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Instructor: Arthur Reed, P.G.


2016 Earth Sciences topics/events making news…

 ...with emphasis on California news


Remember the principles of the scientific method when evaluating news stories!


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·            December 2016

·        Creep on the Hayward Fault 12-28-16

·        Powerful earthquake shakes Chile, no deaths reported 12-25-16

·        With environmental review finalized, could construction on the Delta tunnels begin in 2018 12-22-16

·        7.9 earthquake hits off Papua New Guinea; tsunami warning issued 12-17-16

·        County ordered to lower Lake Gregory as part of plan to retrofit dam 12-15-16

·        Solar installations reach record high in the third quarter 12-14-16

·        SCV lawmakers line up behind Wilk’s anti-Cemex bill 12-12-16

·        Clean-up efforts underway for Napa's abandoned mercury mines 12-11-16

·        How the EPA spent five years studying fracking, only to report there isn't enough data 12-16-16

·        Offshore oil Gov. Jerry Brown asks Obama for permanent ban on new drilling off California 12-13-16

·        (editorial) Feinstein, McCarthy strike water deal, but war goes on 12-9-16

·        Desalination in Ventura County called solution for future 12-2-16

·        Cemex The sand mining conundrum 12-4-16

·        Calif. Coastal Commission Approves Beach Oilfield Overhaul 12-9-16

·        WellSTAR System Helps State Conservation Department Take Step Toward Digital Age 12-6-16

·        After new regulations, Oklahoma’s shakes calm down a bit 12-2-16

·        (comment) How Salton Sea's geothermal resources could help save it 12-1-16

·        Berkeley Professor to Be Subpoenaed About His Millennium Tower Assessment 12-8-16

·        ‘Locked, loaded and ready to roll' 12-5-16



·            November 2016

·        (Study) Study says GHGs contributed to West Coast drought 11-1-16

·        Helium levels in groundwater may predict earthquake risk 11-29-16

·        (Comment) Desert and farm, water drainage and a new deal in the Central Valley 11-27-16

·        California targets dairy cows to combat global warming 11-28-16

·        The delta tunnels — a project only engineers can love 11-20-16

·        Eagle Mountain hydropower gets boost from NextEra 11-22-16

·        Unprecedented More than 100 million trees dead in California 11-19-16

·        Gravity signals may provide a little extra warning before an earthquake strikes 11-23-16

·        A scare, then relief after powerful Japan quake and tsunami 11-22-16

·        Unusual Earthquake Swarm Hits Around Yolo County 11-21-16

·        Trump’s Pledge to ‘Open Up the Water’ for Valley Farms Easier Said Than Done 11-18-16

·        Tapped out science shuts down an anti-fracking myth about drinking water 11-15-16

·        (Comment) How California’s water storage project rules are falling short 11-10-16

·        La Niña has arrived, with little rain in store for Southern California 11-10-16

·        Deep in the Heart of Iceland, There's a New Way to Tap the Earth’s Energy 11-10-16

·        Wyoming study Fracking likely not behind well water problem 11-10-16

·        USGS Largest oil deposit ever found in U.S. discovered in Texas 11-17-16

·        Oil and water don't mix groundwater contamination focus of State Water Board Investigation 11-16-16

·        (Column) LOIS HENRY Oilfield water injection nothing to fear 11-15-16

·        Oil wastewater for crops deemed safe, but skeptics remain 11-14-16

·        Lake Elsinore mine expansion endorsed 11-18-16

·        New Zealand earthquake so strong it lifted sea floor 2 meters 11-18-16

·        Report -- major quake on San Andreas fault could be twice as damaging 11-15-16

·        7.8 quake hits New Zealand, killing 2 11-13-16

·        California divided by drought – north is wet, south is dry 11-5-16

·        (Comment) Lessons we should learn from the drought 11-2-16

·        (Column) Election could mean bye bye bullet train funds 11-6-16

·        World Isn’t Doing Enough to Slow Climate Change 11-4-16

·        Monterey Ballot Vote Is Victory for Anti-Fracking Movement 11-10-16

·        Geologists explain Oklahoma earthquakes ponder unknown 11-7-16

·        Why Oklahoma Can't Turn Off Its Earthquakes 11-7-16

·        Supervisors deny Pacific Coast Energy's request for new oil wells 11-2-16

·        Scientists are mapping Yellowstone’s plumbing 11-9-16



·            October 2016

·        In California, a $350 million social experiment over lawns 10-31-16

·        Desalination Why Tapping Seawater Has Slowed to a Trickle in California 10-31-16

·        (Study) Drilling may have caused deadly 1933 California quake 10-31-16

·        More than 20 small quakes rattle Salton Sea area 10-31-16

·        Earthquake cluster rattles region east of Monterey 10-28-16

·        (study) Ancient trees played big role in climate change — study 10-25-16

