Geology 300: Physical Geology

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Geology 305: Earth Science

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Instructor: Arthur Reed, P.G.


2010 Earth Sciences topics/events making news… ...with emphasis on California news


Remember the principles of the scientific method when evaluating news stories!


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·            December 2010

·        Invasive species may cause extinctions

·        Solar fuel machine

·        ‘Sailing stone’ on a Nevada playa

·        Stanford University finds carbon sequestration may be earthquake hazard

·        New Zealand earthquake victims better off than Californians

·        Baja earthquake puts strain on Los Angeles

·        Antarctica-bound submarine to get Lake Tahoe test

·        Laguna Beach animal shelter smashed by mudslide

·        2010’s world gone wild – quakes, floods, blizzards

·        (Q&A) Sutter Creek gold Mine – where you can learn about mining

·        (Editorial) A rare-earth venture in San Bernardino County

·        (Comment) Cleveland water on fire – time to put this on ice

·        Wet December brings nearly double the mountain snow pack

·        San Joaquin west valley hope for more irrigation water

·        Two approaches to shale gas drilling near Pittsburgh

·        Study – enough water to serve Temecula-area quarry

·        California storms fill reservoirs, snowpack

·        Storms trigger Riverside freeway mudslide, accidents

·        Storms cause hillside collapse, flooding in SoCal

·        State warms of mudslides if rain is heavy

·        San Diego – soggy ground gives way, more slides are possible

·        Small landslide, two fires in Pasadena

·        Houston – Shale drilling is going greener

·        Rock slide closes Clark Road near Paradise

·        Residents voice concern over cement plant near Cupertino

·        Researchers find way to minimize mercury in SF Bay

·        Rare-earth mine company pairs with Hitachi Metals in San Bernardino County

·        Rancho Cordova lawsuit aims to block quarry plan

·        Poll – Fracking for natural gas is no longer obscure in the US

·        Planners certify final EIR for Bottle Rock Power expansion in Lake County

·        PCH in Dana Point closed because of mudslides

·        Niles quarry to be restored

·        Mudslide in La Conchita, battered boats wash ashore

·        Mudslide causes North Tustin road closure in Orange County

·        Most excavations lifted in mudslide-damaged Highland in LA

·        Mining demand for rare-earths in Mountain Pass

·        Mexico-US agree on Colorado River allotments

·        Medicine Lake geothermal issue goes back to BLM

·        Lehigh Southwest Cement discharges worry neighbors in south SF Bay

·        Laguna Beach sets flooding, mudslide damage toll at $10 million

·        Laguna Beach man escapes injury after mudslide traps him in home

·        La Conchita keeps eye on impending storms

·        Los Angeles -- In a region that imports water, much goes to waste

·        Highway 1 reopens near Devil’s Slide following mudslide

·        Geologist says small La Conchita landslide will likely move further

·        LA Evacuation orders remain in areas devastated by mudslides

·        EPA’s CO2 rules old-hat for California

·        EPA issues timetable for greenhouse gas emission rules

·        Crude oil, water spill at Greka facility

·        Crews clean up mudslides after rainstorm near Santa Cruz

·        Concord accepts $860,000 grant to create environmental plans

·        Central Valley farmers take issue with high-speed rail route

·        North Coast Journal -- Carbon trapper keepers

·        Here comes cap and trade, California style

·        Clean-energy policy debates heats up in U.S. Senate

·        USDA announces new steps to meet climate change challenges

·        (comment) U.S. must act on climate change

·        Poll – Californians still support cap-and-trade

·        Tulare County OK’s first solar farm projects

·        Supreme Court set to review CO2 suits

·        As California prepares Cap&Trade fears of energy price spikes mount

·        Energy Department – U.S. could store CO2 underground for the next 5,700 years

·        Panel calls Sacramento Delta recovery plan woefully incomplete

·        (editorial) Can’t walk away from the Sacramento Delta

·        CO2 leaked from carbon capture sequestration sites may impact groundwater

·        Scientist – Baja quake lowered mountains

·        Easter Sunday quake may have put SoCal at greater risk of future temblors

·        Study – Baja earthquake sign of a bigger one to come

·        Palmdale Bulge was a mountain of mystery

·        Tulare Supervisors drag water decision

·        U.S. rare-earth mining urged

·        U.S. at risk of rare-earths supply disruption

·        Go ahead for Dutra plant near Santa Rosa

·        Roblar Road quarry near Petaluma gets final OK

·        (comment) Proposed Escondido quarry will bring a host of ills

·        Duarte submits evidence to refute claims council misused public funds

·        New timeline for Truckee Martis Dam project

·        Officials sign SoCal earthquake plan into effect

·        Placer supes OK $65 million in Foresthill Bridge contracts

·        California and Feds sign earthquake plan

·        Buying a hillside LA home – be careful

·        EPA finds drilling contamination in Texas; NY halts all ‘fracking’

·        Industry, enviros praise NY gas-drilling time-out

·        Congress restores geothermal royalties for another year

·        California Air Resources Board OK’s can-and-trade rules

·        (comment) San Luis Obispo, Carrizo solar projects are environmentally sound

·        Stanford Scientist warns of quake rick from ‘carbon capture’

·        (editorial) Bay - Sacramento  Delta plan faces stormy seas ahead

·        Californians who rely on Sacramento Delta at ‘sever risk’

·        (comment) State faces pivotal point in water (Sacto Delta) future

·        Judge dismisses Sacramento Delta smelt protections

·        Effort falters on San Francisco Bay Delta

·        Cholame project will monitor tremor activity beneath San Andreas Fault

·        Mystery of slow earthquakes solved

·        Auburn man finds beauty in huge collection of ‘ordinary rocks’

·        New Spanish method predicts earthquakes with 80 percent accuracy

·        Sonoma Supervisors OK land deal with Roblar Road quarry developers

·        Syar Russian River gravel mining approved

·        Russian River plan to mine gravel, restore habitat

·        Stockton shake rattle and roll filming

·        (editorial) where’s the urgency on Bakersfield dam repair

·        Bakersfield dam repairs could take many years

·        Truckee residents skeptical of dam’s safety concerns

·        (comment) Diablo Canyon is on top of recent seismic issues

·        Leaking Ventura County oil facility remediated

·        BP official – effort to shut Gulf well was ‘late’

·        U.S. gov’t, Halliburton reach deal on fracking info

·        Beyond Fracking – experts challenge safety of exploratory wells

·        Oil and water don’t mix with California agriculture

·        UN IPPC climate change chief sees huge gaps in research

·        (comment) BDCP best way to meet states important goals

·        Killer confesses to Pluto

·        Shuttle images reveal ancient Egypt lake

·        Anesthesia gases contribute to greenhouse effect

·        Beyond Cancun

·        Is this newly found planet a diamond?

·        Owner of Ojai quarry appeals decision on alleged violations

·        Major quake could shake SoCal schools off their foundations

·        LA earthquake symposium on risk of collapsing buildings stirs controversy

·        Scientists at University of Jerusalem discover ways to predict earthquakes

·        Tulare County OK’s first 6 solar farms

·        Enviros challenge another solar project near Hollister

·        Groups sue San Benito county, Solargen to halt approved project

·        Will congress ban oil drilling off the Sonoma coast?

·        NY lawmakers pass temporary ‘hydrofracking’ ban

·        U.S. drilling decisions ripple on two coasts

·        Interior Dept may force drillers to disclose chemicals

·        U.S. weighs disclosure rules for natural gas drillers

·        Alaska oil resources assessment dramatically lowered

·        Exxon Mobil, working on fracking fluid disclosure policy

·        Natural gas drillers feeling pressure from Washington

·        Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum releases CCS technology roadmap



·            November 2010

·        Sacramento County supervisors approve historic mining project

·        (Editorial) California Health challenge – climate change

·        (Q&A) Where is LA earthquake fault?

