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Instructor: Arthur Reed, P.G.


2009 and older articles


Earth Sciences topics/events making news (with emphasis on California news):


Remember the principles of the scientific method when evaluating news stories!


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Ø  December 2009

·        EPA on greenhouse gases classification

·        Virgin Galactic spaceship

·        Carbon emissions increasing acidity in Alaskan seas

·        Ways to help wildlife adapt to a warmer climate

·        Heating from geo source

·        On environment, Obama and scientist take hit in poles

·        (column) A cool wind braces the hot air crowd

·        Satellites detect dramatic Valley water loss

·        Aanestad hopes to help dredge miners

·        Baboon ‘mystical moment of silence’

·        Coal ash spill one year later

·        (column) A green, sustainable future that doesn’t work

·        Deep-drilling project at the Geysers abandoned

·        Coast Guard – Dutra gravel plant would create hazard

·        Costs from catastrophes fell in 2009

·        (comment) The ‘pollutant’ CO2 vital to earthly life

·        Long Beach’s black gold, oil

·        Company plans to pull solar energy from orbit

·        Moon lore

·        More than 200 alternative energy project proposed in California

·        (comment) The science of unbelievable things

·        No rise of atmosphere carbon dioxide fraction in past 160 years, new research finds

·        Project aims to bring new life to wells at The Geysers

·        Pumping depletes Central Valley water, data show

·        Regional lake study points to faster warming

·        The science of catastrophe – tsunamis and how they work

·        Tom Kierein Demystifies Weather Forecasting

·        (editorial) Can green goals coexist in desert?

·        Wind turbines are careful fit in desert

·        (editorial) Seeking solutions on groundwater

·        Swiss geologist stand trial for earthquake damages caused by experimental geothermal project

·        UNR unveils near earthquake simulator

·        USGS – earthquake warning system feasible

·        Seismic retrofit coming for Folsom’s biggest earthen dam

·        (Q&A) What’s the latest on that secret oil discovery

·        Maps show where tsunami floods would hit state

·        Residents flee as Philippines volcano threatens to erupt

·        Scientist map Yellowstone magma plume

·        McKeon introduces sixth anti-mining bill

·        USGS monitoring Twitter for earthquake details

·        Eroding cliff prompts Pacifica evacuation

·        Public asked to help collect quake data

·        Crumbling cliff prompts Pacifica evacuation for residents of apartments atop California coastal bluff

·        BLM sets local meeting on Clear Creek area

·        Climate negotiations eye ‘the forgotten 50%’ of greenhouse gas pollutants

·        California’s largest photovoltaic solar plant yet is turned on

·        A fossil fuel gains stature in global warming fight

·        Climate deal falls short of key goals

·        (editorial) Freeze global warming regulation

·        Divisive water bottling plant wins panel’s approval

·        Climate reality – voluntary efforts not enough

·        (comment) Ending California’s man-made drought could be as simple as passing this act

