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Instructor: Arthur Reed, P.G.


2012 Earth Sciences topics/events making news… ...with emphasis on California news


Remember the principles of the scientific method when evaluating news stories!


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·            December 2012

·        Mining company pours its first molten gold, 12-18-12

·        Ecuador -- U.S. cautions travelers about volcanic eruptions, 12-18-12

·        Fighting desertification in China - Features - Al Jazeera English

·        Climate change creating record stress on ecosystems, experts say, 12-19-12

·        Calif. drilling will trigger temblors -- industry expert, 12-10-12

·        (comment) Truth and consequences -- oil, gas and economy, 12-13-12

·        Tracking California's Rivers of Rain, 12-5-12

·        SF Bay sand mining alarms conservationists, 12-15-12

·        Report finds nation unprepared to meet climate change challenge, 12-7-12

·        Saudi Arabia Ray of light in climate fight - Features - Al Jazeera English

·        Radioactive hot spots remain at former research facility, 12-17-12

·        Okla. scientist casts doubt on quakes' links to drilling activities, 12-6-12


·            November 2012

·        Santa Rosa solar array would power 10,000 homes, 11-20-12

·        Researchers head to coldest place on earth for warming insight, 11-23-12

·        Reclaiming Poisoned Land with Manure, 11-17-12

·        BBC - Future - Technology - Can schools survive in the age of the web

·        Rare earths -- the rush to production, 11-23-12

·        Polar melting is accelerating, and so is sea level rise -- report, 11-30-12

·        Major earthquakes can trigger faraway 'slow-slip' events, 11-28-12

·        Disruption of water delivery could devastate L.A. County economy, 11-30-12

·        Cities in bullet train's path have mixed reactions, 11-27-12

·        Al Jazera, Methane on Mars, 11-5-12

·        Geoengineering A climatic 'Frankenstein' - Features - Al Jazeera English

·        Can Dumping Iron Into The Sea Fight Climate Change, 11-7-12

·        A map of the Earth's capacity to absorb CO2 into plants, 11-5-12

·        Rising sea forces Panamanian islanders to move to mainland, 11-2-12

·        Environmentalism has failed as a movement, noted scientist says, 11-8-12

·        Earthquake rattles Yosemite Valley, 11-2-12

·        Reminder -- Hayward Fault due for next Big One, 11-9-12

·        Panel resists Diablo Canyon quake survey, 11-7-12

·        State says PG and E seismic surveys would hurt marine mammals, 11-6-12

·        (comment) Earthquake forecasts' time has come, 11-5-12

·        Supervisors place quarry on fast track, 11-7-12

·        Climate Predictions - Worst-Case May Be Most Accurate, 11-9-12

·        Glacial ghosts set sea-level trap for East Coast, 11-9-12


·            October 2012

·        (video) Discussion on trial of Italian seismologists regarding failed (?) earthquake prediction

·        Hudson Ranch II geothermal plant approved, 10-24-12

·        Final environmental hurdle completed on Isabella Dam project, 10-25-12

·        China rare earths producer suspends output, 10-25-12

·        Quest, More Clues About Singing Sand, 10-25-12

·        Australian oil company expands drilling in Monterey County, 10-11-12

·        Study finds no environmental impact around Calif. oil field, 10-11-12

·        Researchers find links between Arctic melting, summer floods, fires, 10-11-12

·        How Human Beings Almost Vanished In 70,000BC, 10-22-12

·        NPR,  Science Of Why Sandy Is Such A Dangerous Storm, 10-29-12

·        NPR, Charles Darwin And The Terrible, 10-19-12

·        NPR, When Fire Met Food, 10-24-12

·        Global warming stopped 16 years ago, 10-13-12

·        New study seeks to settle debate on impacts of natural gas boom, 10-10-12

·        Calif. Dems push for more study of tunnel plan, 10-12-12

·        Restore the California Delta To What, Exactly, 10-7-12

·        6.0 earthquake strikes off northwest Mexico, 10-8-12

·        'Silent Earthquakes' Ripple Under Cascadia, 10-5-12

·        (comment) Timely lessons from the 1868 Hayward fault quake, 10-12-12

·         Offshore seismic testing will impact fishing near Diablo Canyon, 10-7-12

·         Newman Ridge Quarry appeal denied by County Supervisors, 10-12-12

·        Gold production soon, says Mother Lode miner, 10-10-12

·        Experts say densely settled Modesto is way of future, 10-11-12

·        Mars Meteorite Story, 10-14-12

·        Antarctic ice map may hold clues to global warming, 10-11-12

·        Scientists say increase in Antarctic ice may be sign of climate change, 10-10-12

