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Instructor: Arthur Reed, P.G.


2011 Earth Sciences topics/events making news… ...with emphasis on California news


Remember the principles of the scientific method when evaluating news stories!


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·            December 2011

·        Study – fish unharmed at Battle Creek

·        Calif flood plan calls for up to $27B in repairs

·        (column) A test of science in a San Luis Obispo playground

·        (comment) Even the Warmist don’t believe in global warming

·        Artic that’s warmer, greener with less ice becomes ‘new normal’

·        Breakthrough could double solar energy output

·        Cleaning up California’s wild west

·        Debris from Japan tsunami washes up on B.C. shores

·        Drilling to tell a tsunami tale on California coast

·        Fukushima earthquake moved seafloor half a football field

·        Geo-engineering – a bad idea whose time has come

·        How a Mt. Shasta eruption may occur

·        In role reversal, U.S. on track to be an oil exporter

·        Incremental makes it six in a row in San Joaquin basin

·        Investments in N. American oil and gas exploration will hit record

·        Is ozone gas an earthquake precursor?

·        Japan quake-tsunami recast undersea terrain

·        Molycorp gets BLM approval for rare earths drilling in southern California

·        Researchers find high levels of mercury in California’s coastal fog

·        Sacramento supervisors give tentative OK to mining proposal in east county

·        Saltwater affects earthquake on San Andreas fault

·        Study links tropical cyclones to earthquakes

·        Two centuries after New Madrid quakes, what’s next?

·        Weekly U.S. oil and gas rig count up by 32


·            November 2011

·        CSU Fresno study disputes need to conserve farm water

·        Earth’s climate sensitivity to CO2 may be lower than IPPC says

·        Huge solar plant proposed in Fresno County

·        Redding rock plant sparks debate

·        Rock out – Canadians to ship aggregate as L.A. grovels for gravel

·        San Joaquin Basin Paloma Deep shines for Neon

·        SoCal Molycorp announces high-tech magnet venture

·        Water pollution traced to La Brea tar pits

·        (column) State’s big water deals look shaky

·        Ballot measure would shut California’s two nuclear plants, analyst finds

·        (column) Global warming skepticism is a virtue, not a vice

·        Fusion power for the Planet

·        Russian Mars probe failure

·        Russian Soyuz launch

·        Santa Barbara Planning Commission Oks fracking permit ordinance

·        ‘Solar gold rush’ invades San Joaquin farmland

·        Sonoma County Supervisors approve $700 million Calpine plan to expand the Geysers

·        Big quake follows increase in Oklahoma rumblings

·        Geothermal wants a level playing field

·        Biggest-ever jump seen in global warming gases

·        Cancers from Fukushima disaster may be hidden

·        UT review finds no direct link between fracturing, tainted water

·        The plutonium problem

·        Four solar projects get Kings County OK

·        Oasis or mirage – company wants to tap Mojave water

·        Calif report blames roads, not clear-cuts, for erosion in Sacto Drainage

·        Whittier council poses many questions about oil-drilling project

·        Calif farmers face off on new delta water system

·        Work crews hustle as San Pedro bluff slides slowly into the sea

·        Calif oil producers cheer firing of top State regulators

·        Work crews hustle as San Pedro bluff slides slowly into the sea

·        The foundation for a fight (Santa Clarita mine)

·        State professor apologizes for Berkeley quake email that went viral

·        Smelt Supreme Court ruling foes against central valley farmers

·        Recipe for disaster in Turkey’s quake zone

·        Panel – carbon dioxide capture, storage still too costly

·        Pace of U.S. offshore drilling approvals picks up

·        Geologists eye new well after 7 quakes in NE Ohio

·        Earthquake science takes to the air to look for faults

·        California rail project to cost $98 billion

·        Alaska’s billion dollar mountain



·            October 2011

·        (editorial) California’s water Delta plan must ensure supply

·        Homemade computer sets records in the trillions

·        (comment) Delta is key to California’s economy

·        Up to 20 million tons of tsunami debris headed for U.S. shores

·        (column) San Francisco’s South of Market is slowly sinking

·        Turkey earthquake – why the country is such a hot spot for seismic activity

·        State officials say old West Marin mercury mine finally stabilized

·        Rescind Sacramento Delta plan oversight agreement, U.S. lawmakers demand

·        Provoked scientists try to explain lag in global warming

·        Pros and cons of California high-speed rail discussed

·        Obama administration announces desert ‘solar energy zones’

·        North Dakota’s great oil rush

·        Mapping project reveals vast untapped geothermal energy sources

·        Los Gatos Union School District board approves geological work

·        Imperial Valley, largest geothermal potential in the world

·        Geothermal still out powers wind, solar in California

·        Expert says quakes in England may be tied to gas extraction

·        County proposes to shut Ojai mine after owner refuses to pay up

·        4.7 magnitude quake near Truckee was ‘pretty normal’ of region

·        3.6 quake hits Berkeley

·        (Q&A) What to make of the recent Hayward fault jiggles

·        Undersea quake evidence found off West Coast

·        SoCal’s Lake Gregory dam could slip

·        Scientists to develop deep ocean seismic network

·        San Francisco Bay enacts sea-level rise policy

·        Sacto Valley high-speed rail route to be revised

·        Report spotlights Pentagon’s critical mineral worries

·        Pinpointing geothermal energy’s water needs

·        New energy storage methods may overcome solar energy’s flaws

·        (comment) Handle CEQA with care; it safeguards the environment

·        Alaska may become Silicon Valley of rare earths

·        (comment) The lessons of Malakoff Diggins

·        As fold prices soar, Bodie ghost town is thrust from the past

·        (editorial) California must boost water storage

·        California congressmen express concern over peripheral canal

·        California’s underground hot rocks probed for energy of 100 nuclear power plants

·        Can earthquakes be predicted?

