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ARC Geology 305: Earth Science Lecture

Spring 2020, TTh 3:00pm 4:20pm

Instructor: Arthur Reed, P.G.




Misc Reference Materials Specific to 305 Lecture:

(items may be updated/added as needed)

         See GOOGLE EARTH HOMEWORK instructions here

         See MOON OBSERVATION instructions here


         Publishers ONLINE ANIMATIONS (all animations also available at REFERENCE MATERIALS)

         Link to Instructors OneNote lecture slides

         Density differences drives most Earth processessee a LIST OF COMMON DENSITIES

         Links to chapter homework questions. Put your answers on a Scantron form 882e (provided by instructor) and turn-in in class per the class Topic Schedule.

  Ch. 1, Matter and Minerals

  Ch. 2, Rocks

  Ch. 3, Landscapes Fashioned by Water

  Ch. 4, Glaciers and Arid Landscapes

  Ch. 5, Plate Tectonics

  Ch. 6, Earthquakes and Mountain Building

  Ch. 7, Volcanoes and Other Igneous Activity

  Ch. 8, Geologic Time

  Ch. 9, Oceans: The Last Frontier

  Ch. 10, The Restless Ocean

  Ch. 11, Heating the Atmosphere

  Ch. 12, Moisture, Clouds, and Precipitation

  Ch. 13, The Atmosphere in Motion

  Ch. 14, Weather Patterns and Severe Weather

  Ch. 15, The Nature of the Solar System

  Ch. 16, Beyond the Solar System


      Links to publishers subject videos and Animations



  Pearson 8eFigI.2 Geology Introduction and Grand Canyon Field Trip 9min.mp4

  Pearson 8eFigI.07 and I.4 Vastness of Geologic Time wCallen 6min.mp4

  Pearson 8eFigI.10 and I-18 Earths Interior wCallen 4min.mp4

Chapter 1, Minerals

  Pearson 8eCh1 fig1.3 (labeled 3.03 on video) Minerals vs Rock wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh1 fig1.11 (labeled 3.15 on video) Mineral Color wCallen 2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh1 fig1.14 (labeled 3.18 on video) Mineral Habit wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh1 fig1.15 (labeled 3.19 on video) Mineral Hardness wCallen 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh1 fig1.16 (labeled 3.21 on video) Mineral Cleavage wCallen 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh1 fig1.17 Mineral Cleavage with Mica and Feldspar 1min

  Pearson 8eCh1 fig1.23 (labeled 3.33 on video) Silicate Minerals wCallen 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh1 HCl Reaction 1min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh1 Mineral Streak Demonstration 1min.mp4

Chapter 2, Rocks

  Pearson 8eCh1 fig3.03 Minerals vs Rock wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh2.3 Common Igneous Rocks wCallan Online 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh2.4 Igneous Rock Textures wCallan Online 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh2.7 Classification of Igneous Rocks wCallan Online 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh2.8 Rock Info on Yosemite Field Trip 9min Online.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh2.14 Mechanical Weathering wCallan Online 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh2.16 Unloading wCallan Online 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh2.17 Frost Wedging wCallan Online 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh2.19 Sedimentary Rock Exposure Caital Reef Field Trip 7min Online.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh2.25 Bonneville Salt Flats wCallan Online 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh2.26 Coal Formation wCallan Online 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh2.29 Folded and Metamorphosed Video 1min Online.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh2.31 Confining and Differential Pressure wCallan Online 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh2.32 Foliation Animation wNarration Online 15sec.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh2.36 Garnet Schist Field Trip 8min Online.mp4

Chapter 3, Sculpting Earth Surface by Water

  Pearson 8eCh3_01 Earthflow Animation 20sec.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh3_02 Grand Canyon Mass Wasting wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh3_03 Landslide Field Trip 9min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh3_04 Water Cycle wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh3_05 Drainage Basins wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh3_06 Mississippi River Field Trip 9min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh3_07 River Gradient wCallen 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh3_08 River Terrace and Base Level Video 6min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh3_08 Stream Sediment Animation 1min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh3_09 Stream Meandering wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh3_11 Oxbow Lake Animation 30sec.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh3_12 Meandering River Video 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh3_13 Natural Levee Animation 1min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh3_14 Cone of Depression Animation 1min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh3_15 Artesian System wCallen 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh3_16 Mammoth Cave Field Trip 7min.mp4

