Geology 300: Physical Geology

Geology 301: Physical Geology Lab

Geology 305: Earth Science

Geology 306: Earth Science Lab


Instructor: Arthur Reed, P.G.



Links to short Earth Science Videos:



Careers in Geosciences

Careers overview, by the American Geological Institute


Atmosphere & Climate

Simplified 800,000yr history of T and CO2 (BBC)

Attracting lightning (Sci Friday)

All about carbon (NPR)

Global atmospheric circulation explained

Michael Oppenheimer on global warming (Sci Friday)

Storing CO2 in basalt (NPR)

Interview with the World Bank Climate Change Czar (KQED)

Fog in San Francisco (KQED)

Turning carbon dioxide into stone (NPR)


Oceans (incl coasts)

Charting the ocean floor CSU Monterrey Bay (KQED)

European Space Agencys new gravity mapping satellite

Gulf Stream at risk of ending?? (PBS)

Underwater laboratory in Monterrey Bay (KQED)

A light up squid (Sci Friday)

Science of ocean waves at Mavericks (KQED)

Waves along coasts

Underwater flight (KQED) A scientists first deep descent (OneOcean)

Tsunamis (KQED)

Tsunami (Nat Geographic)

Oceans panel broadcast (Sci Friday)

The Bay of Fundy

A library of seafloor mud (NPR)

Seafloor life at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica (BBC)

Undersea volcanic eruption

Laboratory turbidity current experiments

Light from deep sea animals (Sci Friday)

Ultra deep water oil drilling (video from an oil company)

Amazing jellyfish (KQED)

Great White Sharks near the Farallon Islands (KQED)

Life on the Farallon Islands (KQED)

Sea level rise around the S.F. Bay (KQED)

Science of big waves (KQED)

Importance of ocean upwelling (OneOcean)

Beach dune rebuilding after storms (NPR)

Beach replenishment after east coast storms (worth the cost?MSNBC)



Volcanic pyroclastic flow

Video of the formation of pillow basalt, near Hawaii

Geothermal heats up (KQED)

Earthquakes breaking new ground (KQED)

The new San Francisco Bay bridge (KQED)

The Hayward Fault Predicting Peril (KQED)

USGS talks about recent large quakes (March 2010)

Sibley Volcanic Park near SF (KQED)

Landslide Detectives (KQED)

Personal story of a La Conchita landslide survivor/hero (NPR)

SF Bay Area during the Ice Ages (KQED)

The lost Persian army found buried by sandstorm

The Saharas wetter days (Sci Friday)

Live video of debris flow in Italy, February 2010

Flyover of the 2010 New Zealand fault scarps (GNS Science)

European Space Agencys gravity mapping satellite

Florescent minerals on display in Virginia (Sci Friday)

Bridge quake simulator in Reno (Univ of Nevada)

This field of boulders is glacial in origin (?) (Sci Friday)

Earthquake magnitude scale explained (Live Science)

Soil Life Explained (BBC)



Earth from spaceship Cassini as it leaves our solar system (NPR)

Moon quiz (KQED)

The Northern Lights (KQED)

  Elementary explanation of orbiting (SIRTF Science Ctr)

Mars landscape in paint (Sci Friday)

Humorous skit on the awesomeness of the Universe (Sci Friday)

Plutos demotion explained (NPR)

Time lapse photography from the Space Station (Sci Friday)

Water balloons in zero gravity (space) (NPR)

How the Hubble Space Telescope works

Black holes explained (Imaginova)

Our future space telescope is on display (Sci Friday)

Seeing our Sun in different lights (Sci Friday)

Journey into the Sun (KQED)

Music of the Sun (KQED)

Quiz on the Sun (KQED)

UFO book review, & thoughts (Town Square, MSNBC)

Our Milky Way galaxy rising over Texas sky (private citizen video)

Amateur takes photos from space (TV news)

Meteor over Peru (TV news)

Black hole devours star (TV news)

Recently constructed radio telescopes in Chile (TV news)

Galaxies crash Aug 2011 (MSNBC news)

Solar flare (TV news)


Water & Ice on Continents

Snow avalanche

San Joaquin River restoration (KQED)

San Joaquin River restoration scenes (KQED)

Creating stream meanders in a lab (Sci. Friday)

Rhine River


Bubbling methane from swamps and ponds (NPR)

Small debris flow in Pakistan (video by a bystander)

Flash flood in Nepal (video by a bystander)

Melting permafrost and wildlife (NPR)

Spillway operation in March 2011: Shasta Reservoir, Oroville Reservoir, Folsom Reservoir


Chemistry, Particles, etc

Ionic bonding & isotopes

Chemical Bonding: ionic, covalent, metallic (narrated animation)

The large Hadron Collider

A physicist explains why the Hadron Collider will not destroy Earth

Carbon Goes Wild, a fun skit about atomic bonding

Creating biofuel from cooking grease (Sci. Friday)


Energy & Power

Tidal turbines by Verdant Power

Opposing view to the movie Gasland (Americas Natural Gas Alliance)

Large wind turbines (Sci Friday)

Oregon wind turbines

Coal related (misc sources)

Shell development of the snake drill (ad)

Types of hydroelectric power (homemade video)


Humans & Earth

Global population by end of 2011 (NatGeo)

Global population by end of 2011 (MSNBC)


On the Lighter Side, and general science

NASA making of an Earth composite photo from satellite data (SciFri)

Ice explained by Ice Carvers and scientist (SciFri)

3 years of stars shown in 3 minutes (a symphony!)

GMs new hydrogen car

Skull collection at UC Berkeley (KQED)

Highway 1 Devils Slide tunnel project (KQED)

Fire study in the Marin headlands (KQED)

Ant research in S.F. (KQED)

Biodiversity scientist explains Why I do science (KQED)

Instructors grandfather teaching archeology at the university in the 1930s

The sound of Silence (a tribute to Darwin)

Jet Man in Switzerland (a news video)

Reconstructing a very early dinosaur (Sci Friday)

Growing snowflakes in a bottle (Sci Friday)

Spaceship One (Mother Ship) maiden flight (NatGeo)

New dinosaur with menacing toes (Sci Friday)

Human powered flight, flapping wings (LiveScience)

Animals, too, enjoy a good beat (Sci Friday)

Science Is Real, fun childrens video

Put It to the Test, fun childrens video on the Scientific Method Video

Meet the Elements fun childrens video

Galileo fun tribute video, Song by Taio Cruz




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