·        The facts vs. the Frackivists

·        Earthquakes generate big heat in super-small areas, study says

·        Geothermal companies investigate water injection

·        Health concerns grow over little-known mineral

·        House Majority Whip seeks to block Calif high-speed rail money

·        Landslide on Sunset Boulevard

·        Massive Japanese earthquake altered Earth’s gravity

·        Molycorp announces 4 new Calif mining projects

·        New Calif law reduces local role in solar projects



·            September 2011

·        UCR professor granted $4.6M for quake study

·        Water use and shortage article

·        Spin overtaking facts in East Coast Marcellus Shale debate

·        Small earthquake rattles Hayward Fault

·        Scientists on trial in Italy after failing to predict earthquake

·        Sacto supervisors give first OK to 20,000 acres of new growth areas

·        Reno earthquake test has vehicles on bridge

·        Oil economist says fracking fears are unfounded

·        Minidomes in Mount Diablo hills come with volcanic past

·        Mill Valley told to pay in mudslide death

·        Kings Co. farming giant jumps into high-speed rail fray

·        (column) When will the next one happen in Calif

·        ‘Fracking’ wastewater floods Ohio

·        (comment) Cheap, safe power from Diablo Canyon

·        Abandoned Siskiyou mine among nation’s most hazardous

·        Arctic ice hits near record low

·        By storing more heat, oceans create ‘hiatus periods’ in rise of warming

·        Calif scientists test early earthquake warning systems

·        China consolidates grip on Rare Earths

·        Earthquake early warning system tested by U.S. scientists

·        Eroding walls in Goldfields along Yuba River a flood threat

·        Evacuation of smallest Canary Island begins after earthquake ‘swarm’

·        Farmers flee as world’s deadliest volcano rumbles, Indonesia

·        Geologist’s research predicts large SoCal earthquake

·        Gold mining threatens Yosemite, group says

·        Lakeport Agencies studying geothermal gas releases

·        4.2 earthquake rumbles through L.A. region

·        1st T-Rex Discovery Story, NPR

·        A Final Smash For America's Collider near Chicago

·        A Stellar Explosion (super nova) In The Big Dipper

·        Nearing Satellite Fall

·        Arctic sea ice is at or close to new record low, scientists say

·        Bodega Bay radar used for salmon but detected tsunami

·        BP at fault for 21 of 35 factors in Gulf spill, panel finds

·        Calaveras Dam replacement to begin amid retrofit

·        California releases new 'Totally Unprepared' video

·        Caltech scientists developing early quake warning system

·        CGS Anniversary California Facts 150yrs

·        SLO County seeks seismic expert

·        (column) Volcanoes shaped California's landscape

·        Crews burying Stanislaus mine's toxic past

·        Despite fines, illegal gold mining persists in El Dorado County

·        Earthquake Experts Encourage SoCal Desert Residents To Prepare

·        Earthquake prediction still stymies scientists

·        Illinois Ethanol carbon sequestration plant holds lessons for coal

·        Global warming effect seen in pole-to-pole data-gathering flights

·        Laser flashes expose Oregon earthquake faults

·        Local oil industry wary rules protecting underground aquifers

·        Mercury mine in Central Valley named one of most toxic sites in U.S

·        New report maps remaining asbestos deposits in Calaveras

·        Panel Nixes Proposed Temecula Quarry

·        Quake risk to VA reactors greater than thought

·        Remote Alaska Volcano Resumes Dome Growth

·        Rising sea levels could take economic toll on California beaches

·        Risk of death from CO2 leakage appears to be remote – study

·        Stanislaus panel OKs 155-acre solar project

·        State grants will clean up 2 old mercury mines

·        Toxins in San Francisco Bay could increase with Delta water plan

·        Winters project restoring Putah Creek's natural flow


·            August 2011

·        A Sneak Peek at “World’s Biggest” Solar Project in Ivanpah

·        Clearlake facility closes due to geothermal gas issue

·        Vallejo Earthquake simulator gives model levee a big shake

·        (comment) What do we do when the Santa Ynez Valley well runs dry

·        California asbestos deposits mapped

·        Early Life in Australia

·        Earth May Have Had 2 Moons

·        First Private Moon Landing

·        Fracking in Sacramento – “Gasland” cometh

·        Hunt For Signs Of Dark Energy, NPR

·        Oil majors to share environmental data with NOAA

·        Seafloor sensors listen to quake zone rumblings

·        SF Bay Area prepares rules to cope with sea level rise

·        'Solar trees' sprout up in Santa Clara County-owned parking lots

·        CGS Anniversary California Facts 150yrs

·        Teichert sues Folsom to protect quarry project

·        Why A Quake In Virginia Isn't Rare, NPR

·        Why Early Cells Banded Together

·        (comment) Evidence warming is caused by cosmic rays, sun — not human

·        That CO2 warming the world - lock it in a rock

·        UCLA scientists attempt to rupture levee in test

·        USGS geologists map Lassen's volcanoes

·        Data shows El MayorCucapah earthquake was complicated at depth

·        FERC pulls plug on Northern Calif. wave power project

·        Gold mining method barred in Calif

·        California Citizen Seismologists Become Volunteer Quake Catchers

·        California utilities get 17 percent of power from green sources

·        Carbon Storage Drilling Underway in Wyoming

·        China looks to tighten rare earths export regulations

·        Scientists perform quake research on Carrizo Plain

·        Sun-drenched Calif. desert also ripe for big wind development

·        The rise, fall, then rise again of a powerful global warming gas

·        There's a limit to earthquake 'domino effect'

·        U.S. Can Try to End New York Fracking Lawsuit, Judge Rules

·        Gold price tops $1,700 as investors seek refuge

·        (column) Solar power is the threatened species

·        (editorial) In search of answers at Diablo

·        Alaska officials watch volcano as lava dome grows

·        Arctic ice melt could pause, then resume, study finds

·        Oil pipeline wins Santa Barbara county approval

·        Ranch East Bay acquisitions add 5 square miles to Black Diamond Mines Preserve

·        Relicensing for Diablo Canyon nuclear plant is on hold

·        Remote Alaska volcano begins erupting

·        Santa Barbara County studying delay of all ‘fracking’