Chapter 4, Glaciers and Deserts

  Pearson 8eCh4_01 Glacier Field Trip 8min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_02 Greenland Ice Sheet Video 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_03 Iceland Field Trip 10min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_04 Glacial Flow Animation 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_05 Glacier Budget wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_06 Glacier Erosional Landforms wCallen 2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_07 Glacier Movement Animation 2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_08 Glacier Depositional Landforms wCallen 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_09 Sea Change Coastlines Animation 30sec.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_10 Desert Causes wCallen 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_11 Global Wind Patterns Animation 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_12 Rain Shadow Animation 30sec.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_13 Basin Range Landforms wCallen 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_14 Alluvial Fan Video 6min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_15 Global Desert Dust Video 2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_16 Desert Pavement wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_17 White Sands NM Field Trip 6min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh4_18 Dune Movement wCallen 3min.mp4

Chapter 5, Plate Tectonics

  Pearson 8eCh5_01 Pangea wCallen 6min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh5_02 Crust and Lithosphere wCallen 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh5_03 Iceland Field Trip 9min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh5_04 Continental Rifting Video 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh5_05 Transform Boundaries wCallen 6min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh5_06 San Andreas Field Trip 7min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh5_07 Seafloor Mag Reversals Animation wNarration 25sec.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh5_10 Divergent Boundaries wCallen 6min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh5_13 Convergent Boundaries wCallen 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh5_14 CxC Collision India Animation Narrated 2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh5_17 Magnetic Reversals wCallen 7min.mp4

Chapter 6, Earthquakes and Mountain Building

  Pearson 8eCh6_01 Seismograph Narrated Animation 1min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh6_02 Faults Cause Earthquakes wCallen 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh6_03 P and S Waves wCallen 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh6_04 Seismic Waves Narrated Animation 2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh6_05 Intensity vs Magnitude wCallen 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh6_06 Liquefaction wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh6_07 Tsunamis wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh6_08 Narrated Animation 2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh6_09 Brittle vs Ductile wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh6_10 Folds wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh6_11 Domes and Basins wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh6_12 Monoclines of Utah Video 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh6_13 Faults vs Joints Video 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh6_14 Death Valley Faults Field Trip 7min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh6_15 Himalayas wCallan 2.5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh6_16 Appalachians wCallan 4min.mp4

Chapter 7, Volcanoes and Igneous

  Pearson 8eCh7_01Eruptive Columns Short Video woSound 34sec.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh7_02 Anatomy of Volcanoes wCallen 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh7_04 Volcano Types Animation 2.5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh7_05 Kilauea Field Trip 7min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh7_06. SP Crater Field Trip 6min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh7_07 Cinder Cones and Basalt Video 6min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh7_08 Caldera Animation 1min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh7_09 Yellowstone Caldera wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh7_10 Shiprock wCallen 2.5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh7_11 Plutons Intrusion Animation 30sec.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh7_12 Dikes and Sills Field Trip 6min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh7_13 Spanish Peaks Intrusions Video 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh7_14 Plates and Volcanism wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh7_15 Cascades and Tectonics wCallen 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh7_16 Hot Spots and Flood Basalts wCallen 5min.mp4

Chapter 8, Geologic Time

  Pearson 8eCh8_01 Relative Dating Video 6min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh8_02 Relative Dating wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh8_03 Unconformities wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh8_04 Cross Section Orders wCallan 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh8_05 Fossil Ranges wCallan 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh8_06 Half Lives wCallan 4min.mp4

  Chapter 9, Ocean Water and Floor

  Pearson 8eCh9_02 Arctic Ice Loss Video 1min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh9_03 Pycnocline wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh9_03 Temp and Salinity wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh9_04 Bathymetry wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh9_05 Active and Passive Margins wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh9_06 Hydrogenous Sediments wCallan 4min.mp4