·        Reservoirs Provide Tap Water Yet Significantly Contribute to Climate Change10-25-16

·        Species may be listed as threatened based on climate change projections, court says 10-24-16

·        Is Measure Z really about fracking Monterey County 10-26-16

·        Oil and water Venoco Inc. pursuing adjusted lease to extract more oil offshore of Goleta 10-27-16

·        Oil-field wastewater taints Calif. cropland — report 10-27-16

·        Weather reports, but for earthquakes -- why you should pay attention during the next seismic forecast 10-26-16

·        Millennium Tower developer’s about-face on next big SF high-rise 10-20-16

·        Regulators propose leaving more water in California’s rivers

·        State water plan is ‘idiocy,’ OID official says 10-21-16

·        (editorial) Another view on water woes 10-21-16

·        State rail authority reduces size of future bullet train stations 10-20-16

·        Newsom, seeking governor's office, now backs high-speed rail 10-19-16

·        Air quality agency may scrap cap-and-trade program 10-23-16

·        Scientists find 500 U.S. seabed vents of powerful greenhouse gas 10-19-16

·        La Niña may be back this winter 10-18-16

·        Countries Reach Landmark Deal to Limit Global Warming From Air Conditioners 10-15-16

·        Tesla, Apple and Uber Push Lithium Prices Even Higher 10-17-16

·        Group sues Madera County, Vulcan Materials Company to stop Austin Quarry 10-14-16

·        Natural brines the chief danger in produced water — study 10-18-16

·        2 San Francisco-area earthquake faults found to be connected 10-19-16

·        How to build skyscrapers that can withstand earthquakes 10-16-16

·        (comment) Loma Prieta memories should remind of Delta’s peril 10-16-16

·        Brown signs bill to improve water conveyance in SJ Valley 10-8-16

·        More water in California reservoirs, but drought persists 10-8-16

·        (question and answer) Custom Irrigation -- How Treated Sewage Could Be Perfect for Crops 10-10-16

·        Study says megadrought nearly certain this century 10-10-16

·        Southland's major water agency is rebuilding depleted regional storage 10-10-16

·        Angry words over unanswered questions on California tunnels 10-12-16

·        Experts said Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by September 2016 - they were wrong 10-8-16

·        State agency to draw up plan for sea level rise in Bay Area

·        Study -- Climate Change Responsible For Surge In Wildfires 10-10-16

·        Blended oilfield water shows no signs of tainting fruit 10-12-16

·        Newly Found Fault Line In California May Explain Overdue San Andreas Earthquake 10-10-16

·        (Column) Extreme earthquake preparedness is preposterous 10-13-16

·        San Andreas Earthquake Swarm -- How Mini-Quakes Affect Risk of Big Ones 10-3-16

·        (column) Wait, I Thought We Couldn't Predict Earthquakes 10-4-16

·        (comment) Blaming farmers is no substitute for a water solution 10-6-16

·        Earthquakes in California are discovered more than 15 miles deep 10-6-16

·        Why the discovery of a new fault near the Salton Sea earthquake swarm could be important 10-7-16

·        (comment) California must act on water security now 10-6-16

·        Methane leaks declining even as natural gas production grows 10-6-16

·        Pew Survey Says Most Americans Don’t Believe in ‘Scientific Consensus’ on Climate Change 10-5-16

·        Embarcadero in SF on list of nation’s at-risk historic treasures from sea rise 10-5-16


·            September 2016

·        SoCalGas completes 23 Aliso Canyon well tests but many more needed 9-19-16

·        SF City attorney subpoenas developer of troubled Millennium Tower 9-21-16

·        Laguna teachers getting early start on new science standards 9-21-16

·        Bay Area earthquake probabilities increase, updated USGS forecast says 9-23-16

·        How the moon and big tides could be a trigger for big earthquakes 9-24-16

·        (Comment) State should stop the use of oil wastewater for farm irrigation 9-18-16

·        Long Beach petroleum engineer hired to advise Los Angeles on fracking, natural gas drilling 9-20-16

·        Satellite-based radar confirms man-made Texas earthquakes 9-22-16

·        Calif. court rejects challenge to injection wells 9-23-16

·        Oil, gas drilling has Oklahoma all shook up. Can anything be done about it 9-25-16

·        You can see fracking’s impact on Earth’s surface from space 9-22-16

·        Gov. Brown signs law cracking down on soot and methane 9-19-16

·        (Editorial) It’s the age of limits for California’s water wars 9-18-16

·        The Latest Brown vetoes extra aid for SoCal Gas victims 9-26-16

·        Cluster of earthquakes rattle Salton Sea 9-26-16

·        City officials dig into surface fault investigation 9-26-16

·        Brace Yourself More Quakes Expected to Follow Monday's Swarm 9-27-16

·        Gov. Brown takes another step in developing system to provide early warning of earthquake 9-30-16