·        Cancun climate summit calls for rationing in developed world

·        Global disasters cause losses of 222 billion dollars in 2010

·        Drilling for knowledge on huge SoCal regional aquifer

·        Experts stress danger of life near Indonesia volcano

·        Maine firms see tidal energy as wave of the future

·        Indonesia volcano

·        Japan earthquake

·        Japan says China to resume exports of rare earths

·        Los altos Hills city council could monitor quarry

·        LA bridges receive grades

·        Sacramento delta’s ecological decline is breathing new life into proposals

·        What to do with all that carbon

·        Why gold became popular

·        (Comment) Apocalypse Not – Study says cool down the climate message

·        (Comment) Public needs flood safety, Davis area Conaway Ranch

·        (Comment) Unbreakable – building disaster-proof cities

·        (Letter) Paso Robles shook to its historic roots in 03

·        20-megawatt solar farm proposed for Sacramento city landfill

·        Amador County fold mine closer to production

·        Bay Area coalition calls delta plan a water grab

·        Campaign contributions in Azusa give insight into who is fighting in mining battle

·        Cap-and-Trade exchange in Chicago calls it quits

·        Could an oil production technique be causing problems in Kern County?

·        Engineering panel has harsher words for BP in Gulf oil spill

·        EPA launches hydraulic fracturing study

·        GOP victory could boost east coast natural gas drilling

·        Idaho scientist find new seismic fault in Rockies

·        Indonesian rescuers find more bodies in ash-buried villages on volcano slopes

·        Japan says China to resume exports of rare earths

·        Japan, facing similar challenges, embraces geothermal & issues

·        Kern County OKs huge solar project

·        Los Altos council digs into quarry controversy – officials defend operations

·        Malibu forgoes tsunami warning system

·        ‘Mega-quake’ would likely spare B.C., study says

·        Monterey Shale in central California gets new look

·        Sacramento delta canal agenda put off again

·        Underneath Haiti, another big quake waiting to occur

·        Venoco abandons Santa Barbara expansion proposal

·        Anti-mining group angry with Azusa council’s wording of referendum

·        BLM sets meeting on mining claims

·        Climate scientists plan campaign against global warming skeptics

·        Deadlines set to get Idaho-Maryland Mine plan moving in Grass Valley

·        Environmental groups appeal Solargen decision, Hollister

·        EPA subpoenas Halliburton over fracking

·        Gulf oil spill investigation a ‘High Priority’ for Justice Dept.

·        Gulf Spill Panel – risks taken, bad calls made before rig blast

·        Gulf testimony indicates poor cementing of drilling rigs is widespread

·        Los Altos jumps into quarry debate

·        Moderate earthquake injures 100 in western Iran

·        My Grandson the Rock – Did pre-Cambrian life create most of our Earth’s minerals?

·        Oil companies increasingly eye natural gas

·        Philippine’s Mt. Bulusan emits ash; quake rocks Bicol

·        Quake centered at CSULB jolts Long Beach

·        Report – China may tighten controls on rare earths

·        Retrofitting begins on North Torrey Pines bridge

·        Sacramento delta plan may do more harm, biologists find

·        Schwarzenegger to host global climate summit at UC Davis

·        Seismic work on historic SoCal coastal bridge to begin

·        State doing little to track hospitals with severe earthquake safety risks

·        Vast ocean of stories by geologist/author

·        Space shuttle Discovery on its last mission

·        Balloon-head found in fossil record

·        (comment) Carrizo solar plants near San Luis Obispo would harm California

·        Abandoned mine discovered at Calaveras Park

·        California voters overwhelmingly reject proposition 23

·        Calaveras County abandoned mine discovered under baseball field

·        Center to explain Sacramento Delta’s rule in region and beyond

·        Indonesia volcano blasts searing gas, 122 now dead

·        Proposition 23 defeat energizes backers, opponents alike

·        SF earthquake safety bond measure narrowly defeated

·        Solar farm sparks heated debate in California’s Panoche Valley

·        Solar project in east San Luis Obispo County dimmed by planners

·        Two companies seek trade secret status for fracking fluids in Wyoming

·        World’s thirst for oil leads exploration companies into riskier ventures


·            October 2010

·        Neanderthals were compassionate and caring

·        Earth’s magnetic field instant flips

·        San Andreas fault captured in 3D

·        Summary of recent global climate change conferences

·        (column) Mining booms and busts in Orange County

·        (column) The final nail in the California LNG coffin

·        Barge spills crude off Santa Barbara’s coal point

·        Culver working to settle costly lawsuit against L.A. County

·        Measuring speed of mantle flow, University of Bristol

·        State releases landmark global warming rules

·        State unveils new rule for battling climate change

·        Syar project gets Sonoma Supervisors straw vote OK

·        China says rare earths are not a ‘bargaining tool’

·        In Washington – Gordon is talking with senators on Rare-Earths bill

·        Russian River gravel mining approved

·        (editorial) China digs in on rare earths

·        Temecula’s smaller quarry called precedent

·        Japan plans to mine rare earth metals in Vietnam

·        Warning systems often don’t help tsunami victims

·        La Canada Flintridge city hall hosts mudslide seminar for hillside residents

·        320,000-acre 3-D shoot under way for Miocene oil in California

·        Tests warned of cement troubles before BP blowout in Gulf

·        North Dakota eclipses oil record

·        Alaska reserve holds one-tenth of oil scientists had estimates

·        East Coast shale – Tapping natural gas could unleash uranium

·        Ventura County – 63 gallons of oil spilled off Platform Gail

·        In Washington – CO2 storage technology crucial

·        First solar plant on federal land breaks ground in San Bernardino County

·        Largest-ever solar project approved in Mojave Desert

·        Sacramento Delta water report unpopular upstream

·        Indonesia tsunami hit like a runaway train, shaking 3-story building

·        Death toll from Indonesian tsunami & volcano tops 400

·        Southern California private homes sought for earthquake monitors

·        Experts puzzled over rare quake in Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

·        Haiti may face more major earthquakes

·        Mudslide closes portion of Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point

·        LA Dana Point landslide fears force multiday closure of a portion of Pacific Coast Highway

·        Magnitude-6.7 earthquake hits northern Mexico

·        6.9-magnitude earthquake hits Baja California, latest in cluster of temblors

·        No worries of major quake in Midwest ‘New Madrid’ fault – scientist

·        In studying Haiti, a new angle on an earthquake’s intensity

·        Sacramento County’s first hard-rock quarry mining project nears OK

·        (column) NY Times – foolish response to rare earth crisis

·        China to reduce rare earths exports

·        Sonoma Roblar Road rock quarry approved

·        Jurors award $3.2M in deadly San Bernardino mudslide lawsuit

·        Northridge – experts predict major earthquake to hit

·        Mumbai – earthquake counts go up as moon comes closer to Earth

·        Radio-equipped sensors advance Yellowstone volcano research

·        Researchers now say San Andreas could see 8.1 quake

·        Magnitude 6.9 earthquake hits northern Mexico

·        50mya Amber found in India

·        Antarctica fossil mountains

·        Haiti quake has surprising lesson about Earth

·        UC Riverside ‘Snowball Earth’ article on evolution

·        S California water agencies in fight over water to Salton Sea

·        (Q&A) what fills the empty space underground created by oil extraction?