·        Worries Over Water As Natural Gas Fracking Expands

·        Japan Earthquake Generated Waves in Higher Atmosphere

·        Japanese towns reconsider sea walls after deadly tsunami

·        Judge has 60 days to make decision in Hollister solar case

·        Landowners, experts facing Delta standoff

·        Molycorp reaches profitability in desert

·        New seismic safety code rattles Peninsula school budgets

·        New York State’s Fracking Lawsuit Barred by Law, U.S. Say

·        State, feds to move aggressively on Delta plan

·        Bay Area cement company given deadline to fix safety violations

·        Bringing carbon capture to a rock near you

·        Colorado plans disclosure rules for fracking fluids by end of year

·            July 2011

·        SF Bay Water tunnel project set to begin soon

·         (comment) The fate of the peripheral canal

·         California has record year for rooftop solar

·        Nuclear Waste Storage NPR Story

·        Large rare earth deposits found in Pacific

·        Debris from Japanese tsunami steadily drifting toward California

·        2011 already the costliest disaster year on record

·        West Coast erosion - A sign of warming

·         Short on Cash and Know-How, U.S. Geothermal Industry Stumbles

·        Undersea rare earth metals too difficult to get, say analysts

·        Analysts -- underwater rare earth metals likely inaccessible

·         UC Davis students win geothermal energy contest

·        Giant Undersea Volcanoes Found Off Antarctica

·         Technologies multiply to put CO2 to work -- and make money

·         Researchers to test underground sequestration at Mont. site

·         Calif. lawmaker floats bill to fund desalination efforts

·         (comment) New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism

·         Offshore fault near Diablo Canyon a 'significant unknown

·         (comment) The politics of earthquakes

·         Radon regulation varies widely from state to state

·         Comprehensive Calif groundwater rules are needed

·         Surplus water flowing to state's farms, reservoirs

·         EPA Proposes New Rules on Emissions Released by Fracking

·            June 2011

·        (comment) Drilling down deep on fracking and our energy future

·        (comment) Let's stop the quarry together, San Diego

·        Appeals filed against SLO Topaz Solar Farm

·         Argentine towns suffer under falling volcanic ash

·         Berkeley Earthquake Centered on Panoramic near Berkeley. Stadium

·        Bill meant to ease fears over fracking in Texas

·        Calif. water groups want conveyance in delta plan

·        California mines reap $3.4 billion in 2009

·        Fracking rules for diesel likely to spread nationally

·        Fracking Takes Flak as Santa Barbara County Sups Explore Drilling Regs

·        Judge denies request to step up delta pumping

·        (comment) When wind and solar power don't add up

·        (comment) Without strategic plan, Sac Delta continues to be at risk of disaster

·        (editorial, Santa Maria) get answers on `fracking'

·        (rare earth minerals) The Secret Ingredients of Everything

·        2 more DOE loan guarantees awarded to Calif. solar projects

·        China plans restructure of rare earths industry

·        Cupertino Lehigh Cement announces reduction in mercury emissions

·        DOE to provide $70M to spur geothermal development

·        Duarte vows to fight Azusa Rock Quarry mining plan

·        Engineers' tour - Japan takes earthquakes more seriously than U.S

·        Proposed bill would open more desert lands for off-roading, mining

·        Researcher says climate change may be cooling California

·        San Diego Beach-goers on the lookout for tar balls

·        San Mateo County begins review of quarry expansion

·        Santa Barbara County looks at 'fracking' for oil

·        Santa Barbara County planners OK mining plans

·        Tenacious neighbors delayed quarry in Santa Margarita

·        Thick Sierra snowpack holds water — and potential peril

·        tracking the fracking in Santa Barbara

·        Value of Nevada gold mine production up 33 percent

·        Volcano billows giant plume for 2nd day in Chile

·        West Sac Firm, Quake danger is his calling

·        Judge rules on Petaluma Roblar quarry legal counsel

·        Lawmakers seek to compete with Chinese over key resource

·        Maryland's executive order that halts fracking seen as political maneuver

·        Mojave solar project resumes after reassessment of tortoise impacts

·        Murrysville near Pittsburgh, crowd attends meeting on shale ordinance

·        New nation wide watershed map  step in improving conditions

·        New online tool allows users to see climate change in California

·        Newly Discovered Fault Could Shake Lake Tahoe

·        Obama Admin outlines critical minerals efforts, push against China

·        Obama moves to increase domestic oil production

·        Pact paves way for first new plant at Geysers in 20 years

·        Plumas Dredge miners hear giant sucking sound

·        Potential for volcanic activity in Salton Sea

·        Scientists track motions of shifting plates using GPS sensors in NW

·        Seattle launches effort to better prepare city for big earthquake

·        Secret fracking chemicals in Texas might be revealed

·        Windsor, in Sonoma, now sending its wastewater to The Geysers

·        Solar plants pit green vs. green in desert

·        ‘Slow’ quakes can travel backward – with gusto

·        Republican bill sparks war of words over Calif. Water fight

·        New Congress bill touts ‘market-based’ approach

·        Cobb Mountain group files suit against geothermal expansion

·        ‘Fracking’ for oil prompts questions about local oversight, contamination

·        (rebuttal to 5-31 comment) A new golden age for fossil fuels – huh?


·            May 2011

·        Stanford research finds ‘two-faced’ rupture caused Japanese destruction

·        Italy seismologists tried for manslaughter over 2010 quake

·        Scientists study ‘slow’ earthquakes

·        Santa Barbara County balks at an oil company’s use of hydraulic fracturing

·        PG&E abandoning wave power off Ca coast

·        Lake Perris repairs are part of state budget debate

·        Japanese superquake moved ocean floor 79 feet sideways and 10 feet up

·        Industry and lawmakers, citing rare earths, demand less red tape

·        Hundreds evacuated from Nicaraguan volcano area

·        Google invests $55 million in Mojave Desert wind farm

·        Goleta begins work on Ellwood Mesa well abandonment project

·        Global carbon output spikes to record high

·        Geophysicist laments loss of satellite fault line data

·        ‘Fracking’ raises hop[e for onshore oil boom

·        Frack study’s safety findings exaggerated, Bush EPA official says

·        Finding the right fix for Isabella dam

·        Fighting back the waves of rising seas

·        Delta’s winter surge undercuts rationale for diversion of Sierra water

·        Calif. Can meet 75% of its clean energy goals with existing technologies