·        Fracking causes earthquakes, but new research finds way to make it safer 9-23-16

·        Clinton wants to close a fracking 'loophole,' but then what9-29-16

·        (column) High hopes for state's high-speed rail 9-30-16

·        The Earth is soaking up less carbon than we thought — which could make it warm up even faster 9-23-16

·        Climate fight targeting cows may reshape California dairies 9-29-16

·        Farmers say, ‘No apologies,’ as well drilling hits record levels in San Joaquin Valley 9-25-16

·        (Q and A) Tapping Storm Flows to Boost California’s Urban Water Supplies 9-26-16

·        Pacific coast tsunami-risk maps 9-29-16

·        Early earthquake warning system in SoCal likely operational within couple years 9-30-16

·        (column) Since La Niña is a no-show, does that give us hope for rain this winter 9-30-16

·        Defying the tides SF Bay Area Plans for Sea Level Rise 9-16-16

·        In an era of limits California proposes steering more water to fish, less to farms, cities, 9-15-16

·        (Opinion) Facing the realities of limited water supplies 9-10-16

·        Sweeping plan to use Mojave for solar, wind development wins OK 9-14-16

·        Energy and conservation compete in California 9-14-16

·        Easing offshore challenges, officials hope for more turbines 'soon' 9-12-16

·        (Opinion) Golden-Krasner Halt water giveaway to oil companies 9-10-16

·        Odds grow of major quake in bay region by 2043, 9-14-16

·        Fewer disposal wells to close in Okla. from quake 9-13-16

·        Big tides could trigger large earthquakes 9-12-16

·        Lava lake visible atop Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano 9-12-16

·        Hayward Fault Tiny explosions to simulate earthquakes along dangerous East Bay fault 9-9-16

·        SoCalGas unlikely to restart Aliso Canyon facility until autumn 9-12-16

·        La Niña no longer seen as likely this winter 9-8-16

·        California’s Warmest Summer This Is It 9-8-16

·        Gov. Brown signs sweeping legislation to combat climate change 9-8-16

·        Hey, Earth, welcome to the Human Period 9-7-16

·        Future climate change field test doesn't make Earth greener 9-5-16

·        Former California gold mine added to worst toxic sites list 9-7-16

·        Drought brings out the gold prospectors in California 9-1-16

·        Judge puts hold on plan to open California lands to fracking 9-6-16

·        895 homes development on Southern California’s coast is shot down 9-7-16

·        Texas found 50 cases of groundwater contamination in 2015, 9-6-16

·        Texas enters race to host first U.S. bullet train 9-8-16

·        Effort underway to protect 856-acre forest in Angwin 9-7-16

·        Geophysicist says Pawnee earthquake happened on newly discovered fault 9-6-16

·        Scientists may have solved mystery of giant Midwest earthquakes 9-6-16

·        Ivanpah Solar Plant Becomes Bird Incinerator, Graveyard 9-2-16

·        Fading Salton Sea Thirsting For Water 9-2-16

·        Viv Forbes Climate Science Is NOT Settled 9-1-16


·            August 2016

·        Scientists find 3.7 billion year old fossil oldest yet 8-31-16

·        Water-use disclosure bill sinks in California Senate 8-19-16

·        Ban on dredging for gold upheld by California Supreme Court. 8-22-16

·        Italy, Ca share earthquake risks; geology differs 8-24-16

·        Bill to advance Ca high-speed rail project is sent to Gov 8-31-16

·        California farm revenue plunges in 2015, 8-30-16

·        Ethics questions plague Brown 8-29-16

·        High-speed rail critics say first route segment will end in orchard 8-29-16

·        Its Official The Anthropocene Epoch Is Here 8-30-16

·        The Biggest California Water Decision You’ve Never Heard Of 8-19-16

·        (Editorial) Changing the way California farms for water safety 8-18-16

·        Gov. Brown poised to sign 2030 climate targets 8-25-16

·        Court got it wrong on fracking — former Interior officials 8-22-16

·        California Offshore Fracking Needs More Study 8-19-16

·        Pavley’s Natural Gas Storage Safety Bill Goes to Governor 8-26-16

·        US rig count up 10 this week to 491, Texas up 8_8-19-16

·        More Data Needed On Geothermal 8-19-16

·        Death toll Rises in powerful quake that rattled central Italy 8-25-16

·        LA to capture 5 billion gallons of water with new project 8-22-16

·        Ca drought 84 percent of water agencies choose zero conservation target 8-16-16

·        Drought costs California farms $600 million, but impact eases 8-15-16

·        Obama admin moves forward with first Calif. offshore wind project 8-17-16