·        Gilroy Water District dam repairs needed

·        Redlands locals learn about quake preparedness, survival

·        (comment) Dutra still wrong plan, wrong place, for Petaluma

·        Owner of Amador gold mine looks to start digging again

·        Alaskan volcano ‘blows hole’ in global warming fight

·        Earliest land plants discovered

·        EOS publication – Student summer research opportunities

·        Petaluma Council debates Roblar rock quarry

·        Study – Santa Clara Anderson Dam at risk of collapse in quake

·        17 Ventura hospital buildings in county on list of seismic risks

·        How cheap US natural gas is pushing other sources to sidelines

·        Fed commission is stumped on future of offshore drilling

·        Maldonado, acting as governor, signs offshore oil drilling order

·        Obama administration lifts 6-month oil drilling freeze

·        US rig count up 12 this week

·        US solar industry shows it is gaining power

·        State’s anti-global warming effort at crossroads

·        (column) Behind California’s global warming restrictions

·        Proposal to restore Sacramento Delta bogs down

·        Building a better battery in China

·        Verdict reached in 2003 San Bernardino mudslide deaths

·        Finding a fault in Parkfield

·        Jury to determine Caltrans payment in San Bernardino mudslide lawsuit

·        Exploring a new take on earthquakes

·        California earthquake experts see the ‘Big One’ getting bigger

·        Chilean mine rescue has vital lessons

·        Dutra Petaluma project moves forward

·        Japan – no improvements in China rare earths ban

·        Experts see parallels in effort to stop mining in Azusa

·        Santa Rosa decision time on big asphalt, mining plans

·        (comment) A ‘new positive era’ for San Rafael quarry

·        (comment) Dutra speaks out about its Petaluma revised plan

·        Global geosciences meeting summaries in EOS publication

·        Research vessel studies San Andreas off Fort Bragg

·        Bluebird Canyon, Laguna Beach, restoration wins award

·        Two more solar power plants, Imperial & Riverside, get the green light

·        Future of nation’s offshore drilling ban remains unclear

·        California’s clean-tech industry is booming but threatened

·        Green tech, AB 32 a major economic driver for state

·        Methane has closes Culver City dog park

·        The Geysers at 50 year old

·        Underground gas fields revived near Mendota

·        Whittier hopes to profit from oil from land preserved with taxpayer funds

·        Revamped US tsunami warning system unreliable, report finds

·        (letter, Napa County) Take seismic renovation seriously

·        100-year-old Covina stone church struggles to meet seismic retrofit requirements

·        Prop. A seismic retrofit bond would aid some

·        Army Corps to raise profile of Isabella Dam

·        New mudslide evacuation rules in place for LA foothill residents

·        BLM testing of silver-mine-era hazards near Calico

·        Azusa Rock Quarry referendum passes first test

·        Historic homesteads in Colusa County Sulphur Creek offer insights into the past

·        Nations, manufacturers wary of dependence on China’s rare earth metals

·        LA Rolling Hills Estates holds hearing on Chandler development project

·        Comet may not have rocked Stone Age world

·        Trio wins chemistry Nobel price for carbon bonding

·        USGS Sacto Valley groundwater model fact sheet

·        Nobel awarded for graphene

·        Distant planet Gliese 581g may have life

·        Large asteroid determined to have dusty surface

·        Global streams runoff increases over last 15 years

·        Dems Costa and Miller spar over Central Valley water

·        Environmental group files lawsuit to stop Rialto project

·        PG&E will provide detailed maps of gas pipelines to Bay Area fir departments

·        US Energy Dept finds geologic formations for carbon storage

·        Study – genetically altered trees could help climate

·        Threat of global warming sparks US interest in geoengineering

·        Global warming – a rise in global river flows raises alarms

·        (comment) The atmospheric carbon dioxide precipice

·        Two SoCal solar projects on California public lands get federal OK


·            September 2010

·        Cal Poly Pomona wants to raze seismically unstable building

·        Quick flip of magnetic field evidence found

·        Princeton global ‘Shake Movie’ now available online

·        Carbon capture workshop set for Bakersfield

·        Oaxaca landslide

·        Ancient volcanic field re-awakens in Saudi Arabia

·        Construction crew unearths fossil treasure trove near LA

·        Delta changes could prove irreversible

·        (Q&A) Will LA lose its cool? – An optimistic look at global warming

·        (HECA) A new idea for clean energy in Kern County

·        (editorial) Solar sensitivity in Riverside

·        (comment) Burning our own home-grown fuels

·        California – the solar Saudi Arabia

·        First solar projects on ag land approved in Tulare County

·        BrightSource Energy gets OK for 370-megawatt solar plant in Mojave Desert

·        Report – chemicals found in NE Pennsylvania water wells

·        Report – fracking chemicals in Pennsylvania water wells

·         Optimism, worries amid new rush to tap oil in West

·        EPA requests fracking chemicals from nine companies

·        Commission approves geothermal testing wells SW of Brawley

·        Regulators, oil firms still in uneasy alliance

·        Sellers of earthquake kits cut costs, seek their niche

·        (editorial) Marin supervisors face delicate decision on quarry’s future

·        Temcula annexation back before panel

·        Sonora mine’s success written in stone

·        (comment) Sonoma aggregate anyone?

·        Your computer as an earthquake sensor

·        Scientist contemplate earthquake prediction

·        The 1985 Mexico City earthquake, remembered

·        Arctic tern is 30 years old?

·        (column) Chaos kills renewable-power measure in legislature

·        (Q&A) EPA – fracking study is a challenge

·        300 attend Marin County quarry permit hearing

·        Actions taken to replace Holtville’s earthquake damaged water tank

·        Another solar project approved near Avenal

·        Area’s oil firms’ safety records given, US agency vows to beef up policing

·        Climate change law’s suspension slammed by UC Berkeley study

·        Whittier council supports delay of greenhouse gas laws

·        Dangers of storing natural gas underground near Colusa always present

·        Palm Springs Earthquake simulation shows shaking of seismic proportion

·        EPA seeks info form gas drillers on chemicals used in fracturing

·        EPA told gas drilling does, does not taint water

·        FEMA, CalEMA approve $3.9 million for Imperial Valley earthquake repairs

·        Fight over bid to suspend California’s global warming law gets ugly

·        Marin County approves San Rafael quarry permit

·        (editorial) Compromise hopefully will end long battle over quarry’s future

·        Work begins on water pipe tunnel under SF Bay

·        Governor signs bill to aid Humboldt property owners from quake damage

·        Mining plan near Sequoia Park divides region

·        Azusa mining project analysis cost more than doubles its budget

·        (Q&A) Earth Talk – why hasn’t solar caught on more?

·        1,000 megawatts of solar power approved for SoCal desert

·        Tulare County’s first commercial solar projects gain OK

·        Test water wells before fracking starts, experts say

·        Ca State air board OK’s 33% renewable energy rule

·        Meadow Vista River’s mercury removal project seeks gov’t dollars

·        House may vote on Rare Earths Act this week

·        Red Sea ‘Parting’ by wind article

·        Dinosaurs on lost island

·        Out of Africa (homo sapien’s migration)

·        NASA rail gun launch system

·        New temperature probe for volcanoes

·        Moon as a Rosetta Stone

·        Rare sky show – Moon and Jupiter

·        Fight over Arctic resources

·        Celestial event week

·        Neanderthals more intelligent than thought

·        ‘No fracking way’ serves as theme for anti-drilling faction

·        New lawsuit filed in fracking country

·        Mendocino County sued over gravel mine

·        Mining left legacy of Mercury at Putah Creek

·        Impact of BP’s oil spill still linger in the Southeast, and Monterey County

·        Strong positions on either side of ‘fracking’ at EPA hearing

·        Senator Wolk’s bill ensures local participation in Sacramento Delta conservation plan

·        Seismic safety at Diablo Canyon discussed

·        Scientists – desert energy projects should tread lightly

·        Salton Sea Authority wants answers from state on dam construction

·        Marin County Roblar Road quarry comes before planning commission

·        Report – fracking chemicals in NE Pa. water wells

·        Planning for the Big One

·        Oil industry trade group chief rips governor on Prop 23

·        NRC workshop turns into Diablo Canyon debate

·        Lawsuit –‘Fracking’ fluid from gas drilling in Marcellus Shale tainted water wells in NE Pa.