·        BP, Rio Tinto back off proposed Kern hydrogen plant

·        BLM approves Newmont gold mine project north of Carlin NV

·        Big, shallow quakes have a warning signal, say researchers

·        After a quake, what will happen to the Bay Area’s water supply

·        Abandoned mines are polluting the West, but groups fear cleanup liability

·        500-megawatt plant to join Calif. Solar complex

·        (letter) The Cal Berkeley stadium renovation will not make the stadium safe

·        (editorial) Now is the time to talk about oil drilling, Arroyo Grande

·        (editorial) fact checking fracking

·        (comment) Exaggerating the dangers of natural gas drilling

·        New spillway increases Folsom Dam flood protection

·        Valley west side farming making a comeback

·        Three big US gas producers face fracking disclosure resolutions

·        Napa’s Thompson opposes off-shore drilling move but is voted down

·        Stone Lakes refuge among wetlands being assessed nationwide

·        Mississippi flood

·        (column) Cutbacks in solar rebates cast shadow over green power

·        World may draw 77% of its power from clean sources by 2050

·        Waiting to battle warming imprudent, NAS warns Congress

·        USGS examines earthquakes triggers

·        U.S. climate action urgent report

·        SLO Topaz Solar Farms placement is debated

·        Tidal gate across San Francisco Bay proposed to manage sea level rise

·        Duke study finds methane contamination rises near shale gas wells

·        State cracks down on Lake Elsinore’s lax mining oversight

·        Sierra snowpack reading promise abundant water

·        Second solar plant on SLO Carrizo Plain is approved

·        San Francisco seismic retrofitting mandate still a ways away

·        Remodeling Cal’s Memorial Stadium is a bear

·        Rare earths seen growing less rare

·        Quarry lawsuit is filed by Riverbank

·        Quake shifted Japan, towns now flood at high tide

·        Proposed SLO quarry stirs up more controversy

·        Pennsylvania well blowout tests industry on voluntary fracking disclosure

·        House oversight panel to probe r3gulation that slow drilling

·        Making waves under Long Beach

·        Leave fracking rules to states, Anadarko CEO

·        Distant quakes can trigger the San Andreas Fault, new study finds

·        Highway 1 repair begins at Alder Creek

·        Sonora group appeals rock quarry

·        Geopolitics key as U.S, weighs critical-mineral needs report

·        Geologist cleared of negligence in Healdsburg’s Saggio Hills plan

·        Fracture on fracking

·        Experts, early warnings mitigated Japan disaster

·        Experts tell South County residents what to do during a tsunami warning

·        Diablo Canyon, how safe is safe enough?

·        Santa Barbara County curious about Venoco’s oil-extraction techniques

·        Congress considers west coast oil drilling

·        College of the Redwoods acquires tsunami siren, is searching for funds to install it

·        Climate cycle shift may accelerate west coast sea level rise

·        California mine to compete with China in rare-earth metals

·        Brown administration looks at smaller water project to bypass Delta

·        Bay-Delta plan lacks scientific justification, National Research Council says

·        Baffled about fracking?, you’re not alone

·        Gravity study satellite


·            April 2011

·        Midwest Tornados news video

·        (comment) Approve environmentally friendly quarry near Riverside

·        (column) Water, water everywhere, but not enough is saved, LA Times

·        (column) Finding a better location, Escondido

·        (column) California’s water flow squandered, Sacto. Bee

·        New genetic study helps solve Darwin on flowers

·        Caltrans optimistic U.S. Highway 101 near Garberville will open

·        Why state redrew quake hazard maps in San Mateo County

·        US emphatic – no dial to let BP resume drilling

·        Tuolumne Supervisors approve rock quarry project

·        Tuolumne Count Supervisors approve Cooperstown Mine

·        Three quarry info sessions schedules next week near Temecula

·        The Summerland seepage mystery near Santa Barbara

·        The hill that ate Highway 101 near Garberville

·        Supervisors OK west county rock quarry near Sonora

·        Study – gas from ‘fracking’ worse than coal on climate

·        State schools scramble to ensure buildings are safe

·        Stanford study says deeper emission cuts will take more than efficiency

·        Seismologists say Bay Area is due for earthquake that could cripple region

·        Seismic series prompts review at community colleges, calls for change

·        Seismic safety delay OK’d by legislature

·        Seeing and hearing the landslide up close, near Garberville

·        Second solar project gets first look in San Luis Obispo

·        Scientists map volcanic plume under Yellowstone

·        Scientists explore if we’re in ‘age of great earthquakes’

·        Santa Barbara Supervisors pave way for solar, van pool projects

·        San Luis Obispo quarry quandary

·        Riverbank seeks to block planned county quarry by Tuolumne County

·        Requa area still cut off by Del Norte landslide

·        Republicans propose massive change in California water regulations

·        Report on Temecula-area quarry details monitoring programs

·        Rare earths mining company in Mountain Pass, DOE lab tam up

·        Public turns out for San Onofre meeting

·        PG&E delays licensing to study Diablo Canyon fault

·        Opponents unswayed by Liberty Quarry data, studies near Temecula

·        One of two road closures on Hwy 1 north of San Simeon is open again

·        New solar panel system largest in Alameda County

·        More solar farms coming to San Diego County

·        Monterrey County landslide repairs to take longer

·        Molycorp celebrates ‘resurgence’ at San Bernardino mine

·        Mercury in light bulbs not being recycled, escaping to environment

·        Making the best of it in Crescent City

·        Lax oversight of school construction raises doubts about earthquake safety

·        Landslide on private property endangers Humboldt Dobbyn Creek bridge

·        Kern politicians push to revise oil project review process

·        Japan raises nuclear crises rating to highest level

·        House passes anti-EPA bill, but it faces an uncertain future

·        House Dems float new rare-earths measure

·        Home destroyed by landslide near Watsonville

·        Hollister Clear Creek study – asbestos dangers

·        Hearing on Lake Elsinore mining rescheduled

·        Hawaii will absorb brunt of Japan earthquake debris

·        Governor Brown signs law requiring 33% of energy be renewable by 2020

·        Fracking with diesel violated law, EPA says

·        Fracking shale for gas brings wealth, concerns

·        Flotsam from Japan’s tsunami to hit US west coast

·        Federal oversight of fracking in dispute

·        Experts heat up over UC Berkeley scientist’s quest to calm climate debate