·        9 states, Chicago file motion defending EPA methane rule 8-16-16

·        What The Oil Industry Wants In A California Climate Change Deal 8-15-16

·        World's largest mining firm records worst loss in its history 8-16-16

·        Interior must study wildlife harm from Pacific fracking — enviros 8-18-16

·        Enviros seek injunction to halt ranch planning in Pt Reyes 8-17-16

·        Researchers prepare for Napa earthquake experiment 8-18-16

·        (Comment) Legacy of ‘Cadillac Desert’ highlights severity of water crisis 8-8-16

·        California's Rise In Solar And Wind Electricity 8-6-16

·        Climate Guru Tells Calif. Governor Not To Close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plan 8-14-16

·        Science board pushes EPA to change fracking report 8-11-16

·        Industry to BLM Lease sales are not optional 8-11-16

·        Rincon Is company files bankruptcy to head off termination of lease 8-9-16

·        CBD Files Another Questionable Lawsuit Against DOGGR 8-8-16

·        (Comment) Growth limits have a downside 8-10-16

·        After Major quake, How Will Bay Area Fight Fires without Water 8-13-16

·        (Study) Subduction zones quakes more frequent than thought 8-5-16

·        (comment) Why utilities have little incentive to plug leaking natural gas 8-10-16

·        Enviro Groups to call for Coastal Commission to shut down sand mining plant 8-5-16

·        California fishermen win key ruling over Delta water supply 8-1-16

·        Well, It’s Official, 2015 Set Multiple Climate Records 8-2-16

·        Enviros sue to keep oil wastewater out of aquifer 8-4-16

·        Illustrating Geology Great images that transformed the field 8-2-16

·        Finger pointing begins in Millennium luxury tower mess 8-1-16


·            July 2016

·        Suit challenges Delta pumping restrictions 7-8-16

·        (comment) Stop farmers from using oil wastewater on crops 7-15-16

·        California solar production soars 7-15-16

·        Fracking Study Blames Faulty Wells for Water Contamination 7-11-16

·        Calif Gas Storage Field Closed for Leak Repair 7-12-16

·        Napa supervisors tentatively approve Syar quarry expansion 7-11-16

·        The Ocean Could Be the New Gold Rush 7-15-16

·        Supervolcano lies under Yellowstone -- what would happen if it erupted 7-11-16

·        (comment) Close CEMEX sand mine 7-16-16

·        Weakening La Niña forecast may mean normal SoCal rain this winter 7-14-16

·        As solar floods California grid, challenges loom 7-14-16

·        Berkeley Lab researchers receive $20 million to study watershed impact 7-17-16

·        Alameda County first in Bay Area to ban fracking 7-20-16

·        (comment) Water from oil production is perfectly safe 7-18-16

·        CA coast Oceanfront farmland preserved along San Mateo County coast 7-19-16

·        California solar production soars 7-15-16

·        Earthquakes on San Andreas may be triggered by Sun and Moon gravity 7-18-16

·        Fremont -- no landslide detectors for ACE's Niles Canyon 7-18-16

·        Spring tides trigger tremors deep on California’s San Andreas fault 7-18-16

·        Austin Quarry approved in 3-2 vote 7-21-16

·        (comment) Where Are California’s New Dams 7-26-16

·        Why the ocean is warmer than usual and could stay that way for a while 7-25-16

·        A stunning prediction of climate science and basic physics may now be coming true 7-27-16

·        Environmentalists reconsider support for biofuels mandate 7-27-16

·        Poll finds Californians back climate change efforts despite cos 7-28-16

·        Bay Area county bans nonexistent fracking 7-22-16

·        (column) Brown's best hope for high-speed rail is Trump presidency 7-25-16

·        Study -- super-eruptions offer a year's warning before they blow 7-21-16

·        East Bay is Overdue for the Largest Earthquake in Centuries, And We're Not Prepared 7-28-16

·        Brown Administration Prepares To Limit Methane Emissions 7-21-16

·        New battle is shaping up for California bullet train 7-30-16

·        One of the last gold mines in California operating in Kern County 7-29-16

·        Sharp rise in estimated bird deaths at Calif. 'power tower'  7-29-16


·            June 2016

·        Ballot measure threatens bullet train 6-30-16

·        Ca may have groundwater reserve that nobody knew about 6-27-16

·        Sacramento region to California We’ve got plenty of water 6-27-16

·        How bad is water management in California 6-26-16

·        Judge throws out Delta Plan, twin tunnels for now 6-23-16

·        (Comment) Dead trees don’t mean catastrophe for California 6-27-16

·        (Column) Gary Griggs, Our Ocean Backyard Rising seas, submerging shorelines 6-25-16

·        Carson backs away from its ban on fracking 6-23-16

·        One-Third Of California’s Deep Groundwater Aquifers Are Being Used For Oil 6-29-16