·        Just 2 percent of quake debris in Haiti cleared

·        Industry – no need for EPA to regulate gas drilling

·        Orange County hospitals could get extension on earthquake rules

·        Hollister council to support Panoche solar farm

·        Grant made to help restore Yuba watershed

·        Governor ponders bill to rescue oil spill fund

·        Fracking Study sees public health risks

·        Fight over bid to suspend California’s global warming law gets ugly

·        FEMA, CalEMA approve $3.9 million for Imperial Valley Easter earthquake repairs

·        EPA told gas drilling does, does not taint water

·        EPA seeks information from natural gas drillers on chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing

·        SoCal earthquake simulation shows shaking of seismic proportions

·        NorCal – dangers of storing natural gas always present

·        Wittier city council supports delay of greenhouse gas laws

·        Climate change law’s suspension slammed by UC Berkeley study

·        Carbon capture workshop set for Bakersfield

·        Ventura area oil firms’ safety record given.doc; US agency vows to beef up policing

·        Another solar project approved near Avenal

·        Actions taken to replace Holtville’s earthquake damaged water tank

·        300 attend Marin quarry permit hearing

·        (Q&A) EPA – fracking study is a challenge

·        (column) chaos kills Calif renewable power measure

·        Studying, and big wave surfing, the oceans

·        X Price for 100mpg car

·        2010 seeing global hot temps

·        Underground gas storage plan puts Sacramento residents on edge

·        Shasta Truck Village appeal hearing set for December

·        Salazar – New inspectors headed to drilling agency

·        BP report on well disaster faults mechanical, human failures

·        Gas drillers in Wyoming must come clean on fracking fluid ingredients

·        Chevron seeking exemption from laws for Richmond rebuilding project

·        US oil rig count decreases by 3

·        State OK’s big solar project in Santa Barbara County

·        U.S. – storing greenhouse gas

·        DOE giving $575 million in carbon capture grants

·        ‘Chinatown II’ – Kern County water bank sued as wells go dry

·        Hunchbacked dinosaur strengthens bird hypothesis

·        Underground column of molten rock found at Yellowstone

·        BP report blames multiple companies for gulf spill

·        Wind power wanes with fading federal incentives

·        Spaceship to sun

·        Big Bank Chaos mathematical hypothesis

·        UC Davis geologists look at earthquakes in 3D

·        Volcanic ash cloud – Global warming may trigger more volcanoes

·        Indonesian volcano erupts again; strongest one yet

·        Buildings collapse, 2 injured in powerful New Zealand quake

·        Earthquake in New Zealand causes devastation, no deaths

·        Mining left a legacy of mercury at Putah Creek

·        Twisted history of the Mississippi & map

·        Wind, solar farms OK on some Williamson Act lands

·        State DOC accepting proposals for watershed coordinator grants

·        Indonesian volcano spews new burst of ash

·        3.1 quake strikes near Richmond (Hayward fault??)

·        S. California’s SCAG rejects air pollution reduction targets

·        Ventura – Builders, environmentalists split on emissions reductions

·        (comment) Meltdown of the climate ‘consensus’

·        Kern hydrogen power plant clears one hurdle

·        Diablo Canyon’s earthquake safety is topic of workshop

·        Gulf oil rig explodes, burns off Louisiana coast

·        Bill seeks to boost state’s safeguards against oil spills

·        18-foot sinkhole opens up in Long Beach backyard

·        ‘Fracking’ yields fuel, fear in Northeast

·        Fracking hazards obscured by Halliburton loophole

·        Is fracking poisoning our food?

·        11 mallards mired in Placentia, Orange County oil spill


·            August 2010

·        Governor in Afghanistan is a geologist

·        50 years of space elevator dreams

·        (column) Geothermal hot in sustainable world

·        BP managers had little experience supervising Deepwater Horizon

·        NY – Is fracking even worse than drilling?

·        Villagers evacuated from slopes of Indonesian volcano return home

·        Indonesia volcano calmer after sudden eruptions

·        Deal ends LA’s Rolling Hills landslide dispute

·        El Centro sinkhole filled, capped, finished Saturday afternoon

·        California should reform its water management, study says

·        Sac County’s Van Vleck ranch to add big solar power plant

·        (editorial) No spin – windmills fail

·        La Conchita grading project may be too risky

·        Perception, fact-finding has come at a cost in Azusa rock quarry battle

·        Backlash over China’s curb on metal exports

·        Redding – inside a toxic hellhole, Iron Mountain Mine

·        Shasta – meeting on Black Butte gravel business postponed

·        Science after an Alaskan island apocalypse

·        Indonesian volcano eruption forces people to flee

·        Two meteors struck when dinosaurs went extinct

·        What killed dinosaurs?

·        Danish amateurs aim to rocket themselves into space

·        More U.S. coal plants being installed in face of green movement

·        Computers take closer look inside the Earth

·        Plans for manned asteroid mission gains ground

·        More prehistoric quakes on San Andreas fault found

·        New San Andreas fault study released, shows that ‘major’ quake is overdue

·        (editorial) When the Big One comes to call

·        Coachella Valley new business prepares residents for ‘The Big One’

·        SDSU earthquake video simulates the ‘Big One’

·        (letter) Why the Ukiah Harris Quarry is a bed idea

·        Petaluma – Dutra quarry hearing now set for October 12

·        Azusa anti-mining referendum could qualify for Nov ballot

·        320-acre solar farm receives Imperial County solar farm proposal

·        Controversy over San Benito County solar farm proposal

·        Obama environmental advisers had limited role in plan to expand oil drilling

·        ‘Fracking’ fractures N.Y. County

·        US oil rig count rises this week by 11 to 1,651

·        Microbes consumed gulf oil plume

·        The gulf was sick before the oil spill, …and how to make it well again

·        Carbon capture has a ways to go

·        Big California solar energy push moves forward

·        Bacteria eating gulf oil

·        No stopping global sea rise

·        Aquanaut (grad students) living on ocean floor off Florida

·        US Space Agency’s Kepler Telescope

·        Soviet’s Chernobyl site DNA study

·        Colombians evacuated as Galeras volcano erupts

·        (opinion) Earthquake report missed the mark

·        Southern California warned to prepare for major earthquake

·        (editorial) Paying for a slippery slope in Ventura County's La Conchita

·        Study shakes up scientists’ view of San Andreas earthquake risk

·        After devastating mudslide, La Canada Flintridge resident rebuilds

·        Scientist – the Big One still coming

·        Stigma of the serpentine

·        New San Andreas earthquake study underscores need to prepare

·        Diamonds could store more information

·        Chilean mine rescuers face daunting challenge

·        Rare double quake blamed for Samoa  tsunami

·        Imperial Valley Irrigation District board of directors examines renewable energy potential

·        US oil rig count increases by 35

·        NY governor – No gas drilling unless fracking is safe

·        (blog) Frack attack in NY

·        State global warming measure could suspend other landmark rules

·        The green-energy landscape just keeps changing

·        (column) Something’s not right about this California water deal

·        (comment) Science finds water exports are harming delta

·        Mexico, US talking about Colorado River water

·        Santa Barbara communities get rolling on developing sustainable transit

·        Solano water officials bring ‘laundry list’ to Delta bargaining table

·        (comment) State should look before it leaps on renewable mandate

·        San Luis Obispo approves bike recreation in asbestos-rich soil

·        Earthquake ‘double whammy’ caused 2009 Tonga tsunami

·        Two previously unknown Northwest quake faults ID’d

·        Seismic activity at Iceland volcano begins to peter out

·        Paso Robles’’ stinky sulphur groundwater is closer to the drain

·        (column) State rock controversy enters new phase

·        (editorial) Stop ridiculous debate over state rock

·        Local widow fights to repeal asbestos-ridden state rock

·        Group aims to preserve Coachella Valley history after earthquake or fire

