Geology 305: Earth Science- Home

 Spring 2019, TTh 2:30-3:50pm, Room SCC MAIN T12

Instructor: Arthur Reed, P.G.



You found it! If you let me know by e-mail before the start of the second day of class that the picture

to the right was taken at the Teton Range in Wyoming, you will get 10 points extra credit.


Ø  Geology 305 SYLLABUS (links to be updated when needed)

Ø  Geology 305 CLASS TOPIC SCHEDULE (links to be updated when needed)

Ø  Get ready for CHAPTER QUIZZES HERE (similar to 8e) (links to be updated when needed)

Ø  Get ready for MIDTERMS & FINAL HERE (incl HW & HW keys & sample written answer) (links to be updated when needed)

Ø  Review publisher’s LECTURE NOTES HERE and instructor’s chapter outlines here

Ø  Find reference materials SPECIFIC TO THIS COURSE HERE (links to be updated when needed)

Ø  Review general REFERENCE MATERIALS HERE (includes animations, videos, Google Earth places, extra credit opportunities, etc.)

Ø  Scores & ASSIGNMENT RECORD BOOK  (score reporting has ended for Spring semester, and grades have been submitted to SCC for posting)





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