·        Report outlines Azusa mining impacts on Duarte

·        (editorial on Cemex) The little town that still might

·        Swiss court acquits geologist in earthquake trial

·        (pro) Why some environmentalists back T-ridge oil project

·        (con) Environmentalists – why T-ridge is a bad deal

·        Green battle rages in desert

·        San Andreas found extremely sensitive to stress

·        Pacifica evacuees may be displaced a year or more

·        Radon survey is underway in Western Nevada County

·        Philippines’ Mayon volcano to explode within days

·        Citizens urged to test homes for radon

·        Copenhagen deal seen as first step in long process

·        World’s largest solar project prompts environmental debate

·        First-ever tsunami maps for the Bay Area

·        Newly discovered planet could be a watery world

·        Natural gas fights for position in climate bill

·        About the “13.7 Dialogue”, contributions of thinkers

·        (insight) Climate and the Final Factor Acting as a Global Culture

·        (insight) Crossroads Real and Imagined

·        (insight) Noticings, Social Aspects of Science

·        (insight) Science for a New Millennium, We are a Miracle

·        (insight) Warm War is Here

·        Ancient volcano caused global cooling

·        Earth could plunge into sudden ice age

·        Scientist in climate flap to step down

·        Record solar plane flight

·        Google trike is ready for more close-ups

·        Wave energy machines

·        Ancient Mediterranean flood

·        (editorial) Climate is right for action on CO2

·        (editorial) The Copenhagen concoction

·        EPA claims right to cut greenhouse gasses

·        EPA is preparing to regulate emissions in Congress’ stead

·        (comment) The ignorance behind anti-nuclear bias

·        Bureau of Land Management to lease out land for geothermal

·        Rise in sea levels threatens California’s ports

·        Samoan tsunami wave was 46 feet high

·        Coastline development discussions resurface

·        Abandoned mines pose threats

·        New model to predict rough size and location of future quakes

·        54.9 million acres of farmland irrigated

·        (column) The Russians are trying to foist LNG on us

·        Imperial Irrigation District board approves geothermal MOU

·        Venoco drilling looms large

·        (comment) Auburn Dam – better solution than Delta canal

·        (column) Going Cheney on climate

·        (comment) Glaciers melting so fast, a generation will be too late

·        (column) Global warming believers muzzles voices of dissent

·        (editorial) EPA ruling threatens congressional authority

·        Hawaiian hot spot probe

·        Governor – backup plan on global warming is needed

·        Climate change ‘fraud’

·        State’s water delivery outlook is grim

·        A guide to Long Valley and mono Basin geology

·        Ground water worries mount for farmers

·        Chunk of San Pedro falls into the sea

·        The domestic drilling backlash

Ø  November 2009

·        Volcano class in Ecuador

·        (comment) Global warming counter opinion

·        Greenland, global warming fuels dreams of uncovering untapped riches as ice retreats

·        (comment) Climate change – this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation

·        Number of active oil rigs increases by 24

·        (comment) Simple proof against global warming

·        Gold in them there hills

·        Critics slam study on proposed quarry near Temecula

·        (letter) Safety concern at Milliken Dam

·        (blog) What the frack – poisoning our water in the name of energy profits

·        (column) Oil reserves running short – don’t believe it

·        (letter) Against mining project

·        Aggregate debate

·        California population growth estimated at 1% a year

·        California’s tsunami threat

·        Conservation is seen as key to dealing with State’s water woes

·        Gold spike – boom is now fodder for climate dispute

·        Istanbul opens world’s largest earthquake-safe building

·        Interior – Oil and lease plans include Alaska

·        Iron Mountain Mine dredge ahead of schedule, legal fight continues

·        Poll – Sometimes it isn’t easy being green

·        Researchers at Caltech enlist public to help them measure earthquakes

·        Tehama County approves mine expansion

·        UC Davis researchers find evidence of past mega-droughts

·        Westlands Irrigation District wields major clout in California water wars

·        What are the largest sources of global warming emissions in California

·        Scientist explains Earth warming plateau

·        Brief rain spurs mudslides

·        Geologists to map new fault new Truckee

·        Governor gains leverage in coast oil drilling fight

·        Hawaii’s beaches are shrinking

·        Heading for 6C temperature rise

·        Ice retreat creates new CO2 store

·        Judge blocks resumption of gravel mining along Russian River

·        Opponents offer 3-phase plan to halt cement plant operations

·        Radioactive batteries keep going

·        San Clemente Dam to come down

·        Schwarzenegger signs water conservation bill in San Jose

·        Water ice hides in Moon

·        Upper atmosphere appears to be cooling

·        Breakdown of California water bill

·        State’s recycled paper trail not so green for the climate

·        Carbon storage – not under my house

·        (letter) The danger of mine shafts

·        Ethiopia Rifting

·        (comment) Imagine a place that is rich with oil

·        Midwest quakes are aftershocks from 1800’s

·        (comment) Assembly oil vote was too slick

·        (editorial) Save the Salton Sea before it’s too late

·        3 senators join forces to rescue climate bill

·        Ca Water Bill passes

·        Dry California gets historic water deal

·        Focus turns to pure carbon dioxide emissions

·        Fresno County underground gas storage site approved

·        Governor drops ‘bomb’ on Delta

·        Idaho Maryland gold mine leader blasts detractors

·        India’s gold buying pushes gold price to new high

·        Lawmakers approve major water deal with dams, conservation and restoration

·        Life beneath Antarctic ice sheet

·        Nuclear renaissance – not dead yet


Ø  October 2009

·        Super Collider Doomsday

·        Hawaiian hot spot probe

·        (comment) A light take on gravity

·        Killer algae caused mass extinctions?