·        $50 million grading project would make south coast la Conchita safe

·        (column) San Rafael a good model for local emergency preparedness

·        Los Altos quarry opponent monitors methane levels

·        Santa Barbara County supervisors urge halt to Diablo nuclear relicensing

·        Big plans for Jamestown gold mine

·        Tuolumne County to look at mine site plan

·        Housing coming quickly to old Dutra mine site near Petaluma

·        2 missing miners feared dead at Nevada gold mine

·        New deal for Willits’ Harris Quarry

·        Fracking linked to water contamination, health problems in Eastern states

·        Flood in Pakistan

·        Experts say heat killed Mount Vesuvius’ victims

·        ‘Big Solar’ struggles to find home in California

·        Ancient humans drove turtles extinct on island of Vanuatu

·        Tidal power generation in UK

·        Sponges identified as oldest animal life

·        Resolving the paradox of the Antarctic sea ice

·        Open pit mines in UK

·        Massive coral die-off in Indonesia

·        Increase in dolphins in NE of England

·        Foresthill bridge above Auburn to undergo major seismic upgrades

·        Housing approved at old Dutra mine site near Petaluma

·        Haiti quake caused by previously unknown fault

·        Greka leaks more oil near Santa Maria

·        Greenpeace to launch expedition to probe BP oil spill impact

·        Environmentalists call for more ‘fracking’ hearings on east coast

·        Diablo Canyon, near San Luis Obispo, nuclear plant workshop to focus on earthquakes

·        California’s future land use about to be reshaped by SB 375

·        A green idea for brown farm fields in California, Lemoore

·        (letter) La Conchita slide prevention on south coast

·        (editorial on state rock) Serpentine politics

·        (column) Would Temecula-area quarry help or hurt economy?

·        (column) Water bond violated unwritten Capitol rule

·        (column) Can gas ‘fracking’ pollute groundwater – unlikely

·        (blog) 8,000 people – E.P.A. defers hearing on fracking in New York

·        US oil rig count increases by 19

·        State’s heavy polluters also biggest donors to Prop. 23

·        Solar power steps up to the starting line in Mojave area

·        Nichols – No solo cap-and-trade position in panel discussion

·        New appeal in San Luis Obispo Mastagni quake case

·        Legislature delays water bond to 2012 ballot

·        Tar balls on south land beaches probably a natural occurrence

·        (letter) Drop the rock

·        (column) Why California is between a rock and a hard place

·        Caught between the state rock and a hard place

·        (column) MJC teacher on a mission to vindicate state rock

·        Feds urged to halt Diablo nuke plant re-licensing

·        (comment) What will you do when disaster strikes

·        San Bernardino, no reservoir draining planned

·        (comment), Torrance, now we’re getting somewhere on Peninsula landslide work

·        Questions raised about Azusa mining referendum’s impact

·        Duarte files lawsuit against Azusa, mining company Vulcan Materials

·        Hollister BLM closes off 29K acres to mining claims

·        Proposed Lake Berryessa conservation area stirs debate

·        Environmentalists call for probe of diesel use in fracking fluid

·        Can injecting carbon emission underground really be safe

·        Ownership change could lead to expansion at Mammoth geothermal plants

·        N.Y. Senate approves fracking moratorium

·        Santa Barbara Greka Oil reports 40-barrel spill, cleanup underway

·        Coastal Commission to review renovation of closed oil operation

·        N.Y. Senate approves drilling halt on gas from shale

·        (radio transcript) Looking back on the Bakersfield gusher of 1910

·        Avoiding America’s next drilling disaster, fracking

·        (comment on Sac general plan) bad development

·        Minor earthquakes rumble through Elk Grove’s Laguna West

·        Earthquake-damaged Imperial County roads to be restored

·        LA mud-damaged home up for bid

·        Midwest seismic zone became frozen in time

·        State’s updated earthquake map looks at seismic faults in new detail

·        Oroville remembers 35-year-old quake

·        Despite dam-building, enviros pump money into governor’s water bond

·        (comment) Oroville quake killed Auburn Dam

·        Study – cut in delta water use needed for fish

·        Legislature must decide whether proposition 18 stays on the ballot

·        Delta water users dismiss call for steep cutback

·        (editorial) What’s good for Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is good for the state

·        Ca water demand could exceed supply by 2050

·        Wind power picks up nationally, California lags

·        Climate initiative biggest draw among Ca ballot props

·        To seal or swell – BP has options on remaining oil

·        Scientists think Gulf can recover

·        Doubts arise that Gulf crude is subsiding

·        BP jams gulf well with drilling mud

·        Why the well in Gulf oil spill is no longer a threat

·        Looking for the Gulf oil – NOAA says it’s mostly gone

·        Where has the Gulf oil gone?


·            July 2010

·        Controlling 3rd world soot might quickly reverse global warming

·        Exploratory drilling quickly after earthquakes

·        Mendocino, Masonite’s appeal over mining denied

·        House approves oil spill bill; stalled in Senate

·        China landslide leaves 21 missing amid floods

·        Asteroid could threaten Earth in 2182

·        Life on Titan

·        Quake-damaged swimming pool in Calexico slated for demo

·        Students get an up-close look at a quake fault in Riverside

·        Scientists to create the detailed map of California coastline

·        (blog) odd aftershock sequence to recent 5.4 SoCal quake

·        (editorial) the California State Rock

·        (editorial) Some bad chemistry in California, i.e. statewide chemical monitoring