  Chapter 10, Oceans and Circulation

  Pearson 8eCh10Fig10.1 Gulf Stream 2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh10Fig10.2 Ocean Currents wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh10Fig10.7 Ocean Conveyor 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh10Fig10.10 Super Storm Sandy 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh10Fig10.11 Waves at Shore Narrated Animation 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh10Fig10.15 Wave Refraction wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh10Fig10.16 Longshore Current wCallen 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh10Fig10.19 Cape Cod Field Trip 7min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh10Fig10.22 Estuaries wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh10Fig10.30 Tidal Bulges 2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh10Fig10.31 Spring and Neap Tides Narrated Animation 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh10Fig10.32 Tidal Patterns wCallen 3min.mp4

  Pearson Ch10Fig10.5 Coastal Upwelling wCallan 3min.mp4

Chapter 11, Htg the Atmosphere

  Pearson 8eCh11Fig11.5 CO2 Conc wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh11Fig11.6 Aerosols Video 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh11Fig11.12 Sun Angle Animation Narration 1min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh11Fig11.14 Earth Sun Animation wNarration 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh11Fig11.15 Solstice Equinox wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh11Fig11.20 Solar Radiation Paths wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh11Fig11.23 Greenhouse Effect wCallan 2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh11Fig11.27 Global T Change Video 1min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh11Fig11.28 Global T Projection Video 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh11Fig11.30 Isotherms wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh11Fig11.32 Inland vs Coastal wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh11Fig11.36 Daily T Cycle wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh11Fig11.38 Summer Global Ts wCallan 4min.mp4

Chapter 12, Clouds and Precipitation

  Pearson 8eCh12Fig12.1 Water Phase Changes wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh12Fig12.9 Relative Humidity wCallan 4min Lower Rate.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh12Fig12.9 Relative Humidity wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh12Fig12.13 Florida Air Convergence wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh12Fig12.16 Air Stability Animation wNarration 9min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh12Fig12.17 Absolute Stability wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh12Fig12.20 Cloud Classification wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh12Fig12.22 London Airport Fog News Story 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh12Fig12.25 Fog wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh12Fig12.31 Thunderstorm and Hail wCallan 2min.mp4

Chapter 13, Atmospheric Circulation

  Pearson 8eCh13Fig13.2 Air Pressure wCallan 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh13Fig13.2 Air Pressure wCallan 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh13Fig13.7 High and Low Pressures wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh13Fig13.8 Coriolis Effect wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh13Fig13.11 Effect of Friction on Wind Animation woNarration_30sec.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh13Fig13.14 Cyclone Air Flow Animation wNarration_2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh13Fig13.17 Global Circulation wCallan_5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh13Fig13.19 Sea and land Breezes wCallan_3min.mp4

Chapter 14, Weather and Storms

  Pearson 8eCh14Fig14.2 Air Mass Animation wNarration 30sec.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh14Fig14.4 Lake Effect wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh14Fig14.7 Warm Front Animation wNarration 1min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh14Fig14.8 Cold Front Animation wNarration 1min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh14Fig14.11 MidLatitude Cyclone wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh14Fig14.12 MidLatitude Cyclone Animation wNarration 2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh14Fig14.18 Thunderstorm Development wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh14Fig14.20 Tornadoes Video 7min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh14Fig14.21 Tornado Animation wNarration 2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh14Fig14.22 Mesocyclone Tornado wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh14Fig14.25 NWS Doppler Radar 8min.mp4 (upload failed)

  Pearson 8eCh14Fig14.27 Hurricane Path Video woSound 2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh14Fig14.28 Hurricane Sandy 3Min.mp4

Chapter 15, Solar System

  Pearson 8eCh15Fig15.5 Epicycles by Ptolemy wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh15Fig15.14 Galileo wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh15Fig15.16 Orbital Motions wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh15Fig15.17 Solar System wCallan 4min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh15Fig15.19 Planets wAtmosphers wCallan 2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh15Fig15.23 Moon Craters wCallan 2min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh15Fig15.29 Olympus Mons wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh15Fig15.46 Earth Meteor Crater wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh15Fig15.47 Meteor Crater Field Trip 8min.mp4

Chapter 16, Stars and Universe

  Pearson 8eCh16Fig16.4 Hertzsprung Russell Diagram wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh16Fig16.7 Life Cycle of Sun wCallan 5min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh16Fig16.14 Spiral Galaxies wCallan 3min.mp4

  Pearson 8eCh16Fig16.21 Expanding Universe wCallan 5min.mp4