·        US oil rig count slides again 6-25-16

·        Another plant closes, some say it’s the end of the nuclear era 6-22-16

·        State budgets $10 million for earthquake early warning 6-30-16

·        Lassen Peak Is Sinking, Volcanologists Don’t Know Why 6-29-16

·        Land around San Andreas Fault is rising and sinking 6-22-16

·        Earthquake preparation is always the answer, says geologist 6-22-16

·        First Step In California Groundwater Law Stirs Debate 6-17-16

·        California tries to capture offshore wind energy 6-16-16

·        Portland reels from lead-in-schools scandal 6-13-16

·        Sierra Streams Institute continue cleanup of abandoned mine sites 6-13-16

·        Breakthroughs is elusive for CO2 storage 6-16-16

·        EPA's 'widespread, systemic' conclusion needs backup 6-15-16

·        Elevated cancer risks surround oil and gas drilling -- report 6-16-16

·        One-third of world's farmland is degraded -- UNEP 6-17-16

·        Massive development near Copperopolis scratched 6-15-16

·        Is a 10.0 Magnitude Earthquake Possible 6-12-16

·        Earthquake swarm rocks Southern California 6-10-16

·        The danger when abandoned wells aren't so abandoned 6-1-16

·        Golden Queen Mine near Mojave in full swing extracting gold, silver 6-8-16

·        API - Even EPA Said Fracking Is Safe 6-8-16

·        Why scientists are so afraid of the San Jacinto fault 6-10-16

·        Deep geological scars influence modern earthquakes 6-10-16

·        5.2 quake near Borrego Springs gives the Southland a jolt 6-10-16

·        The Quiet Before the Quake 6-9-16

·        New group wants action on nuclear waste storage at San Onofre 6-8-16


·            May 2016

·        Chevron CEO to climate activists - what would you live without 5-26-16

·        Danger Below New Properties Hide Abandoned Gas Wells 5-30-16

·        (Comment) SB County shouldn't fund Diablo Canyon study 5-25-16

·        Agency Measure would put most of state off-limits to wells 5-27-16

·        Feds clear California offshore fracking 5-27-16

·        Pacific fracking poses no significant threat -- Obama admin 5-27-16

·        Environmentalists Call Fracking Assessment Flawed 5-31-16

·        Clean-energy jobs surpass oil drilling for first time in U 5-31-16

·        Tribal Solar plans meet with opposition 5-27-16

·        NASA data shows rapid recovery for some California forests despite drought 5-23-16

·        Conflicts swirl around San Joaquin Valley irrigation drainage plan 5-24-16

·        House rejects bid to strip Ca water provision from appropriations bill 5-26-16

·        Ca farmers, ranchers face further losses as drought persist 5-27-16

·        As Chief Sources of Water Dries Up, Ca Eases Restrictions on Use Nonetheless 5-31-16

·        State budget proposal allocates $29M more to UC 5-16-16

·        America's vanishing West California losing most land to development 5-17-16

·        Construction deadline for California bullet train pushed back four years 5-19-16

·        Is drought new norm for California water use 5-18-16

·        Water regulations ease, but drought still dominates in Ca 5-16-16

·        Why did El Niño miss SoCal. It's complicated, National Weather Service says 5-14-16

·        Water regulations ease, but drought still dominates in Ca 5-16-16

·        Is drought new norm for California water use 5-18-16

·        Construction deadline for California bullet train pushed back four years 5-19-16

·        America's vanishing West California losing most land to development 5-17-16

·        State budget proposal allocates $29M more to UC 5-16-16

·        Metals found in dust of Porter Ranch homes linked to symptoms 5-12-16

·        US oil rig count drops 5 this week to 415 another all-time low 5-6-16

·        Move to block mining advances 5-9-16

·        Sierra College professor lands major book award 5-12-16

·        Measure AA Asks Bay Area Residents to Help Protect Against Sea Rise 5-10-16

·        Tough Going for New Groundwater Regulations 5-6-16

·        California Braces for Unending Drought 5-9-16

·        Drought worsening inland water quality 5-10-16

·        With reservoirs nearly full EBMUD declares water emergency over 5-11-16

·        Brown looks to create new CPUC division 5-5-16

·        US earthquakes, underside of the North American Plate peeling off 5-3-16

·        San Andreas fault locked loaded and ready to roll with big earthquake 5-4-16

·        St. Helens is recharging its magma stores, setting off earthquake swarms 5-5-16

·        At Salton Sea dreaming big on geothermal 5-5-16

·        Tree deaths rise steeply in Sierra 5-4-16


·            April 2016

·        Five myths about the Pacific Rim ‘ring of fire’ 4-29-16

·        Board approves new high-speed rail plan 4-28-16

·        Single US oil field found to be responsible for uptick in air pollution 4-29-16