·        Mammoth area quakes are not of volcanic origin

·        1,200 hear Marcellus Shale (natural gas) debate

·        (comment) Delay California water bond but don’t rewrite it

·        Nunes bill may stir debate on California water

·        California water bond proposal uncertain for November ballot

·        Californians should use less delta water, report says

·        Stop draining the Sacramento delta to save it, says report

·        (comment) Intensive farming and global warming

·        (column) California’s proposition 23 is a good idea

·        California delays fee tied to climate change law

·        Governor seeks delay in renewable energy rule

·        Natural gas company’s decision could change fracking debate

·        (editorial) A good time to rethink reusable energy requirement

·        U.S. Senate halts effort to cap CO2 emissions

·        US rig count increases by 4

·        Tar balls wash up in Oceanside, Encinitas

·        Sun Cal Energy buys San Joaquin oil lease

·        U.S. EPA takes new look at gas drilling, water issues

·        Offshore oil drilling support erodes among Ca voters

·        Pipeline repaired as China works to contain spill

·        Research key to fracking future

·        Most speak out against shale gas production at Pennsylvania forum

·        Locals speak out on Petaluma-area quarry proposal

·        Group wants to put Azusa Rock Quarry mining plan on ballot

·        (letter) Now’s the time to fight Temecula quarry proposal

·        Temecula annexation decision could be reconsidered

·        (comment) There’s still time to save the ridge near Azusa

·        (letter) Bad air and asthma

·        (column) Probe but don’t be distracted, in Temecula

·        Temecula Commission could reconsider city’s annexation bid

·        (column) Take that ‘fork in the road’ now, in Temecula

·        State’s official stone serpentine under fire

·        Temecula’s annexation of land near quarry reconsidered

·        Landowner may challenge Temecula’s annexation attempt

·        (comment) rocky stance on serpentine status as state rock

·        Temecula’s annexation, quarry price tag - $644,000

·        (column) A pet rock(serpentine) bill and other pebbles of wisdom

·        (editorial) Between a rock and a hard place

·        Geologists protest bill to remove California’s state rock

·        (editorial) State stone will break your bones

·        High gas levels found in soil at LA Hull Middle School site

·        Four barrels of polluted water spills at Santa Barbara Greka site

·        California may drop its official state rock

·        California may dump ‘state rock’ that contains asbestos

·        CA lobbyists heat up over climate law

·        Boundary-setting panel questioned by Temecula

·        (letter) CA legislature debating rocks

·        (editorial) Ensure Azusa mining mitigation as advertised

·        (editorial) Don’t let lobbyists love Calif AB 32 to death

·        (comment) We are a nation of oiloholics

·        U.S., Dash for gas raises environmental worries

·        U.S. rig count increases by 10

·        U.S. EPA seeks comment in Denver on fracking study

·        Upcoming Montreal Energy Congress still likely to love oil

·        The lasting impact of mercury mining in Lake County

·        Suit to get Kern Water Bank returned to state

·        State water bond supporters want delay

·        S.F. Board gives earthquake bond initial OK

·        San Luis Obispo new Times investigates world of oil leasing

·        Proposed quarry upsets Santa Margaritans

·        Proposed CA law making it harder to sell water rights gets new life

·        More hearings ordered on Sacramento underground natural gas site

·        Mesquite Mines near Imperial Valley makes some changes

·        Leaving drilling-rig pieces in the ocean has support in CA legislature

·        Indonesia’s mud volcano flows on

·        Inactive Kern County fault may trigger big quake after all

·        Dutch agency admits mistake in U.N. climate report

·        Can dirty air intensify a drought?

·        British panel clears climate scientists

·        Azusa Rock Quarry mining proposal gets council’s approval

·        Australian earthquake equation cuts out guess work

·        ARB moves to limit CA greenhouse gas

·        A fracking first in Pennsylvania – cattle quarantine

·        3M’s decision will benefit Shasta County

·        (Q&A) Orange Co., questions about aftershocks answered

·        (Q&A) Borrego-area fault poses most trouble

·        (editorial) Wind, solar can leave you broke, and in the dark

·        Why some earthquakes unleash tsunamis and others don’t

·        U.S. fracking regs may boost costs $500,000 per well

·        Tulare County farms could become sun & wind energy producers

·        State rock stuck in a hard place

·        SoCal quake likely related to Mexicali temblor, scientist says

·        SoCal 5.4 quake creates ‘very scary’ event

·        Should CA’s state rock be changed?

·        Santa Clarita claims at state

·        San Jacinto quake was triggered by Baja Ca temblor

·        San Jacinto Fault is state’s most active seismically

·         South Sacramento gas storage plan to have ‘significant’ risk

·        PG&E opposes initiative to block state climate law

·        Older Enloe building is strengthened to meet quake rules

·        Ojai quarry is a regulatory minefield

·        Oil-soaked soil and its cleanup worry Carson residents

·        Los Altos Hills Quarry’s emission don’t cut it

·        Hearing date set for Mt. Shasta Truck Village appeal

·        Earthquake warning for California fault line proves accurate

·        Earthquake upgrades force temporary move for Sacramento school

·        Budget cuts caution on UK nuclear waste plan

·        Black hole blows huge gas bubble

·        Asteroid flyby

·        Aging research

·        2 billion year old fossils

·        Truth behind lunar eclipses

·        Solar plane completes historic 24 hours

·        Recalling the life of Benjamin Franklin, scientist

·        Melting ice reveals ancient North American atlatl dart

·        La Nina’s affect on gulf oil spill

·        Earliest Brits

·        Controversial Sacramento natural gas storage plan goes to PUC

·        Fiorina says California climate law is killing jobs

·        Long Beach oil islands shown safe, sound

·        Sacramento underground natural gas project running on empty

·        Station to monitor air pollution in the Temecula Valley

·        Survey looks for fault lines beneath Cascades

·        Tiny clays tame earthquake faults, scientists say

·        Scientists seek clues in Mexicali earthquake


·            June 2010

·        Archimedes Steam Cannon

·        Kern county’s gusher tops Gulf oil spill – so far

·        Italian scientists investigated for manslaughter for failing to warn city before earthquake hit

·        7.2 quake shifted Imperial, Mexicali valleys, not just Calexico

·        (blog) California’s state rock raked over the coals

·        A colossal fracking mess

·        Lake Arrowhead church hazards claimed, refuted

·        Irvine Company gives 20,000 acres of open space to Orange County

·        Appeal lost in Paso Robles quake deaths

·        In fracking debate, ‘disclosure’ is in the eye of the beholder

·        (blog) HBO documentary ‘Gasland’ covers fracking

·        Azusa council will reconsider new rock quarry proposal

·        How did Mexicali earthquake affect SoCal fault lines scientists seek answers

·        (blog) How California is killing us

·        Hollister city supports county’s reopening of Clear Creek roads

·        California Energy Commission approves $114.3 million for electric and ethanol vehicle infrastructure

·        San Diego County water authority prepares for major quake

·        Schwarzenegger calls for $11 billion water bond to be pulled from November ballot

·        Scientists begin sweeping project to study California redwoods

·        Scientists named to Sacramento Delta panel

·        Several Sierra trails are toxic, group says

·        State increases water allotments to cities & farmers

·        California lawmakers debate golf and rocks

·        US oil rig count increases by 13

·        What the frack – is pumping glass cleaner into the Earth okay?

·        Who’s watching the oil industry in Los Angeles?

·        Wyoming fracking rules solidified

·        Report – mining-era toxins along Nevada County trails may pose threat for locals

·        Half Moon Bay main street bridge at risk of collapse

·        (blog) Maybe the stop-serpentine crowd has a point

·        Study paints grim picture of aftermath of New Madrid earthquake

·        Temecula annexation gets green light

·        Thousands of acres of Sierra conserved in new deal

·        Gulf oil spill worsens – but what about the safety of gas fracking?

·        Cemex lobbying trip from Santa Clarita said to be a success

·        (blog) Official state rock is bad for your health, state senator says

·        Robert Dunlap dies at 87; one of the last of the Death Valley prospectors

·        Cupertino quarry plans emission cuts

·        Michel Mann says hockey stick should not have become climate change symbol

·         (blog) Oil company initiative qualifies for California ballot

·        NASA unveils ultra-precise tsunami predictor

·        Gold price sets another record amid recovery uncertainty

·        (blog) SDSU won’t release public earthquake video

·        Giant blobs of magma rippling Earth’s surface

·        Pacifica cliff property owners hatch plan

·        Plans for mine cleanups in Lake, Sonoma counties

·        Potentially harmful chemicals being used to drill for gas in Pennsylvania

·        Quake experts say ‘don’t run’

·        (blog) Sonoma quarry quandary

·        U of Reno 110-foot concrete bridge survives 8.0 earthquake simulation

·        US oil rig count increases by 12

·        Long Beach seismic pounding seeks oil deposits under city

·        Newcomer to Bakersfield oil industry has big plans

·         (column) Could Gulf of Mexico spill happen here?

·        Nevada County Blue Lead Mine gets appeal hearing

·        Economic initiative makes the California ballot

·        (editorial on California state rock) Why rock this boat?