·        Bad Global Warming laws

·        Beach sand mining

·        Judge stops subdivision near delta levee

·        Group aims to get closer to earthquake prediction

·        Delta ‘fix’ must preserve water rights

·        Urging California to drop serpentine as state rock

·        Creeping Hayward fault might ease quake tension

·        Mountain deserves saving

·        Jim Berkland – ‘the man who predicts earthquakes’

·        Breaking the mercury myths

·        Flows to restore the San Joaquin start today

·        Cooling down the alarmists

·        Earthquake warning system closer to reality

·        Next big quake on the Hayward fault

·        Coastal oil drilling

·        (comment) Brazil’s Tupi oil field explained

·        Officials called to conference on California drought

·        Funds for rare-earth mineral mine sought

·        State must act quickly for water supply

·        Neighbors and groups challenge quarry plans

·        Natural gas ground storage in Sacramento

·        California develops ‘Earthquake Early’

·        Earthquake prediction

·        Paying Sacramento’s water bill

·        Discussion grows over Nestle water bottling plant


Ø  September 2009

·        Recent hurricanes not matched since middle ages

·        Mechanism to slow global warming by making clouds whiter

·        Airplanes are not being required to reduce greenhouse gases

·        20 million threatened by rising sea

·        Seismic whispers may help predict earthquakes

·        Man who fed millions of the world’s poor & starving dies at 95

·        U.S. has an abundance of natural gas in deep shale

·        Bay Area quarry has gas

·        Scientist in Scotland count worms

·        NASA is running out of fuel (plutonium) for long range space travel

·        Dutch engineers advise Northern California on preparing for sea level rise

·        Conservationists stop Mojave Desert solar power project

·        Earthquakes hit Indonesia and Samoa

·        Carbon offset kiosk at SF Airport

·        Dino bird link

·        Disaster aid flows to tsunami

·        Earthquakes weaken distant faults (?)

·        Gov’t stands by as mercury taints water

·        How wave warnings work

·        NID moves ahead with mercury removal project

·        WHO – Nations should set tighter radon standards


Ø  August 2009

·        Ancients weren’t environmentalists

·        What really killed the dinosaurs?

·        Lake Powell Glenn Canyon only half full

·        Looking at oil shale for energy source

·        India is depleting their water source

·        (comment) Alarmist view of global warming

·        Warming may trigger increase in methane gas

·        Plastic decomposes quickly at sea

·        Ocean temperature record high

·        Yellowstone plume sketch & story

(August 2009 National Geographic)


Ø  Before August 2009

·        Dig the coal, bury the carbon, July 2009

·        Switching to nuclear power not enough, July 2009

·        Not caused by global warming, part 1, July 2009

·        Not caused by global warming, part 2, July 2009

·        White House climate report, June 2009

·        Seafloor mining, May 2009

·        Alternative dino extinction hypothesis, May 2009

·        Earthquake in Italy April 2009

·        Micro organisms live isolated under Antarctic glaciers, April 2009

·        Giant laser experiment powers up, March 2009

·        UK, How to build a star on Earth. February 2009

·        Fusion using lasers, February 2009

·        Water vapor major greenhouse gas, November 2008

·        Asthma & thunderstorms, September 2008

·        Hurricane simulator, September 2008

·        Global warming has stopped (temporarily?), August 2008

·        Gov’t Global Warming Report, June 2008

·        Scientists detail impact of Big LA Quake, May 2008

·        Peru meteor, March 2008

·        Stronger but fewer storms may loom on the horizon, February 2008

·        Warmer seas mean stronger hurricanes, February 2008

·        Comet killed dinosaurs, September 2007

·        Scientists study the impact of atmospheric water on climate, October 2007

·        Carbon dioxide can be a good thing, June 2007

·        Greenland ice, December 2007

·        Liquid water on Saturn moon, March 2006

·        Darwin on marriage, mid 1800’s




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