·        Excavation  begins on new reservoir link to Bay Area

·        Early warning for earthquakes on West Coast possible

·        Dueling dim views of solar sites

·        Delta’s survival more important than fish

·        Delta diversion plan takes a hit when judge sides with farmers

·        Debate stirred over 1st major US tar sands mine

·        County tweaks code to allow solar projects near Santa Barbara County

·        Council takes anti-quarry stance near Riverside

·        Clearing Nelson Road rockslide near Scott’s Valley will take months

·        Cemex Santa Clarita bill will have another go in Congress

·        California public schools not meeting seismic standards

·        Body of California man killed by tsunami found in Oregon

·        Another slide closes Highway 1 south of Big Sur

·        12 Napa schools on report’s seismic list

·        2 men die in diving accident in Jamestown mine

·        (letter) Darrah issue looked into in Siskiyou

·        (editorial) Drought may be over, but California still has to solve water woes

·        (editorial) Checking a nuclear fault line at Diablo Canyon

·        (editorial) Auburn Dam, earthquakes shake canyon decisions

·        (comment) What California can learn from the Chile, new Zealand, and Japan quakes

·        (comment) Emgold moves forward with Grass Valley Idaho-Maryland project

·        Are solar farms compatible with ag land?

·        3,200 Gulf wells unplugged, unprotected

·        (editorial) Mining law must change

·        (comment) The importance of oil – and of our topsoil

·        (column) Thompson’s North Coast oil well ban

·        Wolk bill to reduce reliance on freshwater from Delta

·        Wind power surpasses record peak in California

·        US gas well contained, but concerns rise on ‘fracking’

·        Unstable soil could mean more quake damage

·        Study says rising temperature put Western water supplies at rick

·        Two solar projects are ready for service

·        Treasure Island – stabilization could protect soil

·        Supreme Court indicates it will dismiss 6-state warming lawsuit

·        Solar project would disturb thousands of tortoises

·        SLO County’s first large-scale solar project approved

·        Slide may take month to clear

·        Sierra Nevada – geologists explore hills for gold

·        Report tallies U.S. ‘fracking’ toxins

·        Rare-earth mining company celebrates ‘groundbreaking’

·        Rain causes second landslide near Requa Inn

·        Proposed quarry elicits protest in Santa Margarita

·        PG&E canal break forces call to conserve water

·        More than 1,000 argue of SoCal quarry proposal

·        Liquefaction after Japanese Earthquake larger than expected

·        Lawsuit has broad implication for fracking

·        Japan quake, tsunami provided valuable info for scientists

·        Greenhouse gas emissions drop in short term, rise in long term

·        Fracking is normal and safe, BLM, oil and gas reps say

·        Forest Service seeks comment on geothermal plans

·        EPA starts work on diesel fracking guidance

·        Earthquake preparedness lacking at Tahoe, researcher warns

·        DOE offers loan guarantee for another California project

·        Doctors concerned about proposed quarry’s health risks

·        Deadline extended for comments on Lehigh quarry expansion

·        County report recommends approval of Liberty Quarry

·        Climate change may not dramatically affect California’s precipitation

·        New particle maybe discovered

·        Seafloor drilling at mid-ocean ridge near Costa Rica

·        Atlantic crossing on raft

·        New genetic study helps solve Darwin

·        Cursor control by thought

·        New engine sends shock waves through auto industry

·        Liquefaction in Japan quake


·            March 2011

·        Supermoon to make closest pass by Earth

·        (column) Our ocean backyard – tsunamis and California

·        Moby Duck, lost bath toys follow ocean current

·        Radioactive iodine high in sea water

·        Plutonium found leaking out of Japan nuclear plant

·        Peat and CO2, EOS article

·        Outside Japan’s evacuation zone

·        Movie mutants give a face to our nuclear fears

·        Japan plant grapples with contaminated water

·        US rig count up by 18 this week

·        Two-thirds of oil & gas leases in Gulf inactive

·        Tucking carbon into the ground, NY Times

·        Tsunami prep all wet, Santa Barbara

·        Tourist trapped in Big Sur between highway 1 closures

·        Too many rules & regs, Sacramento Bee

·        Third mudslide closes highway 1 on Big Sur coast

·        Temecula, councilman pushing for changes in quarry hearing format

·        Talks between enviro justice groups, Calif regulators break down

·        Slides continue to threaten Bay Area homes, Morgan Hill

·        Slides cut off residents in Morgan Hill Uvas Canyon

·        Santa Cruz harbor director plans post-tsunami town hall meeting

·        Santa Barbara gets ready for the ‘Big One’

·        San Pablo landslide victims ponder options

·        San Pablo landslide damages six homes

·        San Pablo declares emergency due to severe landslides

·        San Onofre wave farm idea churns up concerns

·        San Onofre nuclear plant operators propose seismic study

·        San Diego SU ‘fault finder’ reveals the hidden history of quakes

·        San Diego lake Wohlford Road closure could last a week

·        Pacific Northwest deemed unprepared for megaquake or tsunami

·        Oozing hillside threatens 8 homes in Hercules

·        Oil well appeal delayed in Monterrey

·        Officials watching 6 San Pablo homes after slide

·        Mudslide traps west Morgan Hill residents

·        Mudslide in Tiburon, tree blocks road in Corte Madera

·        Mudslide forces road closure in Hillsborough, near SF

·        Lawmakers send Jerry Brown bill on renewable energy requirements

·        Landslide risk forces evacuation of San Pablo home

·        Industry sends regulatory wish list to US Interior Dept

·        Homes damaged by large slide in Hercules

·        Hillsborough road expected to remain closed two more days

·        High water, slides abound in North Bay counties

·        Greka settles for $2M after oil spills, leaks

·        Final report on Escondido quarry details new air quality, traffic measures