·        New HBO documentary on fracking exposes gas drilling hazard

·        ‘Drop the rock’ bill to strip state rock of its title advances

·        (editorial) California state rock is both toxin and natural wonder

·        New method boosts oil yield from Oxnard-area tar sands

·        Dredge miner refund dies in committee

·        (editorial) Voters can chill state global warming law

·        New technology could one day lead to an earthquake prediction system

·        Dems, natural gas lobby negotiating fracking disclosure plan

·        (letter) No vested rights for Nevada County Blue Lead Mine

·        3.3 quake on San Andreas fault shakes Bay Area

·        Solar power struggles for U.S. market

·        SF, more bay, less water

·        Stanford survey finds more doubt global warming

·        Obama launches BP oil spill offensive

·        BP oil rig missed inspections, records show

·        Newest oil spill total bad news for BP, wildlife

·        Just like pelicans, people can’t avoid oil either

·        Work bill for Sacramento Delta levees funding gets Schwarzenegger’s approval

·        California’s legendary oil spill of years ago

·        Carpinteria voters say no to new oil-drilling project

·        Trails may yield 1,471 homes in SW Manteca

·        Calif rancher protects rangeland from ‘leapfrog’ development

·        (blog) SDSU heads to Solomons for earthquake study

·        California earthquake prediction a hoax

·        Chimps kill chimps

·        Canyons can form quickly

·        Sub makes unexpected find under floating Antarctic ice shelf

·        Judge blocks moratorium on Gulf offshore deep drilling

·        Brentwood measure to expand urban growth line

·        Study ties 1811, 1812 Missouri New Madrid quakes to Illinois fault

·        A new dream for Naples on the Gaviota Coast of southern California

·        Arroyo Grande modifies definition of ‘agricultural land’

·        RRG, SunPower woo Kern County community

·        Wyoming approves ‘fracking’ disclosure rules

·        Oil exploration heats up in San Benito County

·        Carpinteria voters give resounding no to Venoco’s Measure J

·        Huntington Beach neighbors want to shut smelly oil facility

·        US oil rig count decreases by 29

·        Whittier hires consultants to study drilling in habitat area

·        California utilities crank up the power in race to be green

·        Warming threatens state’s coast, scientist say

·        Urban Land Institute backs California sprawl-limiting law

·        (Comment) will Sacramento pin water bill on north?

·        Lawsuit seeks return of millions for failed Delta protection plan

·        Initiative to repeal AB32 pits oil companies vs. clean-tech

·        Travelin’ in time-north state town rose and fell with mining

·        Lake Berryessa’s mercury levels a concern

·        Prop. 13, a seismic upgrade measure, passes by wide margin

·        In SF, not a loan for seismic upgrades, but a ‘deferred loan and grant program’

·        Proposition B – new bond boosts quake safety

·        American Canyon City gets OK for expansion

·        Rialto planners ignore lessons of unchecked growth

·        Shasta Truck Village mine issue may go to vote June 16

·        Temecula to try annexing land near quarry

·        (Editorial) Mexicali quake victims need our assistance, too

·        Azusa council fives rock quarry plan a second chance

·        Slide sends silt down Bayside’s Jacoby Creek; north coast landslide is from failure of old road

·        Scientist seek former students in toxic (asbestos) Montana town

·        New conservation area proposed at Lake Berryessa

·        Digital map of the world is the product of a large-scale volunteer effort

·        After global warming study is questioned, lawmakers step in

·        Californians willing to save water, poll finds

·        Carpenteria, the long, strong arm of Measure J

·        Legislature approves $344 million in US, CSU seismic-safety projects

·        Massive solar power farm dedicated in Central Valley

·        Obama calls for a price on carbon emissions

·        Report finds Sacramento delta among most vulnerable rivers

·        Rising odds for a great northwest quake by 2060

·        (column) Environmental disasters seen and unseen

·        San Luis Obispo study finds 15campus building to be quake hazards

·        (blog) Quake spasm picks up in southeast San Diego

·        Siskiyou man killed in gold mining accident

·        USGS’ Julius Schlocker dies – axed Bodega Bay nuclear plant


·            May 2010

·        Lake Tanganika heating up

·        (comment) Saving a California beach town on election Day

·        Better late than never for the Salton Sea

·        Climate change wiped out Woolly Mammoths

·        Should geoengineering be used to address global warming?

·        A passion to clean up the Pacific Ocean

·        Congress, hydraulic fracturing chemicals found ‘under your kitchen sink’

·        Cupertino council votes to install air monitor near Lehigh cement plant

·        Haiti earthquake risk not over

·        In reversal, Californians turn against offshore oil drilling

·        LA station fire reports show key information on hillsides, mudslides

·        Nevada County Blue Lead Mine denied in bed to reopen

·        New Imperial County fault line discovered after April 4 earthquake

·        Oil spills at Greka Energy facility in Santa Maria

·        Oregon town plans first tsunami-resistant building

·        Rush in on for desert solar project

·        Sacramento delta water rivals to work on compromise

·        Santa Maria - Greka faces massive fines

·        Second oil spill in a week reported at Santa Maria Greka facility

·        Settlement reached in Santa Maria oil spill clean-up violations

·        Sonoma Geysers celebrate 50 years of energy production

·        Stanislaus County supervisors hire Oakdale firm to quake-proof bridge

·        State’s Farm Bureau sues Dept. of Fish and Fame

·        Temecula annexation plan appears headed for June hearing

·        UC Berkeley earthquake simulation shows off the potential for safer bridges

·        Ukiah – Masonite appeals Granite mining permit

·        Voters in SoCal beach town consider drilling plan

·        Water users score victory in Sacramento delta legal battle

·        US oil rig count increases by 12

·        Major gas-producing states debating Colorado-style drilling regulations

·        Old well plugged near San Luis Obispo

·        (column) Time for governor to dust off oil severance tax

·        Oil, produced water spilled at Santa Barbara Greka facility

·        Over 250 barrels of produced water and oil spill at Santa Barbara Greka facility

·        Oil spill at Santa Barbara Greka facility

·        Proposed oil rig divides a quiet beach town of Carpenteria

·        Measure J on Carpenteria ballot a source of heated debate

·        (comment) Big oil takes on small town of Carpenteria

·        Colorado lawmaker withdraws natural gas ‘fracking’ amendment to water bill

·        (comment) Offshore drilling a mistake for California

·        Hundreds of California hospitals at risk of collapse

·        Berkeley quake trial shows bridge safety ideas

·        Mendocino planners OK use permit for mine

·        Public opinion sought on Omya mine expansion in Lucerne Valley

·        (editorial) Azusa never-ending Vulcan spat

·        New gravel pit approved along Russian River

·        Man arrested in Merced County again for allegedly stealing gold dust

·        Azusa councilman would reconsider mining plan if changes made

·        Mine expansion proposed north of Big Bear, where endangered plants grow

·        Judge – Chevreaux’s Meadow Vista asphalt plant permit valid

·        Earth’s gooey insides moving faster than thought

·        Ruling favors 6 families; Pomona ordered to pay $7 million

·        Three decades later, Mt. St. Helens is wired with technology

·        Geologist forecasts undersea Northwest quake in 50 years

·        (blog) Quake activity might rise in San Diego

·        Measuring the oil spill, NPR

·        (column) Quixotic Californians’ water anxiety

·        Judge orders California water pumping limits lifted

·        Modesto Irrigation District to give farmers extra water

·        Extra pumping starts in Delta a day after court ruling

·        Push to delay emissions law; ballot proposal would suspend emission bill

·        (asbestos) The Clear Creek dust-up

·        US oil rig count increases by 14

·        This year’s Proposition 13 stirs no opposition

·        Spilling over – oil company says Hermosa using Gulf leak to fight claim

·        Sonoma County remains far from greenhouse gases goal

·        San Joaquin Delta decline linked to Sacramento sewage treatment in new study

·        San Joaquin Valley growth woes intrigue scholars elsewhere

·        Rush to find crude on land since Gulf oil spill

·        Ruling may increase water for Southern California, San Joaquin Valley

·        Revised plan to expand drilling off SoCal rejected

·        Opposing forces collide at ag-water hearing in SLO

·        New Madrid in Midwest – new take on a very old earthquake

·        National Academy of Sciences urges strong action to cut greenhouse gases

·        Mount St. Helens’ recovery offers lessons

·        Large solar farms concern Farm Bureau near Visalia

·        Imperial Valley Hudson Ranch geothermal gets financing

·        Federal judge might revise California delta water restrictions

·        East Bay housing groups plan cost, climate moves

·        Debate on state’s climate change law hits home

·        Cupertino council to install air monitor near Lehigh Cement plant

·        Azusa rejects plan to let company shift mining to area that borders Duarte

·        Azusa officials respond to critiques at review for mining proposal

·        Azusa votes down mining proposal, but door for new plan remains open

·        Army Corps unveils timeline for work on Isabella Dam

·        200 acres of N Coast redwood donated to BLM by Save the Redwoods

·        (editorial) tolerance and policy on oil spills in Santa Barbara

·        (editorial) Must it always be war in the Sacramento Delta?