·        Experts The sea level is rising and coastal cities better be ready 4-23-16

·        Volcanoes linked to Earth climate 4-26-16

·        Santa Monica requires solar on all new homes businesses 4-28-16

·        Solar overtakes wind in Calif 4-29-16

·        (comment) How Fracking Saved Ca Politicians From Themselves 4-26-16

·        A picture of devastation in Ecuador after deadly 7.8 quake 4-7-16

·        Climate change is real, but Paris treaty won't fix it Column 4-21-16

·        7 Enviro Predictions From Earth Day 1970 That Were Just Dead Wrong 4-22-16

·        Delta pumping to Southern California restricted despite rainy winter 4-16-16

·        Researchers map springs across the Mojave Desert 4-18-16

·        Sierra's eastern front long overdue for large earthquake 4-18-16

·        (column) Testing shows food and oil field water are a good mix 4-16-16

·        US rig count drops 9 this week to 431, another all-time low 4-22-16

·        Why Scientists Think the Planet Is Heating Up So Fast Right Now 3-2-16

·        So Cal water agency signs $175 million deal to buy Delta islands 4-11-16

·        Sierra Nevada Snow Won’t End California’s Thirst 4-11-16

·        Global warming is 'bogus,' Palin tells Hill gathering 4-14-16

·        Climate change rules to start hitting dairies 4-12-16

·        Documents Show Oil Industry Even More Evil Than We Thought 4-14-16

·        Open space eyed for timber production 4-11-16

·        Nuclear plants can't hold up to massive earthquakes 4-13-16

·        Dodd’s classroom earthquake safety bill 4-9-16

·        Groups Sue California's Largest Water Wholesaler Over Land Purchase 4-14-16

·        Global warming is 'bogus,' Palin tells Hill gathering 4-14-16

·        (Study) Cost of Solar Panels May Prevent Global Warming 4-13-16

·        New Documents Show Oil Industry Even More Evil Than We Thought 4-14-16

·        Nuclear plants can't hold up to massive earthquakes 4-13-16

·        Seismic risk found in San Francisco’s waterfront foundation, report shows 4-12-16

·        TEMECULA VALLEY Vail Dam may fail in large earthquake 4-8-16

·        Pavley, Wilk Natural Gas Safety Bill Moves Forward 4-13-16

·        GSA Yellowstone Research Feb 2016 B31324.1.1.full

·        Supermassive Black Holes Apr 2016


·            March 2016

·        Testing If Toxic Particulates From Gas Leak in Porter Ranch Homes 3-29-16

·        Massive supervolcano eruptions once rocked Yellowstone 3-26-16

·        Yellowstone Volcanism Research Paper Feb 2016

·        Yosemite's granite cliffs are 'breathing,' and heat can make them fall 3-28-16

·        Assembly chair High-speed rail can't become 'next Bay Bridge' 3-29-16

·        California Survey Leaks In All But One of Dozen Storage Fields 3-28-16

·        Oil company plans to drill 481 new wells at Price Canyon oil field 3-28-16

·        Scientists say Antarctic melting could double sea level rise 3-30-16

·        Molycorp Mine Wins Approval to Exit Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 3-30-16

·        Valley Voice Eagle Mountain power project is folly 3-25-16

·        Winter rains trigger flood of aquifer-recharge experiments around Ca 3-25-16

·        California Snowpack Nearly Average But Won’t End Drought 3-30-16

·        Accomplice Quakes Can Trigger Larger Temblors 3-14-16

·        (Q and A) California earthquake expert Lucy Jones 3-22-16

·        Calif. offshore farm leaps first hurdle 3-21-16

·        Yolo Flyway Farms project takes off 3-24-16

·        State has funds to build first segment of bullet train 3-18-16

·        US rig count drops 4 this week to all-time low of 476 3-18-16

·        Famous scientists ask Interior to keep Calif. fracking ban 3-13-16

·        Scientists Warn of Perilous Climate Shift Within Decades, Not Centuries 3-22-16

·        Coastal Commission tells Cemex it must shut down sand mine 3-23-16

·        Democrats urge broad action on abandoned mines 3-25-16

·        Largest California reservoirs releasing water for flood safety 3-24-16

·        Diablo Canyon desalination expansion plans move ahead 3-22-16

·        Geo Mapping Offers Clues Where Landslides May Strike 3-10-16

·        Overdue California quake greater than thought, report says 3-13-16

·        East Bay community face uncertainty amid landslide concern 3-14-16

·        Schools say they’re prepared for earthquakes 3-17-16

·        These are California’s 5 biggest vulnerabilities from an earthquake 3-17-16