·        Why Sea Levels Fell, Only to Rise Again, 10-10-12

·        (column) Oct. 21 marks anniversary of 1868 Hayward quake, 10-21-12

·        Sutter Gold gets credit line to finish Lincoln Mine, 10-25-12

·        Revisiting the tragic Italian earthquake manslaughter verdict, 10-26-12

·        Radon To Predict Earthquakes -- Most Scientists Still Skeptical, 10-24-12

·        Italian seismologists ordered to prison for not warning of quake risk, 10-22-12

·        (column) Why sudden big chill on climate change, 10-20-12


·            September

·        Bizarre 2012 earthquake signals birth of world's newest tectonic plate, 9-28-12

·        Desalination no panacea for Calif. water woes, 9-22-12

·        Popular belief of earthquake weather not backed by facts, 9-22-12

·        Researchers find some species can adapt to rising acidification from CO2, 9-26-12

·        Mars Conglomerate Story, 9-27-12

·        BBC Atomic Bonds Discernible, 9-13-12


·            August

·        Men Stand Directly Under Nuclear Bomb in 50's, 8-12-12

·        Earthquake swarms prompt emergency declaration in Brawley, 8-30-12

·        Researchers Say Key To Lake's Future Found in the Past, 8-30-12

·        Scripps Institution scientists find cause of big earthquakes, 8-30-12

·        (column) Local geology icon immortalized with mineral, 8-25-12

·        (travel piece) Five places for lava lovers to visit, 8-25-12

·        Bloomberg Backs ‘Responsible’ Extraction of Gas, 8-24-12

·        Calif. benzene contamination mostly comes from natural sources - USGS, 8-30-12

·        Earthquake clusters detected at remote volcano, 8-31-12

·        Pumice Covering South Pacific Ocean, 8-10-12


·            July




·            June




·            May 2012

·        Bee Article on Oil Well Injection & Permitting

·        Vast Antarctic ice sheet Story

·        Nuclear Tuna Is Hot News

·        Organic Eaters Might Be Meaner Than Their Counterparts

·        Sutter Creek Project digs deep to open long-awaited gold mine

·        Calif CEQA reform bringing smart growth to life

·        Earthquake forecasters look closer at rock friction

·        Sierra Nevadas still reaching for the sky

·        Harley lost to the Japanese tsunami found on a beach in Canada

·        (comment) Sierra Snowpack shows vulnerability of water supply

·        Is there a technological solution to global warming

·        Scientist says climate change triggers earthquakes and volcanos

·        Climate change could trigger 110-degree heat waves in Calif

·        Scientists drill into Clear Lake to see future


·            April 2012

·        Earth's Wobble Ended Ice Age, 4-5-12

·        How Humans Came to Dominate, 4-6-12

·        Lovelock (Gaia) was Alarmist, 4-23-12

·        Himalayan Glaciers Status, 4-24-12

·        Tech Entrepreneurs Bet Big On Asteroid Mining, 4-24-12

·        CRC Man drowns in Miami Beach surf, 4-30-12

·        'Gaia' scientist James Lovelock -- I was 'alarmist' about climate change, 4-24-12

·        First-of-its-kind tunnel being mined under SF Bay, 4-27-12

·        (comment) Speak up against Diablo Canyon testing, 4-20-12

·        Hundreds of millions spent to protect Delta levees -- is it enough, 4-19-12

·        UCSD shakes five-story tower in major quake test, 4-18-12

·        Lexington Elem School is in danger not from quake but from CGS, 4-17-12

·        Hobby gold miners sue Calif. over new regulations, 4-17-12

·        Saga of California's Salton Sea -- a tragic chapter ahead, 4-26-12

·        Geothermal experiment on Oregon Volcano gets OK, 4-17-12

·        Japan deep-sea drilling probe sets world record, 4-28-12

·        Subway extension runs into roadblock in Beverly Hills, 4-27-12

·        Japan fears nuclear plant sits atop active geological fault, 4-25-12

·        Mexican volcano hurls hot rock half-mile into sky, 4-20-12

·        (blog) ‘Precariously balanced rocks’ key to quakes, 4-19-12

·        Va. temblor signals bigger tremors to come for East Coast, 4-18-12

·        Underground Water in eastern Shasta County Mysteriously Disappears, 4-15-12

·        Storm-related landslide closes Oakland street, 4-14-12

·        Wind farms are warming the earth, researchers say, 4-30-12

·        Antarctica ice shelves eaten away by warmer water, 4-26-12

·        (editorial) Calif Modern-day gold mining

·        (comment) Delta plan could devastate North State

·        (comment) Central Valley Flood plan is confiscation of property

·        (column) Berkeley's little-known stories of the 1906 quake

·        Where Does America Get Oil -- You May Be Surprised

·        When it Comes to Energy, Calif Has It All

·        Wednesday's Calif earthquakes establish a new seismic precedent

·        USGS reports big increase in recoverable gas worldwide

·        Underground Water in eastern Shasta County Mysteriously Disappears

·        State Seismic Safety Commission could lose funding

·        States may lose federal help in fighting radon

·        Seabiscuit's home becomes focus of Willits-area quarry debate

·        Oakland-based Solar Millennium files for bankruptcy in collapse of Bay Area firm