·        (column) Shale gas fracking opponents injured with facts in Texas

·        (column) China’s green advantage with ‘rare earth’ mines

·        (column) Are you ready to rumble Lake County

·        April was warmest on record

·        Strong quake aftershocks hit California

·        Where did the oil spill go?

·        Tougher environmental laws pose challenge for mining industry

·        Japanese orbiter will take aim at Venusian mysteries

·        A Kern County mining town feels hope leaching away

·        Grass Valley Emgold at least 4 years from opening mine

·        Groundwater flows increase at Mexican adobe ranch after quake

·        Calif storm mudslide repair might be $45 million

·        LA 10, 57 interchange to reopen this week following hillside repair

·        Gold hits new high as investors seed safety

·        New wells proposed to reduce earthquake risks in downtown San Bernardino

·        (Editorial) Riverside sensible solar

·        Measure J – On-shore drilling for off-shore oil near Santa Barbara

·        Gulf spill puts Orange County crews on alert

·        US oil rig count increases by 9 to 1,492

·        Corning area residents raise concerns about gas storage project

·        (Editorial) Climate change is the true danger

·        Climate scientists decry ‘political assaults’

·        U.S. senators moving forward with climate change bill

·        Riverside, inland officials want state anti-sprawl law shelved until economy improves

·        Coachella Valley cities have ‘opportunity’ to cut own greenhouse gases

·        Napolitano – voters won’t support $11 million water bond

·        Audit of Dept of Water Resources wins approval

·        (Comment) Whittier Hills oil drilling questioned

·        Santa Barbara Supervisors unhappy with on-shore oil spills

·        (Column) Gulf of Mexico oil spill may scuttle California offshore drilling deal

·        Richmond reaches tax deal with Chevron refinery

·        Santa Barbara oil spills drop; Greka still main offender

·        SF conference focuses on oil-spill preparedness

·        Lawsuit filled in Yuba Goldfields dispute

·        Proposed Petaluma quarry raises concerns

·        Gold price strikes all-time high

·        (Editorial) Prop. 13 a sensible change regarding seismic retrofitting

·        President Obama issues Disaster Declaration for Imperial Valley

·        Geologist study Nevada earthquake fault

·        Ice crystals cause oil capture box problems

·        We all were sure we were going to die

·        Crews start to lower giant cap at oil leak site

·        Old ship logs help scientists trace past ocean temperatures

·        Methane gas bubble caused oil rig explosion

·        Newton’s apple tree is going into orbit

·        Neanderthal genes mixed with humans

·        Death toll rises in Tennessee flood

·        Relief drilling to take time to stop oil gush in Gulf

·        Current could push oil up East Coast

·        BP turns to plan B

·        BP Gulf oil spill cheat sheet

·        Carbon in Snowball Earth

·        Plentiful Sierra snowpack boosts delivery forecasts for farms, but shortages may persist

·        Feds set up California water task force

·        Season’s final snow survey completed

·        Newton’s apple tree goes into orbit

·        Bond aims to strengthen quake-vulnerable homes

·        Friday quake under Bering Sea posed no tsunami risk

·        USGS to fund earthquake monitoring

·        Containment box reaches oil leak site

·        5-acre solar project to boost farms in Sutter-Yolo

·        Farr seeks permanent ban on offshore oil

·        Lauded solar plan in San Bernardino County hits snag

·        Schwarzenegger pulls support for coastal drilling in wake of oil spill

·        Azusa to hold second public hearing on mining proposal

·        (editorial) Governor gets it right on oil drilling

·        (editorial) San Bernardino rare earth metals a national security issue

·        Residents evacuate precarious Pacifica building

·        Pacifica orders evacuation of apartments on crumbling cliff

·        Two Bay Area faults do not exist

·        Cracked rock and heavy clay caused second slide on LA 10 freeway connector road

·        Irish, Scottish airports reopen as ash exits west, but trans-Atlantic flights face rerouting

·        (column) waiting for the earthquake in Los Angeles

·        (column) Time for some perspective on the oil spill

·        Cement job at underwater well probed as possible cause of oil spill

·        Gulf oil spill – two rigs shut down, one evacuated as a precaution

·        (editorial) Calif voters could chill global warming law

·        Battle against California’s landmark global warming law heats up

·        (comment) Five myths about green energy, Washington Post

·        (comment) New challenges require new thinking, Ventura County

·        (comment) Does Calif climate legislation have merit?

·        (comment) Sacramento delta’s problems are all Californian’s problems

·        Water forecast boosted for west Valley farmers



·            April 2010

·        Future scientific seafloor drilling

·        Caribbean deep sea volcano

·        Tougher environmental laws pose challenge for mining industry

·        Anatomy of the Gulf oil spill

·        How risky is offshore oil drilling?

·        Underwater asphalt volcano near Santa Barbara

·        Atmospheric effect on Earth’s surface (AGU article)

·        Tropical Pacific climate change (AGU article)

·        Melting ice causing Arctic warming

·        Buying carbon offsets may ease eco-guilt but not global warming

·        Tornado Alley

·        Chimps face death in humanlike ways

·        Experimental explanation for ‘supercooling’

·        Weather delays oil cleanup at site of sunken rig

·        10 dead after tornado hits South

·        Could cleaner air intensify global warming?

·        First off-shore windfarm approved

·         Quake fault runs right through Stockton

·        Faults found near Salton Sea added to map

·        Loose hillside again shuts down San Dimas freeway

·        Station Fire provides opportunity to understand mudslides

·        Dormant asphalt volcanoes found on sea floor off Santa Barbara

·        Asphalt volcanoes discovered off coast of Santa Barbara

·        Last home comes down on slide street

·        Italy says Ischia volcano, near Naples, could blow

·        Officials respond to natural gas well blowouts in Glenn County

·        Eureka! 9-pound nugget tip of the iceberg

·        Court rules Richmond refinery plan inadequate

·        Indonesia to tap power of volcanoes to become geothermal energy leader

·        US oil rig count falls by 9

·        NY toughens rules on gas drilling in watersheds

·        Carpinteria chamber backs drilling proposal

·        Carpinteria Valley Chamber backs Venoco ballot initiative

·        (editorial) Climate change bill will change shape of cities

·        First offshore wind farm wins approval

·        Greenhouse gas laws could bring more efficient plans

·        Business groups say climate impasse undermines clean energy

·        Region begins new drive to curb greenhouse gases

·        Global warming ballot initiative – Teamsters and cities weigh in

·        (Q & A) ‘This is brand new’… on fuel cells

·        Cities back state’s emission-cutting law

·        (comment) Stop blaming farmers for California’s water problems

·        Huber’s delta canal bill goes down quietly

·        (column) rain may actually hurt state water bond

·        Toxic soil lurks beneath Carson neighborhood