·        How will California’s freeways survive an earthquake 3-18-16

·        Study undermines EPA, blames rising methane levels on farming 3-14-16

·        (Column) Celebrate climate change 3-14-16

·        Marina gives way to Coastal Commission on Cemex investigation 3-16-16

·        Shasta Lake reaches 108 percent of its historic average 3-14-16

·        Drenched by 'March Miracle,' N Calif reservoirs inch toward capacity 3-14-16

·        Agency predicts woes for Calif. supplies 3-16-16

·        Rain fills reservoirs, but California still suffers drought’s effects 3-15-16

·        Yellowstone’s Supervolcano Gets a Lid 3-7-16

·        (Column) The bullet train is troubled, but its necessary 3-7-16

·        (Column) Dan Walters California’s high-speed rail survives legal duel 3-8-16

·        Choking and lifting are latest efforts to stem oil shale bust 3-9-16

·        Dave Quast Federal Study Finds No Adverse Environmental Impacts from Offshore Fracking 2-11-16

·        Scientists explore drastic solution to sea-level rise 3-10-16

·        Southern California water agency moves to buy Delta islands 3-8-16

·        El Nino not sole answer for California water woes 3-9-16

·        Bruin engineering students build earthquake-proof building model 3-2-16

·        The Death Knell of High Speed Rail 3-1-16


·            February 2016

·        US, Mexican scientists predict Armageddon in California 2-25-16

·        How the honey bee crisis is affecting California's almond growers 2-26-16

·        Battle over fracking in Monterey County has officially begun 2-25-16

·        Asbestos-like mineral raises concern in arid West, including California 2-26-16

·        Instead of rains, L.A. gets the hottest February on record 2-29-16

·        Ca Reservoirs Are Dumping Water in a Drought that Could Change 2-29-16

·        What do cows in Chino and the Porter Ranch gas leak have in common 2-24-16

·        How farmers are trying a new kind of flooding to save Ca water 2-19-16

·        California Moves Forward With Drilling In Protected Aquifers 2-25-16

·        US oil rig count drops 27 this week to 514, 2-20-16

·        Lawyer Admits There’s No Proof Fracking Poisoned Water At ‘Ground Zero’ 2-23-16

·        Environmental group to launch ballot campaign to ban fracking 2-22-16

·        Mainstream scientists say a warming slowdown occurred 2-25-16

·        California increases water allocation to farms, cities 2-23-16

·        El Niño pummels coast in preview of warmer world 2-23-16

·        New limits on California well-drilling sought 2-20-16

·        A dry future weighs heavy on California agriculture 2-22-16

·        (comment) Now's time to formulate a drought emergency exit plan 2-20-16

·        California declares Aliso Canyon gas leak sealed after 16 weeks 2-19-16

·        LA to hire oil and gas expert to help diffuse controversies 2-18-16

·        Decades Before Porter Ranch, Methane Explosion Derailed L.A.’s Subway Plans 2-12-16

·        What Happens in Porter Ranch Now That the Enormous Gas Leak is Plugged 2-12-16

·        UC Berkeley’s free app turns cell phones into earthquake sensors 2-15-16

·        (column) The Tehachapi Range actually ties the state together 2-13-16

·        Remembering the lessons of Southern California’s history of earthquakes 2-13-16

·        Environmental groups sue for allowing ranches at Point Reyes 2-19-16

·        California bullet train headed first to San Jose a big Bay Area win 2-18-16

·        Oklahoma Orders Producers To Cut Wastewater Injection By 40 percent 2-17-16

·        Bay Area congressman urges ban on fossil fuels extraction from federal lands 2-12-16

·        How Oil and Gas Production Triggers Earthquakes in California 2-18-16

·        Why federal gov’t agreed to halt offshore oil fracking in California 2-13-16

·        Golden Queen mine begins operation near Mojave 2-19-16

·        Moorpark fights county panels OK of mine project 2-17-16

·        Thirsty continents are slowing down expected sea level rise, scientists say 2-16-16

·        Warm, sunny Bay Area days don't mean end to El Niño 2-8-16

·        There’s No Such Thing as Normal in California Water 2-11-16

·        EPA Mine spill dumped 880,000 pounds of metals in river 2-5-16

·        US rig count drops 48 this week to 571 Texas down 19_2-5-16

·        West Coast Earthquake Early Warning system gets $3.6 million grant 2-5-16

·        (comment) Methane — a mysteriously mighty molecule 2-9-16

·        Relief well is closing in on Porter Ranch gas leak 2-8-16

·        State orders inspections, new rules for gas wells after SoCal gas leak 2-6-16

·        How Porter Ranch gas leak may lead to power shortages in Southern Calif 2-2-16