·        Erosion, mudslides in South Bay, Peninsula worst since 1998 El Nino storms

·        Costs of world disasters tripled in 2010, per insurer

·        Canadian oil bottleneck means cheaper gas for some

·        Calif assembly OK’s increased renewable energy requirement

·        Calif Highway 1 rainy weather plays havoc, on Calif coast

·        Big Sur sky taxi

·        Big Sur ‘scenic nightmare’

·        Big quakes don’t set off others far away

·        Berkeley scientists’ climate data review puts them at center of national debate

·        As Canadian oil moves south, Americans push back

·        160 homes lose water after landslide in Pleasanton

·        (editorial) Cooperstown Quarry, near Sonora, a project deserves approval

·        (comment) Humboldt professor surviving by learning from experience

·        (comment) Bureaucrats stand in way of low gas prices, investment

·        Rockies formed by suction

·        Scholarships/internship announced in class on March 29, 2-11

·        United States Forest Service

·        Women in Science

·        GenCorp

·        Radioactive Japanese milk only a danger after 58,000 glasses

·        Japanese radioactivity in food is of little concern

·        Early radiation data from near Japan plant eases health fears

·        Crippled Japan reactors, Is time on our side?

·        Tracking the latest at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant

·        Decontamination after radiation exposure easy

·        Airborne radiation poses minuscule risk for U.S.

·        Japan radiation reaches California

·        California seeing no radiation level increase from Japan

·        How risky is infant formula made with Tokyo tap water?

·        Japan radiation harmless due to half-life

·        Size of Japan’s quake surprises seismologists

·        Did ancient eruption form life?

·        United States Forest Service internship information

·        San Benito County New Idria finally might make cleanup list

·        (letter) Our Riverside County valley deserves a hearing on quarry

·        CA moratorium on suction fold dredging likely to end

·        U.S. hydraulic fracturing bill could force disclosure

·        Public invited to comment on Santa Barbara pipeline proposal

·        SoCal Gas to start extracting natural gas from storage facilities

·        Buckled pipe hindered last ditch effort to stop Gulf gusher – Federal probe

·        Interior issues 4th deepwater permit

·        Greka and Santa Barbara County reach historic settlement

·        Greka Oil settles with Santa Barbara County for $2 million

·        Judge’s ruling puts CA global warming law on hold

·        National lab challenges skeptics of carbon capture and storage technology

·        Judge suspends Calif. ‘cap-and-trade’ program

·        Environmental impact report released for second Carrio Plain solar project

·        San Juan Capistrano mud slides shut down Ortega (74) highway

·        Big Sur – slide cuts off Hwy 1 to south

·        Santa Clarita, it’s a high school site only a contractor could love

·        USGS on why can’t we predict the next big quake

·        Los Angeles downtown’s big fault

·        Santa Cruz, Highway 9 blocked by mudslide

·        (landslide) coping along the coast in Monterrey County

·        Judge likely to shoot down most of Duarte’s case against Azusa’s mining plan

·        Final Riverside County environmental report on quarry released

·        Final Riverside County Liberty Quarry environmental study released

·        Experts downplay rare earth ‘crisis’

·        Oakdale mine project battle galvanizes cities

·        China raising taxes on rare earth mining

·        (Column) Nuclear power is here to stay in U.S.

·        Radiation by the numbers – isotopes to watch in Japan

·        At risk…Japan nuclear workers

·        Why iodine tablets come out in a nuclear emergency

·        Sizing-up Japan’s nuclear reactors

·        Nuke-o-Noia in Japan

·        House panel approves bill stripping EPA regulatory power

·        U.S. solar capacity doubled in 2010

·        Lawmakers question USGS spending on climate programs

·        California will launch emissions trades with at least one partner

·        60-megawatt solar project planned in Kings County

·        California bill aims to speed up renewable energy approval

·        SoCal coastal cities prepare for rising sea levels

·        State has tools to balance water needs

·        New drought water supply on line for East Bay

·        Fracking blowback spooks energy industry

·        A fear of fracking may slow natural gas trend in U.S.

·        (Q&A) Former Bush EPA official says fracking exemption went too far

·        BLM chief says fracking is safe but wants disclosure, blowout regs

·        Companies send workers to Hill to make case for fracking

·        PA. – no red flags over radioactivity in 7 rivers

·        Interior considers fracking regulation

·        Fracking has added another problem

·        Radiation-fracking link sparks swift reactions

·        Interest in renewable energy may stick as oil prices surge

·        House bill to end EPA’s climate change rules could have a short life

·        (comment) Clear-cutting forests is wrong way for state to lead

·        Japan’s strict building codes saved lives

·        U.S. offers condolences, assistance to Japan

·        Coast residents evacuate; boats, dock destroyed at Santa Cruz harbor

·        Japanese nuclear reactor in peril

·        Japan warns of small radiation leak from quake-hit plant

·        Japan’s quake toll set to exceed 1,000, world offers help

·        Tsunami waves hit Humboldt

·        Coast Guard searches for north coast man swept to sea

·        Ventura tsunami surges continue into afternoon, no damage reported

·        Boats, docks damaged in tsunami surges at Santa Cruz harbor

·        Indonesia volcano erupts, spews lava and gas

·        Fault in central Ark., site of hundreds of quakes, is longer than thought

·        Recalling the Long Beach earthquake of 1933

·        Explosive earthquake experiment this week in Coachella Valley

·        Seismologists map earthquake faults near the Salton Sea

·        10,000 homes in Christchurch will have to be demolished due to liquefaction

·        Picturing southern California’s faults below the surface

·        Kilauea volcano in Hawaii sends lava into air as new vent opens

·        Long Beach considered fairly quake-safe

·        N. coast counties to conduct tsunami warning test

·        SoCal’s inland empire quake conditions different from New Zealand

·        Molycorp rare earth mine near Mountain Pass still in the red

·        The race to make the world’s strongest magnet using rare earths

·        Temecula City approves resolution opposing liberty Quarry

·        San Joaquin River polluter may be named superfund site

·        Proposed California gold dredging regulation affect vacuum size, bank alteration

