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Link to GeoSciences videos, animations, Google Earth placemarks, reference docs, etc


General Geology and Science Links

Live… Geoscience Webcams, earthquake monitoring, etc


Volcanism & Earth’s Interior

·        Volcano World! – at Oregon State University

·        Volcanoes of the World! - //

·        Montserrat Volcano Observatory - at Michigan Tech

·        Nordic Volcanological Institute

·        Glossary of Volcanological Terms  - U.S. Geological Survey

·        USGS Volcano hazards Program //

·        Mantle Plumes org  //

Earthquake related (see ’Live’ above for real-time monitoring)

·        CGS California Earthquake Fault Zone Maps  //

·        U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program  //

Area College and University Libraries

Area Public Libraries

Regional/National Libraries

Current Events, including periodicals


Climate Change related (the data is confusing on causes and solutions, but it is getting slowly warmer…I recommend moving north!)

·        Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – The United Nations

·        Rocks tell tale of warm early atmosphere – Stanford News Service article

·        Melting of the polar ice – internet story

·        Snowball Earth  distant past global climate hypothesis

·        Global Climate Change (SF Exploratorium)  //


Geoscience and Geology Sites: Organizations & Blogs! (if you know of other active geology-based weblogs, let me know)

Paleontology, Anthropology, Historical Geology related

·        john hawks weblog paleoanthropology, genetics and evolution


Astronomy and Space flight related


Atmosphere, Ocean, Weather, and Satellite Imagery related


On-line Animations, illustrations, & photographs


Virtual Field Trips and the Geologist's Lifetime List

The internet is an incredible resource for traveling to places you may never have a chance to see in person. But if you are making your plans to see the world, don't neglect the items on the geologist' lifetime list...

U.S. Geological Survey

The U.S. Geological Survey is a rich resource for many topics in geology. Here are a few examples:

California Geological Survey (CGS)

The California Geological Survey is a resource for many topics in geology. Here are a few examples:


California Geology

Maps & Mapping

Mining Companies & Organizations

· - resource for all things geologic and economic related to the N. Dakota Bakken oil shale formation and production (link by Amy in Ms. Ward's classroom)

· Online Magazine


Evolution and Creation Science

Certain religious fundamentalist organizations are presenting a system of beliefs called creation science which they feel should be taught along with evolution and geology in public schools. They have been very influential in local school boards in advancing their agenda. Are you getting the whole story on the debate over teaching evolution in schools? Is there a true conflict between religion and the science? Do you have to 'check your beliefs' at the door to practice a career in geology and earth science? A great deal of misinformation is circulating the web. Get better insight by checking these links for more information:

Geology and Geoscience Departments

Thinking of majoring in the geological sciences? Check the links below for up-to-date information!

Geoscience Departments at Area Colleges & Universities

State Geological Surveys, Geological Surveys of other countries, and Professional Organizations

Want to find information on the geology of the 50 states and Puerto Rico? ..other countries? …check these links!

Geology Textbook Publisher Support Sites


·        Hominid Evolution Interactive Timeline  The Smithsonian Institution's Human Origins Program

·        UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

·        SF Exploratorium

Teachers/teaching Science Education Resources

·        Argonne National Lab Science Education Resources  //

Interesting Sites

Study Aids

·        Flash card creation at FlashcardExchange (no endorsement of this site implied!)


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Acknowledgment: Many of the above links were obtained from the site of Hiram Jackson of Cosumnes River College.