·        El Niño takes a siesta When will the rain return 2-10-16

·        Winter heat wave sets new records in California 2-8-16

·        California’s Water Supply at Risk From Warmer Winters 2-8-16

·        Climate ruling sparks expensive game of red light, green light 2-11-16

·        Plagued by delays, California high-speed rail back in court 2-7-16

·        Scientist who helped prove continental drift dies at 85_2-9-16

·        Catastrophic Gas Leak Temporarily Stopped 2-11-16

·        Crews close to stopping leak, but now’s the ‘demanding’ part 2-8-16

·        Why the federal government stopped fracking off California coast 2-1-16

·        First Research Links California Quakes to Oil Operations 2-4-16

·        6.4 earthquake strikes southern Taiwan; at least 2 buildings collapse 2-5-16

·        Researchers find source of 1964 devastating Alaska tsunami 2-1-16

·        Magnitude 3.5 earthquake strikes San Andreas Fault off Calif. Coast 2-28-16

·        Porter Ranch Massive gas leak could be capped next week 2-4-16

·        Here's How Enormous The Methane Blowout Is In California 2-2-16


·            January 2016

·        Predicting flood risk How new warning systems save lives, property 1-30-16

·        Fed, San Bernardino pact aims to crush mining permit times 1-25-16

·        Full steam ahead for Kern oil producers 1-31-16

·        Chevron delays big projects, plows the Permian Basin 1-29-16

·        No, the gas leak hasn't turned Porter Ranch into a ghost town 1-30-16

·        Porter Ranch gas leak happened in old well with old rules 1-28-16

·        Here's what scientists have to say about blizzards and climate change 1-25-16

·        New bill to take a closer look at oil wells and natural seepage along Santa Barbara Coast 1-25-16

·        US oil rig count down 13 this week to 637, 1-22-16

·        Bullet train's first segment, reserved for Southland, could open in Bay Area instead 1-23-16

·        The science behind slide season 1-25-16

·        Pacific Northwest in fear of massive earthquake tsunami 1-22-16

·        SoCalGas stops withdrawing natural gas from Leaking facility near Porter Ranch 1-29-16

·        Ca Considers Shutting Down Huge and Leaky Nat Gas Storage Site 1-28-16

·        How much damage is the Porter Ranch leak doing to the climate 1-24-16

·        Regulators order new steps to contain gas leak near Porter Ranch 1-23-16

·        Fracking may be linked to Porter Ranch gas leak 1-21-16

·        California Has a Lot of Snow, Finally 1-26-16

·        (Editorial) Brown should focus on water storage, not tunnels and train 1-20-16

·        Amid El Niño, a push to save California’s drought-drained aquifers 1-20-16

·        2015 Warmest Year on Record, NOAA and NASA Scientists Say 1-20-16

·        New Methane Emission Rules Proposed by Interior Department 1-22-16

·        More properties up for condemnation for high-speed rail 1-18-16

·        Why Everyone Should Be Worried About The California Gas Leak Disaster 1-21-16

·        Fracking may be linked to Porter Ranch gas leak 1-21-16

·        Huge California Gas Leak Will Come To An End In February, Utility Says 1-19-16

·        Doctors treating Porter Ranch residents want more gas-leak guidance 1-19-16

·        As Porter Ranch gas leak lingers, candidates smell a political opportunity 1-18-16

·        Pet deaths, illnesses evoke concern amid Porter Ranch gas leak 1-16-16

·        Burn off leaking gas near Porter Ranch could lead to explosion 1-16-16

·        Levels of Cancer-Causing Chemical in L.A. Gas Leak Underreported 1-15-16

·        ‘Plume chaser’ researchers to map reach of Porter Ranch gas leak 1-15-16

·        El Niño not fizzling more storms barreling toward California 1-14-16

·        Gov Brown pushes big water project amid drought 1-14-16

·        We need more urgency on sinking Valley 1-11-16

·        Soil on stones reveals climate change secrets 1-13-16

·        Solar Surges Past Wind, Hydro as California’s No. 1 Renewable Energy Source 1-11-16

·        World Is hemorrhaging methane, and now we Can See Where 1-13-16

·        Methane leak from broken Porter Ranch gas well slows 1-12-16

·        Stopping natural gas leak near Los Angeles is a complex fix 1-9-16

·        Scientists at Odds with EPA over fracking study 1-8-16

·        Golden Queen Mine could produce gold in February 1-8-16

·        Dry La Niña might follow soggy El Niño 1-2-16

·        NOAA says 2015 was U.S.' second hottest year on record 1-7-16

·        Worrisome link between fracking and health 1-6-16

·        A brash El Niño Storm season begins with record rainfall and mudslide fears 1-6-16

·        New data on 2 Bay Area faults cause worry about next big quake 1-2-16

·        No 'silver bullet' to pinpoint leaks, but one tool emerges 1-5-16

·        Utility is installing screens to contain oily mist at leaking well near Porter Ranch 1-4-16

·        Why the Porter Ranch gas leak could take months to fix 1-2-16





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