·        Temecula report blasts Liberty Quarry study

·        Called-off rescue in Nevada mine death sparks questions

·        Rescuers – Remo mine shaft too dangerous to rescue trapped man

·        Gold mine near French Gulch to begin operations soon

·        Developer travels to muster regional Temecula quarry support

·        Sacramento County limits on development criticized

·        BLM chief promises to defend leaseholders’ drilling rights on public lands

·        Industry frustration, permission linger in wake of deepwater drilling ban

·        Rep. Mack joins call for new Ca offshore drilling, Boxer pushes for West Coast ban

·        Ventura Beach reopened after oil spill

·        Oil spill north of Ventura estimated at 210 gallons

·        Crews clean up oil spill reported along PCH north of Ventura

·        Hundreds killed in tsunami after 8.9 Japan quake

·        Tsunami kills at least 1 in California, swamps Hawaii’s beaches

·        Tsunami damages NorCal harbors, one man missing

·        Man swept out to sea as California coast weathers tsunami waves

·        Crescent City harbor destroyed; 4 people swept into sea, 1 feared dead

·        (column) Is California building wrong kind of solar?

·        (editorial) A way to revamp California’s water policy

·        Ancient rocks hold climate forecast

·        Arkansas suspends drilling of injection wells after earthquakes

·        Brown admin pushing ahead with Sacramento delta plans

·        Sierra snow level is better, wetter than expected

·        Congressmen call for more Central Valley water storage

·        Sacramento Delta Conservancy names first executive officer

·        Dems, GOP fight over EPA climate rules

·        Earthquake risk slips for some Californians

·        Firms hope for more oil from Coalinga-area field

·        First deep-water drilling permit issued for gulf since BP oil spill

·        Fracking – The great East Coast Gas Rush

·        Lake Tahoe fault overdue for big quake

·        Bakersfield area oil field steam project resumes after cash shortfall

·        Palos Verdes approves San Ramon Canyon stabilization

·        Quarry approval could impact Oakdale

·        Radiation in fracking fluid is a new concern

·        Rockies formed by suction

·        Short on stone, Half Moon quarry seeks expansion

·        Desert solar permitting staying the same for now

·        State could cut permits for gold dredging in rivers and streams


·            February 2011

·        Groups sue over desert solar plans

·        Life from outer space?

·        (editorial) Time for a new era of governing water statewide

·        Volcanic calderas globally, EOS

·        California’s giant carbon sponge

·        Chilean quake caused several California quakes

·        Christ Church February 2011 quake

·        Christ Church earthquake leaves third of city facing demolition

·        Fremont-based GlassPoint Solar uses the sun’s heat to extract oil

·        New Zealand quake raises questions about L.A. building

·        New Zealand Sept 2010 quake discussion

·        Regulations lax as east coast gas well’s tainted water hits rivers

·        State asks district for more details on Romero Canyon high school property

·        State cites problems with mine oversight in Lake Elsinore

·        U.N. leader asks Hollywood for help in global climate change

·        Environmental justice lawsuit may delay California Cap and Trade

·        Current California water policies all wet, book says

·        China slashes exports of rare earth elements, U.S. mine digs for more

·        Danger pent up behind aging California dams

·        California desert solar energy faces tests on greenness

·        New business eyes Davenport (on coast) and as Cemex, county talk

·        The evolution of U.S. and California earthquake safety, preparedness

·        New Zealand earthquake offers lessons to U.S. West Coast

·        Governor Brown tells legislators he will push for a $25 billion cut

·        California Senate OK’s renewable energy bill

·        New Zealand earthquake death toll climbs to 98

·        Christ Church earthquake – liquefaction 300 percent worse

·        Manage California water for today, new study says

·        Solar oil project debuts in Kern County

·        Berkeley robotic submarine built for Antarctica expedition

·        (blog) San Diego could be hurt by New Zealand type of quake

·        (comment) Solar goes Hyper in the U.S.

·        Panel rules against Colorado homeowner who said fracking fouled well

·        New Zealand aftershock proves more deadly

·        In DC, scientific groups call for new sources of rare earths

·        (column) Piece of mind – worrying about the California ‘Big One’

·        Settlements seek to protect Sacramento Delta fish, water flow

·        (comment) Open letter on Los Altos Lehigh quarry

·        (column) U.S. has cut emissions – without cap and tax

·        (editorial) In Redding area timber case, court rules for balance on CO2

·        Planet could be ‘unrecognizable’ by 2050, experts say

·        New Zealand – an earthquake hotspot

·        Iceland volcanic magma could become power source

·        Settlement may temporarily ease conflict over Sacramento Delta water supplies

·        Davis bill in Texas w2ould require ‘tracer’ fluid in fracking

·        New Zealand quake sends 30 million tons of ice loose from glacier

·        National call for proper assessment of ‘fracking’ chemicals

·        Researchers link extreme rains to global warming

·        Third of Russians believe the sun spins around Earth

·        Comet Tempel 1 spaceship flyby

·        Know your soil – Sacramento County is a mixed bag

·        Old mines reopen in a revival of California gold rush

·        Lake Elsinore’s supervision of local mining under scrutiny by State officials

·        Salton Sea, lake-effect theory sinks, but quake timing questions go on

·        War on coal – EPA warming plan under fire in House

·        Brown’s water chief wants Delta water diverted to Southern California

·        New drilling method opens vast oil fields in U.S.

·        The changing Delta – will fixing the system ruin the Sacramento Valley?

·        Toxic diesel fuel used without permits in fracking operations in U.S.