·        'Odd duck' Indonesia quake surprises scientists

·        Miles of California coastline to be preserved

·        New Reports Highlight Climate Challenges to State Water Supplies

·        Mexico approves groundbreaking climate bill

·        Imperial Valley Geothermal report shows growth, need for consistency

·        Gov. Brown looks to global warming fees to pay for high-speed rail

·        Gold regains some of its luster.doc; oil keeps rising

·        Geothermal energy plant planned for Klamath wildlife refuge

·        Fukushima radiation found in California kelp

·        Clouds on Solar industry Horizon

·        California vote to allow oil drilling faces resistance

·        Calif. OKs new price tag, route for high-speed rail project

·        (editorial) Enough with the end-runs on key Calif water issues



·            March 2012

·        Fossilized Raindrops In Rock, 3-31-12

·        Obama admin will reverse Bush reclamation rule on hardrock mine cleanups

·        Man Made CO2 Pushes Oceans Into Unknown Acidic Territory

·        Cool Earth Wins Appeal to Build San Joaquin Solar Array

·        Controversial Ca Water Bill Passes US House

·        UCD Professor - lasers, earthquakes and flood protection

·        High-speed rail panel promises changes

·        Sonoma Geysers testing injection technology.doc; the 50-year plan

·        Commission Opposes Huasna Valley Oil Drilling

·        Shale boom turns North Dakota into No. 3 oil producer

·        San Pedro Landslide repair poses dangers

·        Alert level raised for Alaska volcano

·        Supreme Court supports San Diego water transfer

·        UC study -- cropland threatens drinking water in valley

·        (editorial) The struggle for delta water

·        (blog) Proposed San Onofre wave farm halted by feds

·        (blog) Are you in harm's way for rising seas

·        Greenland's ice sheet may melt faster than thought

·        Iceland storage project turns CO2 into stone

·        Mojave solar firms feel glare of tribes and environmentalists

·        Hayward Fault's Double Dose of Quakes no Surprise

·        Bay Area Quake Occurred along Dangerous Hayward Fault

·        California slow to set up early quake warning system

·        Reopening of Grass Valley mine unearths old concerns

·        Sutter mine could yield $42M a year

·        Temecula Clay mine project gets green light

·        Molycorp buys rare earth processor for $1.3 billion

·        (comment) Japan's 1,000 Year Old Warning

·        (column) Lawmakers ready to green-light California high-speed rail

·        (book review) If you love the West, thank plate tectonics

·        (comment) The Radon Threat Is Still With Us

·        (editorial) Bumps in solar road obscure its success

·        (editorial) Elk Grove's growth plan is an overreach

·        After failing to reach goals, California attempts to jump start its hydrogen highway

·        Alert level raised for remote Alaska volcano

·        Both Coasts Watch Closely as San Francisco Faces Erosion

·        CA Mining association dinner signals industry revival

·        Coal industry cries foul as enviros get rule they want

·        Environmentalists sue feds over CA solar project

·        'Ghost ship' off Canada heralds arrival of tsunami debris

·        Global warming linked to deadly, costly weather disasters

·        Investors decry 'excessive flaring' as wasteful, environmentally damaging

·        Lasers, earthquakes and flood protection

·        Obama Admin Takes Steps Toward More Oil Drilling

·        Scientists -- 'No silver bullet' to declining Sacto Delta

·        Scientists turn CO2 and excess solar power into liquid fuel – study


·            February 2012

·        Could Free Floating Nomad Planets Carry Life, CSM, 2-24-12

·        Georgia tech uses shape-memory alloys to create earthquake-resistant buildings

·        5.6 earthquake felt across California’s north coast

·        3.5 quake strikes near Carquinez Bridge, same spot as Wednesday night temblor

·        (editorial) state must block Sacto delta water grab

·        (comment) will a big quake leave CA water supplies high and dry

·        Granite Construction fires back over denied Temecula quarry

·        House transportation bill backs offshore drilling

·        Why has oil and gas boom skipped CA

·        (comment) concerned scientists reply on global warming

·        Rubber ’cloaking device' could make buildings immune to earthquakes

·        New transport method for Channel Islands offshore oil is a pipe

·        New earthquake defense to be tested

·        Experts -- fracking depletes water supply

·        Enlarging Shasta Lake feasible

·        El Dorado mine dispute recalls wild past

·        Earthquake warning system closer to reality

·        (comment) California’s water myths and facts

·        Drill into Antarctic lake complete

·        El Dorado County Big Cut Mine owner faces gold-mining charges

·        Bay Bridge built to sway when the earth shakes

·        5.7 quake recorded off BC, no tsunami

·        White House proposes to cut tsunami warning system

·        NASA satellites provide a better measure of melting glaciers

·        Monsanto scientist says chances to mitigate climate change are 'dim'

