneous Rock Analysis Flow Chart 1, Igneous Rock Analysis Flow Chart 2, Bowens Reaction Series

  Lab 6, Sedimentary Rock Analysis Flow Chart, Depositional Environments, Grain Size and Rounding, Sedimentary Rock Compositional Classification Chart

  Lab 7, Metamorphic Rock Analysis Flow Chart, Contact Metamorphism Illustration, Slate Cleavage/Foliation Discussion





Misc Lab Reference Material (based on previous text version 10e)

        Lab 1, remote sensing Aster Bands explanation

        Lab 1, Landsat Thematic Mapper explanation

        Lab 1, Electromagnetic Spectrum simple version,

very complete version, and video

        Lab 9, Florin Topographic Map

        Lab 9, Meridian & Base Line map of the U.S.

        Reference help for Igneous Rocks

  Chapter outline

  Classification help

        Reference help for Sedimentary Rocks

  Chapter outline

  Classification help

        Reference help for Metamorphic Rocks

  Chapter outline

  Classification help

        Reference help for Minerals

        Lab 11 Google Earth views of lab activities

Fig 11.3 Elizabeth Furnace

Fig 11.4 Garvin Canyon

Fig 11.5 Lawton Ranch, Ennis Montana

Fig 11.7 Westgard Cemetery, Voltaire

Fig 11.8 Pumping Sta., Rio Grande

Fig. 11.9 Niagara Falls

Activity 11.6A Gaging Sta., Montezuma, Georgia

Activity 11.6G, Montezuma, Georgia