·        Stress of sliding plates builds near Chile

·        U.S. to study water pollution in Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

·        (column) An uphill battle for Santa Clara cement plant opponents

·        KQED wind farm forecast – More & Bigger

·        EPA launching probe into Sacramento Delta water quality, water use

·        Live near southern San Andreas – look out

·        Black Butte gravel removal case grinds on near Redding

·        Board of Supervisors says quarry in Cupertino still has vested rights

·        Coso Inyo County groundwater study completed

·        Analysts – Don’t expect ‘fracking’ standards until after 2012 election

·        (blog) Federal offshore wind plan - $50 million in research funding

·        U.S. EPA releases draft plan for fracking study

·        U.S. experiencing oil drilling boom

·        (letter) No evidence of Escondido silica dust

·        Tools never die

·        California challenges China in rare earths mining

·        Mar’s moving sand dunes

·        Big Bang (collider) machine to run in 2012

·        Climate change will bring more monster winter storms

·        (column) Peering into a post-petroleum world, LA Times

·        (column) No Petaluma Dutra asphalt, no Barella Roblar quarry

·        Gas drilling technique is labeled violation, N.Y. times

·        The myth of the Sacramento Delta’s ‘Earthquake-Prone’ levees

·        California’s promising wet season may go dry

·        Large Jamestown-area rock quarry proposed

·        California waterway cleanups may do more harm than good – USGS

·        California state lawmakers promote clean energy standards

·        California cap-trade plan dealt blow by S.F judge

·        CSU Northridge implements new safety measures after 1994 quake

·        Cemex Santa Clarita legislation to be carried by Boxer

·        Residents worry about plans for old Carlsbad quarry

·        Dumbarton Bridge lanes to be closed for earthquake retrofit

·        California legislative change streamlines process and grows development

·        Jamestown quarry vote postponed

·        Government finds diesel use in fracking for natural gas


·            January 2011

·        Northern California Mercury study by the USGS

·        Natural Gas Association counters gas movie

·        New Prairie Dog language discovered

·        Sierra snowpack good, but dry spell still a threat

·        Plutonium shortage, ‘Physics Today’

·        Hubble telescope detects oldest known galaxy

·        Study searches for answer to why northern California plants have been moving downhill

·        Was past mass extinction fueled by coal?

·        Oldest galaxy yet discovered

·        Scripps Ocean Research deal could change climate policies

·        Climate benefits of natural gas may be overstated

·        ‘Blue carbon’ peat initiatives emerging as promising carbon sinks

·        Sacramento delta may be site for carbon storage

·        Colorado part of ‘new gold rush’ for rare-earth metals

·        Fracking companies injected 32 million gallons of diesel, House probe finds

·        Oil companies face double dip in Beverly Hills

·        State – Elsinore failed to regulate mines owned by developer

·        (Editorial) Harvesting the sun in the San Joaquin Valley

·        Lake Elsinore to respond to mining concerns

·        California’s ‘big one’ might be a megastorm

·        U.S. Administration seeking momentum for Clean Energy Standard

·        Earthquake risk identified in apartments, but not released to residents

·        County leaders get quarry hearing moved to Temecula

·        Jobs vs. environment debate heats up in mining, oil

·        Natural gas industry blasts Oscar nod for ‘Gasland’

·        Second lawsuit filed to stop Roblar quarry near Petaluma

·        California challenges China in rare earths mining

·        Cold winters don’t mean global warming’s not real, scientist say

·        (landslide) FEMA funds to become available, Laguna Beach

·        In highlighting radon gas

·        California panel signals ‘viable’ path forward for carbon capture projects

·        Azusa residents approve Vulcan mining plan by 2-to-1 margin in election

·        Dig deep to learn about early Oregon earthquake

·        A carbon storage leak – not so fast, experts caution

·        2010 deadliest year for global disasters in two decades

·        Cost of natural disasters $109 billion in 2010 – U.N.

·        USGS estimates higher risk to Sacramento delta levees from quakes

·        Santé Fe dam deemed potentially unsafe by Army Corps

·        Report – Suction dredging in northern California would increase mercury levels

·        Environmental lawsuit can halt two major San Bernardino county projects

·        Public  weighs in on solar plant in California valley

·        Area for possible Temecula annexations to exclude quarry

·        California, EPA to work on joint automobile greenhouse standards

·        Molycorp Mining – stock sales, increased output for rare earths mine

·        Liberty Quarry hearings moved to Temecula

·        Energy firms queried on gas-extraction technique

·        (Editorial) Ready for the (wet) Big One in Sacramento Valley?

·        California doubled pace of renewable last year

·        Plumas-Eureka State Park to close for hazardous waste cleanup

·        West coast democrats float measure to block new Pacific oil wells

·        BLM announces BOF Groveland open house

·        One of imperial County’s largest solar projects moves forward

·        Sinkhole found as work begins on Drew Road in Imperial County

·        In highlighting radon risks, context needed

·        The Neanderthal nose enigma, why so big?

·        ‘See into the future’ experiment – Can We?

·        9 Billion global population

·        Scientific shifts go beyond the Zodiac

·        Students lack science literacy

·        Climate changes tied to fall of Roman Empire

·        NRC to discuss shoreline fault near Diablo Canyon nuclear plant

·        La Canada Flintridge mudslide threat flattens home values

·        Trinity County slide closes part of Route near Willow Creek

·        House threatened by land slide in Chollas Creek area

·        Residents forced out of San Diego home after landslide

·        Lawsuit – environmental groups fighting Syar Russian River gravel plant

·        Plan to mine gravel in Russian River draws fire

·        Report – China preparing new rare earths standards

·        100-ounce Sierra gold nugget to be auctioned off in March

·        (editorial) Time to break China’s monopoly on rare-earth elements

·        Global mining firms dig deeper to lure scarce workers

·        Soledad Canyon Cemex bill gets buried again

·        Bacteria devoured methane from Gulf oil spill, study shows

·        Bacteria ate most methane from BP well

·        IID’s Imperial Valley geothermal parcels present potential

·        White House probe blames BP, industry in Gulf blast

·        U.S eases up on deepwater drillers in Gulf

·        10 barrels of oil spill at Greka Santa Maria Energy facility

·        Deepwater drilling is stalled even after ban is lifted

·        Boxer promises GOP a fight on climate change

·        Coalition declares Sierra, Delta habitats threatened by climate change

·        Growing California solar industry faces green backlash

·        Political battle brewing over the EPA’s new greenhouse emissions regulations

·        California’s Sacramento Delta water blues

·        World natural disasters ‘killed 295,000 in 2010’

·        Loss of reflectivity in the Arctic

·        Global Temperature record for 2010

·        Mammoth resurrection by cloning on the way




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