·        (column) are we giving up too soon on carbon capture

·        Mojave Molycorp announces earlier-than-expected launch of production site

·        Vote postponed on Jesse Morrow mining plan near Fresno

·        Los Altos hills says it wants stricter air standards for Lehigh cement

·        Parachute Jump from high altitude (space)

·        Japan grows uneasy about earthquake forecasts

·        Sierra snowpack at 30 percent of normal

·        State installs new seismic instruments in high desert

·        Feds, blaming dry winter, offer dismal forecast for valley farmers

·        Sacramento’s Kit Miyamoto appointed to state seismic safety commission

·        Russians claim to have punched through to Antarctic

·        Strong 6.0 earthquake strikes off Oregon coast

·        U.S. could be world's largest LNG producer -- analysts

·        Uncertainty clouds Obama’s latest solar push

·        USGS consolidates volcano monitoring in California

·        Sierra snowfall consistent over 130 years

·        Seismic warning systems on the verge of going national

·        Sacto Delta water tunnels would be huge project

·        Sacrificing the Calif desert to save the earth

·        Draft Delta flood plan includes some farmland losses

·        Consultant -- Santa Clara Lehigh Emissions Health Risk Small

·        NASA -- warming driven by humans, not sun

·        Climate scientists hit back at WSJ op-ed


·            January 2012

·        Yosemite storm -- rockslide closes key route, park worker killed

·        U.S. mineral production, imports rise

·        (comment) The verdict is in on climate change

·        NPR, Want To Make A Giant Telescope Mirror

·        Bid to kill Calif high speed rail project takes step to Nov. ballot

·        New Mexico Is Stretching, Slowly but Surely

·        Regulators will re-evaluate risks at U.S. reactors

·        Explosion That Formed Death Valley Crater Could Happen Again

·        Tsunami debris threatens Monterey Bay shore

·        Total wind power growing in Calif

·        The Earthquake-proof Desk

·        (comment) No Need to Panic About Global Warming

·        Scientists rethinking threat posed by San Andreas

·        Santa Clara Lehigh Plan Amend Moving Quickly

·        (comment) Seismic discussion at Diablo provides cold comfort

·        Santa Barbara Locals weigh in on proposed offshore drilling

·        Boulders slide down Telegraph Hill, smash car

·        Highway 1 in Big Sur still closed after rock slide

·        Oregon Newberry Volcano site of geothermal tech test

·        Quarry plan alarms north state residents

·        Brown ordered firing of regulator who took hard line on oil firms

·        Forget global warming - it's Sun Cycle 25 we need to worry about

·        Gov.  Brown -- bullet train will keep U.S. out of Third World

·        Climate change threatens Calif. economy by drying up ecosystems

·        Death Valley crater was recently active, and could be again -- study

·        Massive Mining Operation In Lake Elsinore Gets Green Light

·        Mines ramp up efforts to extract ore, minerals buried under Riverside Co

·        Panel clears Delta scientists

·        Neon tests San Joaquin Basin Paloma Deep

·        Redding Iron Mountain Mine water safety in debate

·        Great East Japan Earthquake may have been caused by 'slow slips'

·        Growing Doubts in Europe on Future of Carbon Storage

·        Gov. Brown, Sec. Salazar promote solar energy near Elk Grove

·        Geothermal backers set their sights on Calif

·        Few major Haiti reconstruction projects have begun

·        Fracking’s Greenhouse Gas Contribution Splits Scientists

·        EPA unveils new tool for tracking carbon emissions

·        (comment) State can't wait to upgrade its water system

·        Sierra snow survey finds hardly any

·        (comment) Why California needs high-speed rail

·        California's quicksilver cleanup

·        Siskiyou will no longer inspect its own mines

·        Leasing, production on U.S. public lands soared in 2011

·        Molycorp has secured 78 percent of its Calif rare earth production

·        (comment on natural gas) Cheap, clean and risky

·        An Underfollowed Calif Shale Story That Deserves Your Attention

·        Storehouses for Solar Energy Can Step In When the Sun Goes Down

·        Panel clears scientists who testified in Sacto delta smelt case

·        A Few May Lose Big As Sacto Delta Changes

·        (comment) Calif Water barons will corner market in new 'Chinatown’

·        Simple measures could reduce global warming, save lives

·        USC scientists develop material to trap carbon dioxide

·        More hearings on strip mine near Temecula

·        Scientists say cut soot, methane to curb warming

·        Fast tracking  worries Calif high-speed rail critics

·        Delta California probe 'shows promise'





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